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  • 1.Demark Apartments

    1707 74th Street Ct E


    4.75 mi

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By: Josh G.
Albers Mill Lofts Apartments
This place is horrible the staff is awful it always smells like weed the parking is a joke you pay for a spot and half the time some one is in it or blocking it vehicles are constantly getting broken in to and on the weekends the music will play all they way up till three or four in the morning the staff will not do anything about it if they ever answer there phone and good luck seeing them in the office I don't mind a little weed smell but when the smoke fills my apartment because they are smoking that much something must be done
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By: Tami P.
Emmons Apartments
Never had problems here. Betty Parker is amazing as a landlord and always worked with me when needed.
By: Abby S.
Albers Mill Lofts Apartments
One of the main reason people are drawn to Albers Mill Lofts is due to its prime location in downtown Tacoma. This is what drew me to the lofts. I am currently a resident and have been here for about 7 months now. Since I first moved in, my experience has been completely awful! I am patiently awaiting for my lease to end. 1. NOISE!! The openness of the loft = you can hear everything and anything. You can hear neighbors above you, next to you and above you talk, yell, watch tv, listen to music, whisper, their phone text messages ring, their computers ring, them cooking, closing and opening drawers, etc. Now imagine when your neighbors have guests over, or want to throw a party. It is INSANELY loud! Despite formal complaints, recordings of the noise and police reports about the noise during quiet hours, management has not been able to remedy the situation. Remember, this has been on going for over 6-7 months now!! If you like some peace and quiet after a long hard day at work, you WILL NOT find it at this apartment complex 2. PARKING. I pay an additional fee for parking. There is no parking for guests and occasionally you'll see people parking in areas that ARE NOT designated parking spot making it hard for residents to get in and out. 3. SECURITY. The door on the ground floor is either always open or is broken. 4. MAINTENANCE. The fixtures and cabinetry seem like poorly made IKEA type products, so expect to have maintenance at your apartment fixing something at least once a month. When I first moved in, yes on day 1, the bindings to my windows were broken, and they still havent been fixed from 7 months ago, the light in the fridge was broken, and the binding on the laundry door was broken. 5. MANAGEMENT. The property is poorly managed. Prior to moving in, I asked about the noise and how noise complaints were handled. In short, I was lied to, and I would have never moved in if I was told the honest truth about noise. It is also very difficult to get a hold of management. They make showing potential residents a priority and once you are locked into your lease you are no longer a priority. When you eventually do get a hold of management, they give you a lot of lip service, but no action or real help to remedy your concern or issues. They also never do any walk around inspections of the apartment, or if they do, they do not address the issues they see, ie; illegal parking that happens everyday. To sum it up, management DOES NOT take their role and responsibilities as an owner seriously.
By: Thebrat224 ..
Commencement Terrace
Checked out this place as a possible new home. While it didn't quite work for me and my large family, the place was gorgeous! There is new management there and they were incredible!!! Very informative, professional, and courteous. They shared their hopes of what their new plan would be, told us about all the amenities available and yet to come, and even helped us figure out what would the best possible setting for us. Loved the customer service! The views were stunning & the neighborhood seems to be nice. They are in the process of updating the apartments and public areas, which seem to be in the process of becoming spectacular. The floor plans made for some very nice opportunities to decorate. And was surprisingly quiet for the number of units. Definitely would recommend for checking out!
By: Mary A.
Ridgedale Apartments
The #1 best thing about Ridgedale Apartments is that they have fantastic staff! It's sooo much easier to deal with people who you could tell that they love their job. I hadn't had such great customer service from an apartment place in so long. I had been looking for a new place for quit a while so that I could be closer to my mothers retirement home, and they by far stood out the most! They answered the phone when I called, and the people working there actually sound like they enjoy coming to work and working with people. Some of the places I called earlier to get information about apartments from were super duper rude....and this place made me feel welcomed. I'm sooo happy that I moved in here. It's one of the best decision I've made :) I look forward to all the many years to come. :)
By: anonymous909
Stratford Heights Apartments
I really enjoy living in this community. The floor plans are great and spacious. The staff is prompt to handle anything that comes up. In fact, I enjoy it so much that I was hoping they would have a community in the next state I plan to move to but unfortunately they don't. Overall my experience living here had been superb! I cannot imagine having lived anywhere else. I will keep the good word around to all new comers of Ft Lewis, and I will defiantly recommend these apartments to all whom are looking for a comfortable, affordable, amenity packed, service/staff friendly community to live in.
By: newmanager
Stratford Heights Apartments
Thanks--it's great to hear from satisfied residents! I'm so glad you're enjoying life in our community, and that we've done a good job at making you feel at home.
By: usmc313
Stratford Heights Apartments
I've been living here at Stratford Heights Apartments for some months now and feel very fortunate to have found it. The landscaping is well maintained. The apartment itself is spacious. I love the large closets the best. The wood fireplace makes it warm and inviting on chilly nights. I've got great neighbors. Management is quick to respond with any issues. Very well priced too!
By: xochitlg1974
Stratford Heights Apartments
I am giving people a warning and warning them to not rent here!!!!Please save yourself the headache or dealing with these people! And also the management company REIS!I have grown up living in apartments..From San Francisco, CA to Bellevue, WA, then to University Place, I'm very use to apartment living..and never in my life have I had such a horrible issue:If I could I would give it negative or no stars..but that isn t an option.This place has not been updated since it has been built, which I believe was in 1972.The place is so rundown, that it is embarrassing to even have people come over and see where you live.They do not update or upgrade anything.Upon move in, my apartment was not even cleaned or painted but I was stuck because I already signed the lease prior to move in.I wanted to get out of my lease and the only way to do this was to have someone takeover the lease, but I couldn t find anyone too..The only reason why I moved here to begin with because I needed a place quick as I was in the process of selling my home, and needed an apartment ASAP.As the units were big,I needed the space.I had to clean everything, and the apt is so old, even when you clean it, it still looks dirty..My fridge was broken, I advised management it took them 2 weeks to provide me a new fridge, during the 2weeks, I was told to put my food on the balcony because it was snowing, and that should help it stay cold I m not living in a third world country here! WTF' Also the ceiling had a huge crack, which turned into a bigger crack which almost fell on our heads.It took the complex 2 weeks to fix that, and when the contractor came in, they told me it was hanging by some thread in the ceiling and they couldn t believe it didn t fall and hurt someone already..When it was fixed, they still didn t re-paint the area..The apartment is also death trap and not up to fire code, due to the door knobs being so old, they do not turn properly.I was locked in my apartment in which I could not get out.My son and I were trying to get out of the stupid apartment for over an hour I called the apartment manager and he asked if it could wait till the next day..I told him no, because I had to go to work the next morning, and this is dangerous if something was to happen and I couldn't get out of my apt.they came and took off the knob, and I had an open whole in the front door during that time.It took these people again, a few days to fix, because when they tried to fix it the first time, it still wasn't working I mean come on .these people weren t even sympathetic to any of this.Now, that my lease is up, I could not be happier to get the hell out of here fast enough..when I left the apartment, I also cleaned it very well, it was cleaner when I moved out then when I moved in I also had 2 small dogs, that are very clean and very well kept, that didn t even cause damage or make a mess.The walk out paper even proves that there was no damage or anything bad to the unit when I moved out..I also have witnesses and pictures! But then they did not give me my full REFUNDABLE deposit back of $375.I had to pay a pet fee of $600 non refundable which I understand having to do, because I have lived in APTs most of my life.I understand that the $600 would be kept, and was also advised that any cleaning fees upon move out would be taken from the pet fee, and if anything more than that was required they would go to my refundable deposit.Well they didn't do that..they kept the $600, and changed me for cleaning, carpet cleaning and lock changes using my refundable deposit.These people are crooks, and still refuse to give me the remainder of my REFUNDABLE deposit.I will be taking them to court.Please save yourself the drama and heartache from renting here! There are much nicer complexes in the area, that are upgraded, less expensive and nice and where you don t have to deal with this type of BS Please don t make the mistake I did.

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