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By: sydneyacres
Pessemier's Complete Auto. Inc
This place is wonderful!! A great combination of unbelievable customer service and effective repairs at a fair price.We live over 2 hours north of Tacoma. My husband was towing a trailer through Tacoma when the clutch blew out on his Isuzu Trooper. He was stranded by the side of the freeway on a hot day in a tow-away zone. I needed to find a repair shop, then drive down to pick up the trailer before the vehicle and trailer were towed. We usually take our vehicles to the dealer for repair, but Isuzu doesn't make passenger vehicles anymore, so there was no dealer to call. I spent an hour making numerous frustrating calls to other mechanics before finding the dealer in Tacoma who sold and repaired Troopers years ago. He said he now sends all his Isuzu repairs to Pessemier's, so I called them. Ted answered all my questions with a great sense of humor, and was very empathetic about our situation. He quoted me a fair price to replace the clutch, despite us being in a vulnerable situation. When we arrived at the shop Ted was cheerful and supportive. There was a shaded patio with flowerpots in front of the shop to sit and relax, the soda in the machine was cold, and the bathroom was clean and smelled fresh (that's a first for a small repair shop). We authorized the clutch replacement plus some basic maintenance work, left our vehicle and drove home.The repairs were done quickly, and within the price quoted. But the next hurdle was getting back to Tacoma to pick up the vehicle. My husband and I are both very busy, and coordinating our schedules to drive to Tacoma proved difficult. Ted wasn't concerned about the delay, and didn't charge us a storage fee for keeping the Trooper there, despite my offering to pay one. After four weeks, I called Ted to tell him I was going to take the train down to Tacoma, and asked if the city bus stopped anywhere near the shop. He said there was no bus stop nearby, and offered to send the owner of the shop down to the train station to pick me up!! The shop was 20 min each way from the train station, and my train was over 30 minutes late, but Mr. Pessemier wasn't frustrated or annoyed that he was away from his shop for over an hour. He was cheerful and pleasant to talk to during the entire drive back. Now that's customer service!And to top things off, the vehicle runs better now than it has in years.If you were to drive by this place you might not think it could out-compete the big repair shops -- it's a small shop in the middle of a residential neighborhood, not a fancy new shop in an industrial area. But the people are polite, professional, excellent mechanics with superior customer service who will give you a fair price and be grateful for your business. I highly recommend them, and wish I lived close enough to use them as my regular mechanic for all my vehicles.
By: Tim J.
Phil's Auto Care Incorporated
What a tremendous ethical specimen. Me, my wife, and our kids broke down on I-5 between Federal Way and Fife on our way to Oregon, so we googled a shop near by and saw what incredible reviews Phil's Auto Care had. So i called them from the side of the free way. I spoke to Phil's wife Robin, what an incredibly nice lady, she said he was busy helping someone at the moment but that she could come pick us up and have our vehicle toed to the shop. I was able to talk with Phil before we got off the phone... very knowledgeable and honest. Gave me an honest quote told me it may end up being more/less depending on what they find but that they would check with me before they did anything to it, just diagnose it 1st. She got there pretty fast considering traffic on I-5 and right when we were leaving the tow truck was pulling up to pick up my car and follow us to Phil's. While we were on our way to the shop my kids were complaining about how hungry they were, so Robin dropped me off at the shop to speak with Phil and proceeded to take my wife and kids to get something to eat.... SHE EVEN PAID FOR IT!.... I MEAN WHO DOES THAT NOW A DAYS!!! WHAT A WONDERFUL COUPLE. THEY REALLY RUN A RESPONSIBLE AND PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS. THE WORK THEY DID WAS IMMACULATE AND THEY CLEANED EVERYTHING UP NICE AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF........ IT WAS CHEAPER THAN HE QUOTED ME, HE EVEN SAID " IT DOES'NT ALWAYS WORK OUT THAT WAY BUT THEY TRY AND STAY CLOSE TO THEIR ORIGINAL QUOTE BUT SOMETIMES IT'S TRICKY WITH UNSEEN VEHICLES TILL HE SEES IT IN THE SHOP." EVEN WITH THEM BEING BUSY THEY HAD US OUT AND ON THE ROAD IN REALLY GOOD TIME CONSIDERING ALL THEY HAD TO DO. AFTER WE GOT BACK I DID A DOUBLE CHECK JUST TO SEE HOW CHEAP THEY WERE BEFORE I WROTE THIS BECAUSE I WAS SO HAPPY WITH THEM AND WANTED TO SEE IF ANYONE COMES CLOSE TO THEIR PRICE....AND I WAS IMPRESSED ONCE AGAIN. THEY WERE CHEAPER THAN EVERYONE ELSE I CALLED BY $80- ALMOST $200. EVEN CHEAPER THAN ERKERS IN FIFE WHO WE ALMOST WENT TO. AND WHEN I MENTIONED THAT SHOP, PHIL COMPLIMENTED THEM AND SAID WHEN HE IS TOO BUSY HE SENDS PEOPLE TO THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE REASONABLE AND DO GOOD WORK. WHAT PERSON IN TODAY'S WORLD WOULD EVEN CONSIDER HELPING THE COMPETITION OR SPEAKING WELL OF THEM, BUT THIS OWNER PHIL HAS AN INTEGRITY ABOUT HIM YOU WONT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE.... I SIR AM GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU AND YOUR WIFE WENT OUT OF YOUR WAY TO DO FOR MY FAMILY, YOU AND YOUR WIFE ROBIN ARE AMAZING PEOPLE, TO A MAN THAT MEANS SOMETHING! I COULD SEE BY ALL THE THANK YOU CARDS IN YOUR OFFICE AND ALL THE GREAT REVIEWS I HAVE SEEN THAT IT IS NO ACCIDENT THAT YOUR BUSINESS IS SO HIGHLY REGARDED YOU WILL HAVE A REPEAT CUSTOMER FOR LIFE I DON'T CARE THAT YOU ARE 35 MILES AWAY FROM MY HOME! I TELL ANYONE WITH CAR TROUBLES ABOUT YOU AND TELL THEM IT'S WORTH THE TRIP. GREAT SHOP A+
By: donovanharley
Phil's Auto Care Incorporated
I Googled: "auto repair electrical" in Tacoma and one of the places that came up was Phil's Auto Care Inc. I went straight there because of an emergency electrical repair needed to my truck. They were kind enough to get me in on that day on a moments notice. I had a parasitic draw(power drain) that had me stumped. The truck would not let the alternator charge the battery. My truck is responsible for making the money that feeds my family of 6 so you can imagine how important it is. Nevertheless, I needed a good quality experienced mechanic to be able to diagnose this. They had my truck fixed by that next morning. Why I would recommend them to a friend...because they did not gouge my wallet and were good at what they do. To top it all off I drove away and because I had a smaller battery in my truck that was supposed to be, and my cable had come loose on me from work that I had done on the truck just prior, I broke down on the freeway. This man(Mr. Phil) drove his personal car WITH a battery to rectify what I had caused. I called Phil's Auto Care and he came over to my truck on the side of the freeway and fixed my car in 2 minutes flat. Hands down...Phil's Auto Care is professional, courteous, and affordable.I will be a repeat customer. I am happy with my first service I received from them.
By: denise.williams.716
Center Street Auto Repair
Honest, Dependable, Trustworthy . . . before you go anywhere else check with Gary, he knows vehicles of every sort and has Reasonable prices. When Gary fixes it . . .it stays fixed. I first took my car to Larry's Shell on 19th Street (Big Mistake) and they told me it was one thing (wires needed to be replaced 245.00) I passed emissions and two weeks later the yellow light is back on, so I take the car back to Larry's, he charges me 50.00 bucks to look at it and tells me now it needs a fuel injection cleaning (130.00). WHAT!!!I called Gary asap he met me at Center Street Auto Repair and we took a test drive and he diagnosed the possible problem. At the shop he checked the fluids, and well, there was barely any transmission fluid, so he filled it up, charged me 9.00 (YEAH) and the car runs great, it may still need fuel injection cleaning but not right now.I am a single mother and I have to make funds last, if I dont need it dont tell me that I do. That is why I Trust Gary, he doesn't go after your pocketbook and he Earns your Loyalty by being a top-notch Mechanic and all-around Good Guy. Thanks Gary!!!
By: theresanluther
Phil's Auto Care Incorporated
We have been going to Phil for several years with all of our car care needs. He's always been very honest and explains anything we have questions about. He even tells you if repairs are necessary at that time and ways to save money on the repairs. I recommend him to everyone. We wouldn't want to take our vehicles any place else. When we were ready to purchase a new (used) car, we took it to Phil and he checked it out thoroughly before we bought it so we could make sure it was going to be a good car for us. He's fixed radiators, alternators, brakes, starters, fuel injectors, anything you can think of on our vehicles, and he always gives a warranty on his work. Who does that anymore?
By: Deb S.
Coopers Auto Repair Specialists
My husband searched for somewhere close to where we lived to fix the window in his truck that failed to work for some time. They assessed the problem, called us with the estimate, followed through with the work and made it like new. He made an absolutely perfect pick. These guys are truly honest, forthright and confident in their knowledge, so heartfelt that you felt that you had known them forever and they did an incredible job. We will absolutely recommend them to anyone needing quality work done and if we need anything additional done, we will go back with total confidence. Thanks so much for your superior service! Jeff and Deb Smith
By: Rovalia R.
Westside Automotive
This is the only place I have taken my vehicle for the last 5 years. They have always been open, honest and forth coming with what needs to be done. As a person that knows nothing about vehicles I've never felt they've tried to take advantage. Their prices are below the dealerships and I will continue to be a long time customer. I have referred many people and will continue. With several auto repair shops going out of business in the area I just have to plan ahead a little more when scheduling repairs. I think it's worth the wait.
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By: John A.
Advanced Auto Care
Dan and Diana run a first rate business. They are both considerate of their customers and conscientious in their work. Their pricing is reasonable and they always give me the lowest price available regardless of whether or not I have the coupon. They have always been quick to diagnose the problem and they always quote the cost up front. They never try to talk me into replacing something that could be repaired nor doing a repair if it doesn't need to be done.
By: thecoze
Parkland Transmission
You are looking at the best repair shop in the area! Not just a transmission shop! The gang there works on anything for any reason. Brooks and Jim are the best people to deal with! Always friendly and professional and always willing to work on vehicles. I am impressed by their positive attitude. Don't go to one of those high-price shops that will overcharge you and not fix the problem. This place is by far the best place in town!
By: ryanbates1
108 Solutions Military Loans and Financing
My phone broke unexpectedly and my phone provider was not willing to give me a new upgrade so I didn't have to spend a fortune on a new phone. I like to be up-to-date with new technology so I knew paying full-price for a phone was not in my budget. I contacted TECHsmart to add a new phone onto my current account since I am a returning customer of theirs. It was super quick to add the product and set up a new allotment.
Tips & Advices
Both types of alignment add value, but front-wheel alignments are more common. Rear-wheel alignments tend to be less costly than front-wheel alignments, since front-wheel alignments are usually more complicated.
Wheel alignment might or might not be necessary when installing new tires, and this depends on the general condition of the car's wheels and when they were last aligned. Misaligned wheels can shorten the life of new tires, so it's a good idea to have the alignment checked by a professional when putting new tires in place.
Wheel alignment services are provided by mechanics and auto repair shops. Some tire shops also provide wheel alignment services. Choose a wheel alignment professional that has good online reviews on an independent review site. Many shops offer free inspections and can tell  if alignment is necessary.
A 3D-wheel alignment is a process that helps ensure the car's wheels are aligned with unerring precision. With 3D wheel alignment, wheels are aligned with machinery that includes cameras and a monitor. A 3D-wheel alignment is both accurate and quick, and each wheel can be aligned in as little as seven minutes.
Misaligned wheels can cause tire wear that is uneven and unusually heavy, and this will reduce the longevity of a car's tires and put them at greater risk for a blowout. Misaligned wheels can also reduce a car's fuel economy, and this will cost  more money at the gas pump.

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