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By: endofgame
This Place Is So Stupid!I use to shop at the 38th Street Safeway but I am never ever shopping here again because the lines are so very long. Please open more then 2 check stands okay. Plus I be trying to get a job there for like forever now. Every time they are hiring, I always be applying and walking in to check on my application, I even talk to more then 1 manager but they never call me for an interview, and the job I apply for is a job I have experienced for to. Plus I am a hard worker. I am on SSI and they just don't wanna hire me for some reason which is like discrimination dude. Plus their employees for instance the courtesy clerks and checkers don't seem to have respect for there managers, I always hear them talk behind their backs. The store has bums and a lack of security people. More than 1 officer please. The employees are all rude and treat me with disrespect. They are rude and they judge me for what I buy like diet soda. It's not like there beer or drugs. I mean so what if I buy diet soda pop. They judge me and make me not want to go there no more. The store is also really dirty. Also 2 of the employees I know the names of who are rude to me are Matt Hadway who is a checker and Nathan Rowens I think his name was, he is a helper clerk. All in all, the 38th street Safeway is the worst store ever and I never want to go back there again. Please fire Matt Hadway. End of review.....
By: Bobby K.
Fred Meyer
So yesterday I was searching for gift for my girlfriend and I was blessed to be able to have such a wonderful sales associate named Alyssa. She really helped me out, she made items easier to find, she's a very knowledgeable person, great attitude, and it was simply a pleasure to do business with her. I personally believe with the outstanding job she does she deserves a raise or something. If you are ever in need of help dealing with jewelry, buying or fixing it she is the one to go to. She helped me a ton and i can't reiterate it enough of how much of a wonderful person she is, she truly is. I even had to find my brother and she used this intercom system to help me get reunited with my brother.So thank you so much for your wonderful service Alyssa.
By: lildeval
My wife and I purchased a new living room set and this was the best place I’ve ever shopped at. The sales person friendly and the service we received were outstanding. My items came in well within the timeframe they said it would and were in perfect condition. Even the delivery guys were awesome, they went above and beyond what anyone would expect in kindness and in professionalism, I had to give each of them $100 tip in just approaching. THESE PEOPLE TREAT YOU THE WAY YOU WANNA BE TREATED!!! I am recommending them to everyone I know.
By: richardlike
Ashley HomeStore
I've have purchased a couch, recliner, dresser,two beds, table, and end table in the past 5 yrs from Ashleys Furniture and I have no problems with the products! If and when I need more furniture I will be buying from them! I love the no interest if payed in full. There's a 6,12,24,36, and five year no interest plan! One to fit any persons budget! All I can say is Thank You Ashley's Home Furniture! :)
By: montendre
Modality Furniture
Pretty nice furniture store in downtown Tacoma. I definitely recommend it if you're looking for the interesting items and tired of the generic furniture pieces you'd find in chain stores. You can even sit down with the owner to custom build a couch to order from fabric to how the cushions are filled.
By: maryann.philichi
Apple Tacoma Mall
Nothing but good things to say about this high-class shop. Jegi and Franic provided top rate service especially given that we were in a rush:)
By: Dave B.
They were courtious , even though all I wanted was the # for RADIO SCHACK since YP has a serious gap . The # is 253 531 3375.
By: vacationwisher
Apple Tacoma Mall
Frank and his staff were wonderful. If you want everything to be perfect for your wedding go to the Tacoma Tux Shop!

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