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By: Dan W.
The Fairways
We liked many things about living here. The on-site staff are wonderful. The apartment itself was generally quite nice. We like the location.A few things to be aware of:-Living next to the playground is terribly loud until close to 9:30PM during the Summer. Unattended children constantly yell and scream (literally), destroy the landscaping, and have broken our property that was on our patio. They are playing and screaming just a few feet from our dinner table.-The parking spots are small and both of our cars have been hit by multiple doors on both sides (never with a note). We have several scratches and dents after only 3 months here.-The gym/clubhouse has been closed for months (which we were not told when we signed our lease and have not been compensated for in anyway).-Repairs were poorly done before our move in and problems were masked over. Our family of 5 has been using a single shower for close to three weeks.-While the on-site staff is very kind and helpful, the Property Manager has been very frustrating to work with and not at all helpful. -You have to pay an extra fee for garbage valet (which sounds nice, except the flies can be atrocious outside your door).-Cell Service (at least with Verizon) is non-existent in our first floor apartment.
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By: Rj C.
Aspen NW Property Management
The first year of renting a home through Aspen was fine. They could be a few days slow on getting back to us, but things were always taken care of.Now that we were in our second year of renting, it's like everyone disappeared. Our microwave blew out, and they said it was a professional grade $600 microwave, so they would not be replacing it with the same. Instead, a guy came to look at it and order parts. We are still sitting here, over a month later, and have not heard back from the repairman or Aspen.One of the large backyard trees lost a limb. It's fallen down and is just lying there. It needs to be completely sawed off and hauled out.Now fence posts have fallen down between our neighbor and our house.Lastly, we want to be sprayed again for spiders, as well as have the lock on the front door fixed, as it's almost impossible to open in the heat.Aspen refuses to get back to us. It's bizarre. They won't email back or check the tenant portal messages. They won't pick up our calls or call us back. It's like they all disappeared for the entire summer. I'm sitting here in August with things I requested to be fixed back in May. I cannot get through to them, and I can't make a drive down to Tacoma to knock on a physical door. I'm pulling out my hair!
By: Thebrat224 ..
Commencement Terrace
Checked out this place as a possible new home. While it didn't quite work for me and my large family, the place was gorgeous! There is new management there and they were incredible!!! Very informative, professional, and courteous. They shared their hopes of what their new plan would be, told us about all the amenities available and yet to come, and even helped us figure out what would the best possible setting for us. Loved the customer service! The views were stunning & the neighborhood seems to be nice. They are in the process of updating the apartments and public areas, which seem to be in the process of becoming spectacular. The floor plans made for some very nice opportunities to decorate. And was surprisingly quiet for the number of units. Definitely would recommend for checking out!
By: Mary A.
Ridgedale Apartments
The #1 best thing about Ridgedale Apartments is that they have fantastic staff! It's sooo much easier to deal with people who you could tell that they love their job. I hadn't had such great customer service from an apartment place in so long. I had been looking for a new place for quit a while so that I could be closer to my mothers retirement home, and they by far stood out the most! They answered the phone when I called, and the people working there actually sound like they enjoy coming to work and working with people. Some of the places I called earlier to get information about apartments from were super duper rude....and this place made me feel welcomed. I'm sooo happy that I moved in here. It's one of the best decision I've made :) I look forward to all the many years to come. :)
By: Brianne J.
Abbey Lane Apartments
I am a new resident to the abbey lane apartment complex. The leasing manager at this complex is unprofessional to her customers. myself as well as bystanders have heard her unprofessional ways of speaking to residents. Her lack of customer service makes it so I would never recommended the community to others. I gave it two stars because the grounds are well maintained, the apartment it self is nice for what you pay and its a great location. In my 11 years of rental history, I have never come across such poor customer service or stated that I wouldnt recommended the community. if this could change, then 5 stars all around. I have 11 more months on my lease and I am hoping for a better experience in case I want to extend at the end.
By: Mark T.
Mark Twain Apartments
We are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. Here at Mark Twain Apartment we pride ourselves on communicating with our residents. Although we strive to please everyone, sometimes disagreements come up. Our experienced and professional staff welcomes you to our office to discuses any issues or concerns you may have. Our maintenance team works very hard to resolve and finish all maintenance requests in a timely manner, while maintaining a clean and safe community. We would like to invite you the reader of this review to come visit our property and see for yourself our quiet community and all the improvements that we have done. We are open Monday thru Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm.
By: anonymous909
Stratford Heights Apartments
I really enjoy living in this community. The floor plans are great and spacious. The staff is prompt to handle anything that comes up. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I was hoping they would have a community in the next state I plan to move to but unfortunately they don't. Overall my experience living here had been superb! I cannot imagine having lived anywhere else. I will keep the good word around to all new comers of Ft Lewis, and I will defiantly recommend these apartments to all whom are looking for a comfortable, affordable, amenity packed, service/staff friendly community to live in.
By: Mary A.
Abbey Lane Apartments
Due to my mother not really being familiar with the "Tech World" of computers, she asked me to write this review for her. My mother lived at Abbey Lane for many years before we put her into the retirement home. She enjoyed the friendly staff and loved the beautiful cherry blossoms growing around the apartments. Since she had a bottom floor 1 bedroom, she could get out easily with her walker, and go to Fred Myers across the street to do her grocery shopping. She loved being at Abbey Lane Apartments, but it was time for her to move on to a retirement home at the age of 81 years old.
By: Tabitha W.
Abbey Lane Apartments
Ive been in my 1 bedroom for about a year now. I love my apartment and the location, My favorite part is the kitchen, its very open and has an island that offers lots of space for prepping my meals. I love to cook and entertain so having an open concept living room kitchen was very important to me. The property is well taken care of, the landscaping crew is out here once a week. The ladies in the office are always a pleasure to talk to. If your looking for a quiet community in a desirable location this is the place.
By: Aliya K.
Abbey Lane Apartments
Great community in a very convenient area. I moved here for the security and school district. Having a gate and pool was something I was not willing to compromise on. My daughter LOVES the water, so it's nice to be able to let her swim on the weekend in the summer time. Grocery stores, coffee shops are right around the corner. And I have a FULL size washer and dryer in my apartment which I must say is a life saver with a toddler. Very quite community and the grounds are very clean. I really like it here.

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