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By: S J.
Nob Hill Apartments
This complex has a mice problem. I am a current resident and they are infested with mice and they can't control the issue. It's like the mice are your pets it's so bad they just come out while your watching tv they crawl on your counters. If you are seeking to live here don't!!!!!!!! I am locked down in a lease and I can't afford to break the lease!
By: Bobby N.
Grant Village Apartment
The walls are paper thin and the neighbors are loud. Hope you don't live next to a neighbor with a boom box. They say heat is included. But it's 5o degrees in my apartment and by law it should be at least 68 degrees when it's 30 degrees outside (as it is now). When you call them they might send a maintenance man over to touch the pipes and feel it's warm (not hot) only to conclude you have heat. Yes, but it's not up to legal code. They are real slick this way. Don't rent here if you want heat in the winter. If you complain enough they will offer you a 30 dollar plug in floor heater. But electricity isn't included. And, if you run an electric heater then your electric bill goes sky high. As I said, real slick. Plus, they rent to anybody. Sex offenders, prostitutes, drug dealers. Make sure you shred your bills before putting the trash out as it is ripe with dumpster divers rummaging through the trash for cans. If you order a package make sure you tell the UPS/Fed ex guy not to leave it or some bottom feeder will take it. Creepy neighbors all and all.
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By: Lecey simone M.
Vincent Apartments
people listen. please listen and do not set yourself up for a disaster.Mary Bradford the building manager never fixes the hallway or any repairs that you need. The upstairs apartment flooded my apartment and it took a year and a half for them to finally fix the water damage wall after i reported them to the Better Business Bureau. shame shame shame. Worst place in the city to live.Not to mention the walls have lead paint that always chipped. Do not move their especially if you have children or plan on starting a family.After my apartment flooded she promised to discount my rent and she DID NOT. She promised to fix my wall and she DID NOT. She said she was going to fix the hallway and she DID NOT. Mary Bradford is a SLUM LORD and i do not recommend moving to VINCENT LANE APARTMENT. #WORST place in the city to live.
By: Hubert F.
Nob Hill Apartments
Management here is terrible. Happy to move out and when I did, they did their best to charge me for every item in the apartment like the apartment was newly constructed. Lost my security deposit like everyone else, plus more.
By: Francis L.
Nob Hill Apartments
Two faced staff that are kind and friendly--so long as you live on the complex. I lived there for a total of 4 years, 3 years with roommates and then 1 year by myself. When it was time to move out of the complex they would not return my security deposit and claimed the apartment was not cleaned properly and they were keeping the deposit for cleaning expenses. My original security deposit was returned in full when I had planned on moving to another building in the same complex, but when I move off the complex my security gets swallowed.Coincidence? I think not.
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By: Theoneandonly T.
Grant Village Apartment
They say heat is included, but you will freeze. The washing machines downstairs have been broke and unfixed for months.
By: schmette
Merchants Commons
Apartments appears apealing at first sight but not worth it. It is a rather pricey apartment with added costs such as parking and extra storage. All in all the apartment is ok. However Floors are only painted concrete which gets super super cold during the winter months and impossible to heat up. A handful of windows cracked from top to bottomIn various apartments mid January and they were not fixed until mid May. Tenants paid full price for their luxury apartments with blue duct taped windows. Climate control is easy to use but extremely noisy and irritating. However the noise from the heater/AC disguises the vexing noise from the streets and all the drama happening on street level. Area is not that great.Violent Crime happens too often. There have been shootings and stabbings a few blocks away. However safety is good. Lobby and elevators are key card accessed. The worst about Merchants Commons is dealing with the property Manager's office. It can be a real pill- not always but too often. There is a tendency to arrogance and they pretty much only want to answer back requests if they want to. Get used to have concerns, questions and complaints ignored. As it happens if you go to the property manager to talk to him about urgent repairs that has not commenced his first concern might be wether you've made an appointment to talk to him in person. I feel they can be unapproachable and I feel like a burden each time we need to communicate something to the main office. It is a feeling we share with other tenants. I hope it is something they will work on changing but so far having lived here for a year I have seen no intention to change how they treat their tenants.
By: y0000j
Nob Hill Apartments
I have lived at the Nob Hill apartments for 8 months and it was a nightmare. First off the residents are hostile and I don't blame them because the apartments are poorly made and maintained. They call the police for "loud footsteps" and file a complaint so you are called to court after the police comes to your door twice... Also, it takes at least two phone calls for someone to come out in 2-3 weeks to fix the old facilities like the kitchen sink, bathroom sink toilet and the electric fuses... The aforementioned complaints about the strong odor in the hallways are true because it always smells like puke, urine, food, and fermented trash on every floor. The elevators have a worse smell and are at least 50 years old so they are usually out of order or extremely slow. Your life may feel threatened everytime you take the elevator because it shakes and makes screeching noises. Additionally the laundry machines are usually out of order as well. Furthermore, you have to pay a security deposit they will try very hard to not give back. When you sign the lease they have you on lock down for at least 8 months before you can exit the lease and pay a exit fee of $700 as well as an official document that explains a legitimate reason for leaving. They have a grace period until the 5th of every month but they charge you $50 after and another $75 after the 15th which accrues as a remaining balance so if you are unaware of these accruing late fees that beget more late fees after the 5th and 15th you can easily lose your security deposit. Also if you are usually good at making payments on time it does not matter because even if you sent the payment on time, the book keeper does not process your payment on time on their computer so you are liable for late fees if you do not have any proof or receipt. As a student if you do not have a car you should forget going to school on time because the buses are so packed that people push and shove to be within the bus's capacity because otherwise you have to wait for the next bus assuming it comes on time or comes at all (but it usually does not). Just save your time and money and skip this place -trust me and thank me later
By: giftedangel2011
Vincent Apartments
i give Vincent Apartment an F for failure ...the maintenance came in other apartments without permission for non maintenance for little nonsense not on the work order repairs such as a faucet screen without notice they were going around and they were going into the apartments when no one is home which legally they can only do that for an emergency medical reason,fire ,gas leak or flood in the ceiling....they broke the law...theres no key entry for safety,theres no second and third story window guards for small children so they wont fall out a window,the detectors falsely go off all the time .fire dept comes to false alarms very frequently,tenants are scum bags and trash the place,they dont enforce the parking situation,people park any where its inconvenient...it has roaches ,they lied to me and said they have ants but it was roaches,none of my things for the apartment on work order were ever done,no heat and hot water very frequent since sept ....
By: believer22
Grant Village Apartment
I would not even rate this a star. I visited the office recently to find a very rude and insensitive secretary sitting behind the desk. I had to initiate the conversation and I told her that I was contacted by the rental management through rent.com to come in and view the apartment and I was considering moving there possible in January 2013. She did not bother asking me if I wanted to look at the apartment which was indicated in my email was available to view. She directly gave me this application and stated that I had to give her 3 stubs of my income verification. She never asked me what my situation was. When I told her that I receive unemployment she stated that " we don't take unemployment because it ends. I was not comfortable with that so I called regional office and spoke to a person who answered some questions for me. I was concerned because of the statement she made about them not being able to consider me because I had unemployment . The person in the regional office states that the application process is not solely based on income but other factors such as credit references and whether I had the ability to pay rent for a year. I was them connected a personnel person who spoke to me and stated that I should go back. When I went back I met with the manager of the apartment in which i explained my situation. He was very defensive and rude and stated he does not rent to people on unemployment or public assistance because their income can end at any time. Which brought me to wonder what happens to a person who is employed and loses their income. I then told the manager that I felt discriminated against based on my unemployment status. He then shoved the application at me when I asked if I could view the apartment as if I could not if I did not fill out the application. He then told me that I could come in at 9am the next morning to look at a one bedroom apartment and to top it all he stated that I had to have excellent credit to be considered. I felt he was very defensive and rude to me. Long story short, I would never want to live in a building where the Management Above All makes the prospective Tenants feel discriminated against and uncomfortable. I decided not to follow through in the process. I wrote a complaint to Albany Tenant association about my experience. Hospitality and sensitivity appears to be a problem with this management.

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