By: kels.lisica
Supernova Hair and Tattoo
I was looking up the number to this salon and was so shocked by the incorrect review on here, I just had to say something! I've been to about thirty salons in my lifetime. I have wavy, curly, AND straight hair that is severely damaged from all the coloring I do. I also am INCREDIBLY cheap, so, yeah, no the best hair to have in the world. I also have this crazy weird knack for having new stylists want to hack all my hair off (it's seriously happened four times). So going to Supernova was a risk for me, but I needed to find someone down here. I am not going to sugarcoat it, I was scared when I walked in. Mostly everyone has that awesome tattooed, colored hair look, but that's definitely NOT what I wanted, so I was a little intimidated that way. I was WRONG! Jade cut my hair SO BEAUTIFULLY, I have never, ever had such a great result. It took me a year to go back because it grew out so beautifully. Yeah, it's no Gene Juarez with the scalp massage, but I'd take a quick spritz of water and a flawless haircut over a scalp massage and a hack job for fifty dollars more. It sounds like the other reviewer on here is the typical angry husband who didn't ever want his wife's hair cut. Let her review it on her own!
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By: michellehelenec
I've lived in Tacoma for over 5 years, and driven past Joeseppi's a million times. I finally decided to try it out with my family a couple weeks ago, and we loved it! This place is very welcoming and "homey" which suprised me being that it is attached to a strip mall. It is much larger inside than I expected, and had a warm atmosphere. The food was a good mix of Italian comfort food. The best part of this place was the owner. He personally came to the table and asked how everything was, and even walked us out and held the door! We will definitely be back!
By: julia.g.
Supernova Hair and Tattoo
I can't believe the first review on here! It seems totally fake to me. Maybe a disgruntled ex employee, or a competing salon trying to hurt Supernova? None of the tools I've ever seen there looked anything other than clean and normal for doing hair, and every other customer done while I was there has looked great! I know lots of people (women and men) who have been going here for a long time, and have GREAT hair. I love Supernova and think that first review should be ignored, it's obviously bogus.
By: Max R.
We went for a friends birthday and had a reservation for 6. Got there early and didn't get seated until about 6:30. Place wasn't even busy. Another 45 minutes before someone came to take our order. Then an hour until it showed up. Had to ask four separate times for the check and it took probably half an hour to get it. Don't get me wrong the food is good but I would hope this was just a bad night and they arent always this slow.
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By: Kendyl W.
Bella Ninas Restaurant
My boyfriend and I LOVE Bella Nina's, we go literally at least once a week. My favorite place to go, I live in Puyallup and the trip is always worth it :) My favorite is the pasta Diablo,devils pasts, really fresh pretty spicey and garlicky but that's what I like! I've had almost everything and love it. We know our waitresses really well and they are So Awesome, except the snotty Russian hostesses they need to go
By: gluggo
Pomodoro Restaurant & Bar
This has to be one of the best resturants I have ever had dinner at. My mother was totally impressed along with my brother. So to the boneheads that put this resturant down all I can say is good dont come back! I surely will! Thanks to Greg for serving an excellent meal and I think my Mom will remember this for many years as she is 84 and as young as ever! GS from Alaska
By: Joshua M.
Stylish Cuts
I think the name has changed but I got my first haircut in years today at this location. Sim has retired but I look great and feel good about myself. I have never been excited about a haircut before. I told him to do whatever since he was the professional and that it would grow back out so no big deal but I think for once in my life it won't be growing back out.
By: jorgee796
Brown's Point Improvement Club
Things were definitely different, and for the better. The crust was thin and crisp, the sauce was tasty, and the toppings were all fresh. We got our pizza to go and it was fabulous!! I will be back again and again, and if you live in NE Tacoma like I do, we need to support our local businesses. Thank Sandy, the new manager, for making the place great!\\
By: rinyy325
Brown's Point Improvement Club
Best pizza in town! We went for the first time last night the staff and owner were super nice very helpful! the kids loved it which is great since my son is a pizza snob. very relaxing place we normally just eat dinner and leave last night we actually just sat comfortably and talk and had a great family night Thankd everyone at Browns Point Pizza!
By: ednaa185
Brown's Point Improvement Club
We recently went here for pizza. The place was empty and it took 5 minutes for one pizza. The salad bar has lots of things so that was amazing. The kid who brought us our pizza had amazing customer service skills. The pizza was yummy. We will be coming back. It was an enjoyable dining experience.

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