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By: Susan M.
Angelos Italian Deli & Pizzeria
Place was clean, neat. No one else there (12:30 PM on Thursday). Guy behind counter was pleasant and helpful. I ordered a plain cheese slice and a stuffed veggie slice from a selection of maybe six pies they had. It was heated up as I requested. I love pizza, will eat almost any pizza. This had to be the worst pizza I ever ate. The plain cheese was tasteless, no amount of seasoning helped it, soggy, couldn't find any sauce under the cheese. The stuffed veggie slice wasn't much better...I ate the cheese slice because I was starving, ate the crust of the other slice after taking a few bites and threw the rest in the trash. I won't be back!
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By: captainjayatp
Dominick's Restaurant
I make Dominick's a stop whenever I am in the city shopping. They have great lunch specials weekdays and the best meatball-parm sub with cherry peppers anywhere! Every Monday is Prime Rib lunch, $8 for lunch size, $12 for the queen size w/2 sides. Best prime rib in town!!! .Great service too! Awesome MILE-HIGH pies! Their house Italian salad is superb, served with Italian bread and butter. I LOVE their baked Ziti casserole loaded with goey mozzeralla, meatball & sausage combo. You can barely eat it all! Since the complete remodeling years ago, its a truly must-go dining/and/or bar trip!
By: gravityron
Mark's Pizzeria
First time I ordered, I ordered online. 45 minutes after my order, without any notification that my pizza was ready, I drive to the store. I was told that it was ready 25 minutes ago. I asked "How could I have known that?". His answer, "Call." WHAT?! I ordered online! Many days later I spoke with a manager and was told that the online ordering system is NOT working properly. And he said that the workers will NOT call you to let you know that your food is ready!!
By: Justin J.
Just Wing It
It is great to have a pizza place like Just Wing It in the neighborhood. Every time that I've gone in there the staff seems very friendly and upbeat, not like some places I've been before. I've become a fan of their pizzas and their wings are great, especially the Zing Wings! Everything tastes fresh and they've told me that everything is homemade. I can't wait to try more of the things on their menu, which seems pretty extensive. They've made a loyal customer out of me.
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By: Duke W.
Red Lobster
Well New Hartford location...Food was excellent. I only like very little sea food. Went with friends of mine, they got nice large platers of food. I ordered a fish fry..damn thing was so small , I felt like a child with a happy meal, left hungry :-(
By: Krystal B.
Just Wing It
I was all about Twin Trees when Oompas closed then saw this place. I ordered once and my family and I were hooked! Seriously immaculate kitchen, food is great and the people are so friendly. And, oh, ZING WINGS!
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By: Justin G.
Uncle Chubby's Pizza
I have ordered from Uncle Chubbys several times and have always enjoyed their pizza and wings. Definitely my number 1 in Syracuse. Drivers are always super nice as well.
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By: Kelly M.
The Spaghetti Warehouse
Awesome antique history decor. One of a kind. Loved my meal, great service and wonderful special memories. Prices are perfect. Kids would love the atmosphere too.
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By: Jsage229 ..
Just Wing It
Don't listen to Steven R., this place is great. The manager is really nice and outgoing and the food is great. I really like their Zing Wings and garlic bow ties.
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By: Luis R.
Uncle Chubby's Pizza
This is one of Syracuse's oldest pizzerias. Stop by and try one of their many specials. They have plenty of different options to suit anyone's needs.

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