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  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I wish I could

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I wish I could give this place 10 stars! I first went into NY Bride to pick out dresses to bring my family back to see the dresses I had gone through because they had a wide selection and variety of dresses. The staff was excellent! Cassie helped me the first time I came in and was very patient and wrote down all of the dresses so I could bring my family back and show them.

    I brought my mom and dad in and we had Kim helping us. She was great!! It was as though I went shopping with my best friend - she told me what she liked on me and what accentuated my body type. I ended up choosing a great dress and she helped me to accessorize. My family also loved the staff as they were great.

    If you check out other stores in the area like, SpyBaby for example, you would never want to leave NY Bride!! SpyBaby is cluttered and dirty (a claustrophobic's nightmare!!!) and they continued to pull out dresses out of my price range. Alfred Angelo booked my appointment, rebooked my appointment because they overbooked that day and then they gave me a time when the store wasn't open. NY Bride doesn't do appointments for general visits (only alterations) but it worked out much better for me to come when it was best for my schedule.

    Long story short: excellent staff, excellent selection! Best bridal store!!

  • Awesome Place to Shop!

    I couldn't disagree more with some of the reviews. I had 3 staff members working with me the day I bought my dress and the place was packed too. Every time I walk in, the 3 members know me by name, they ask me about my wedding, they have checked on me during fittings, etc. The seamstress is outstanding. I have very narrow shoulders and the dress is covered in lace. She actually changed up the sleeves and it is more amazing now than when I bought it. The dress selection is great. I bought my dress, headpiece, shoes, and bridesmaids dresses there. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat to anyone that needs formal attire.


    There should be a rating that says crap. The have a great dress selection, but their employees are completely rude. They act superior to the customer when they are just selling dresses, they are no better then anyone. Yet they act it. I went and bought a dress and a headpiece there. The dress in itself was perfect, the headpiece was gorgeous I loved it. I bought the headpiece then walked outside and looked at it in the car and noticed that it was missing a few diamonds. I immediately went back inside and told them, none the less the lady that was behind the desk that sold me the piece knowing it was missing a few diamonds was shaking her head as soon as I walked back in. She said she could fix it for $15 it was $20. They didn't even have the courtesy to tell me that it was missing a few diamonds when I was looking at it. The employees are all rude they have no respect for any one that walks into the store at all. Although the dress selection is great I personally will never be buying a dress there again.

  • Great Experience

    This was the first bridal store I visited and I didn't need to go to another. Sally greeted us as we walked up the stairs and helped to find me the absolutely perfect dress! She was so honest and great at her job, she really helped to make this a very memorable and special experience! Especially since I found my dress within 2 hours of my first visit! She even recommended getting the dress in a size 8 (which was the size I tried on, since it fit perfectly) even though my measurements pushed me into the next size, this was a great idea especially since I lost weight before the actual wedding. She really knows what she is doing!
    She even remembers all of her brides, I went in months later with a friend and she remembered me and helped my friend find the perfect dress for her wedding!
    The fittings were also great, easy to schedule as I live in the Albany area and my Maid of Honor lives in Rochester and quick and easy.
    I would definately recommend NY Bride to anyone.

  • Oh How Rude!

    I am writing this to inform and warn any future brides of the horrible service I received at New York Bride. My wedding is September 5th of this year and my 10 year old daughter is going to be a mini bride.About 2 months ago we had went to several bridal shops to find the perfect dress for her and to get her measurements. We finally found the dress we were looking for at NYB. They put in the order and it finally arrived last on July 16th. Today July 20th we went to pick it up. When we ordered it my mother had put down 100.00. We still owed 72.00. Before paying the remaining balance we wanted her to try it on. Upon trying it on we discovered it to be to small. My mother asked that they remeasure the dress and my daughter to see if she had gotten bigger or if the dress was ordered wrong. They did that and told us that it was ordered in a size 30 waist and she was a 32. Now as I said we had previously had her measured a few times and she was always a size 32 waist. At this point my mother and I both let them know that this was their error and asked that they make the alterations at no extra charge to us. The manager then told us we didn't know what we were talking about and that there was no way we were correct or getting the alterations done for free. I then started to get a little upset and told her she just insulted both my mother and I and I expected an apology. She answered me by calling the police. My mom then asked for a refund of her 100.00 and we decided we were just going to go elsewhere. The manager told her she would have to send her a check. Now as I said it took us a long time to find this dress in the first place and now my wedding is less then 6 weeks away. My mother informed her of this and all she kept saying is do you want your money back or the dress. The police officer got there and took our statement. He then took theirs. After speaking with them he cam e back to us and started asking for our personal information name, address, birth date etc. I started to give him my info and my mom stopped me and very nicely asked the officer why he was asking for this information. In response to that he said that's fine if you don't want to cooperate then you can just leave, she doesn't want you here so you can leave of your own free will or in handcuffs. I said ok I will step outside then while mom gives her address to them so they can mail the check. He said no I mean all three of you leave now. Now there are a few points to be made here I think. # 1 What gives this manager the right to get away with treating a customer so poorly? and by the way she had a smirk on her face the entire time. # 2 all we were asking for was for them to correct their mistake which probably would have cost them 10.00 for alterations versus the 50.00 if probably would have cost us. # 3 This was done in front of a 10 year old little girl who was crying and the manager didn't care one bit. # 4 with the economy the way it is these days why would you treat a customer so poorly and # 5 since when as Americans are we not allowed to ask an innocent question to a police officer. This is not only a compliant about NYB but also on the North Syracuse police dept. for the way they handled the situation. Getting married is stressful enough to not have to deal with this kind of stuff on top of it. In the end we ended up at Davids Bridal and bought my daughter a beautiful gown for the wedding. I bought my gown and all of the bridesmaids dresses there as well and they couldn't be anymore courteous and helpful. I hope this helps at least one person out there and maybe hurts NYB just a little, if that's the case then my goal has been achieved. Thank you for your time.

  • not great

    This store has a big selection but the dresses you try on are all size six and eight (which is like 2 and 4 in regular clothes), not everybody fits into those sizes. The saleslady kept saying that it would look great in my size-but how do I know that it will look good if I can't try it on in my size? It was not a good experiance when a rude saleslady is trying to squeeze you into a dress 4 sizes to small. The prices are a lot higher than most other stores I have looked at-even their alterations seem pricey. Not a great experience, I definately will not be buying my dress there!!

  • Amazing experience!

    If you have to purchase a bridal gown or brides maid dress and you don't stop at New York Bride you are missing out! When you walk in the door you can't believe that a place like this is actually in Syracuse! The amazing decor and thousands of dresses take your breathe away. Taking off your shoes is kind of different but it is all carpeted and nice so - no biggie. Everyone was so friendly. Bridgette and the rest of the girls were so nice to work with. They answered all of our questions no matter how small. My mom really liked the mother of the bride room- she felt like she had a place to shop for her dress away from us girls :). The alterations were perfect and everything came off without a hitch. We did have some special fits for some of my girls - It took a little time but in the end to get it perfect it was well worth it. I hope I can come back as a bridesmaid some day :-)

  • Nice dresses, AWFUL customer service

    I purchased my wedding gown along with all 7 bridesmaid dresses here....It is so far the biggest mistake of my wedding.....the wedding is in a month. It took 7 months for my dress to come in! 5 months for the bridesmaid dresses. When my dress came in it needed to be altered 6 sizes costing me upwards of $300!!! That was the cost of half the dress, not to mention some women don't even spend that alone on a dress. I had to repeatedly call for everything. I got to the point that I was calling everyday to see when my dress and the bridesmaid dresses would be in, they would never have much info. Then when they did come in I get a phone call that they have to be all be picked up and paid in full within 10 days. But it was okay for me and BM's to wait more than half a year for them to get there!! I would never go back here and I am the first of all my friends to get married and will not recommend this place for them. They had the potential of a ton of repeat business from this, Other than the beautiful dresses I don't know how they get repeat business if they treat all their customers the way that I was treated. The women all come off as nice but are clueless!

  • They REALLY Understand and Listen!

    New York Bride really ""gets it""! I shopped everywhere from Rochester to NYC. I tried $5,000 dresses and under. I couldn't find THE dress. I was starting to feel like I was being a little ridiculous! I drove to NYBride out of desperation and WOW! The consultant (Bridgette) talked to me, listened to me, and pulled a room full of dresses for me to try on... I loved 3! I couldnt choose between 3 dresses after extensive shopping for several months, then I walk through this door and have too many to chose from! I did chose an Enzoani Blue dress that is completely AMAZING and it was under $1,000. I drove back for alterations and was fearful that they couldnt possibly be awesome in every department. I was prepared to be less than happy and again they were AWESOME! They were so professional, kind and skilled! They pressed my dress while we went for dinner down the street so that we didnt have to make another trip back.This experience was so refreshing! There are still people in the world that truley care and try to make a difference. NYB certainly made a difference with me. For all of the cranky brides out there...try being nice and nice is what you will get back! I watched the woman there prove this every minute that I was there! They always referred to me by my name. How they remembered was beyond me. The store is sooo busy everytime I am there, and still the consultants are happy and helpful. I also found them to be extremely organized and knowledgable about the merchandise that they carry and even dresses and designers that they don't carry! I can't say enough. EVERY bride from everywhere should go to New York Bride!

  • Fantastic for Brides!

    NYBride was the last store I went to when shopping, and it's where I found ""the dress."" Nancy has been the absolute best to work with and all the women there are so helpful. I have always been treated with respect when I am in there and they always have time to answer my questions. My dress came in WAY before it was supposed to, and their alterations department rocks! Capri is a sewing wizard! I don't know why people were complaining about taking their shoes off....that's standard anywhere you go. And would you wnat dirt or salt all over your bridal gown? The store is sooo full with everything. They recently added a Mother of the Bride section. My mom was disappointed because they didn't have this when she was looking, otherwise she would have ordered from here too. And she's out of state! By far, this has been the best experience in the whole wedding planning. And I reward myself with gelato from Geddes Bakery (right next door) everytime I go there. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone, they do great work!

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