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By: Stephanie P.
Brakes Plus
I had an oil change done over the weekend and asked them to check on a concern that I had with my engine. Since I was the one who brought up the concern, they easily (and most places would have, especially being a single woman at a repair shop) could have said, yes you're right. ANd I would have done it and paid the $700 bill for it.Instead, the manager had them check and the mechanic and the manager explained to me that there was nothing wrong and that my car engine is doing great and appears very well maintained.I was super impressed by such honesty. I've already referred several friends here and will continue to do so. Honest, friendly, great customer service, and good work. I was also relieved to see older, experienced mechanics were all that worked there. Not 19 year old grease n go kind of types. They are great!!!
By: thecuteonevt
Surprise Auto Repair Service
LOVE these guys! They did quality job that five other mechanics wanted 3600-5000. This shop charged me less than half of the total. We essentially had to replace half the engine. Trustworthy and understand that our vehicles are our lifeline to our lives. Very professional, treated my car and myself like family. Screw the other guys, Surprise Auto is my new mechanical home!
By: itscathy
Blue Collision Auto Care
My husband and I are very happy with the repair work completed. I would definately recommend Elva at Blue Collision. Elva took care of me from the beginning to the end of the repair. She showed a sence of care. All in all this is the place to be if you want good customer service and amazing repair work to your vehicle.
By: Bryan H.
Surprise Auto Repair Service
Awesome place, I went in to have my latch on my hood repaired. I left the Avalanche and within an hour they called back and the latch was repaired no charge. Can you believe that "No Charge." I will definitely return if I have any other car or truck issues. Honest group of guys.Thanks
Tips & Advices
Your car's AC may emit a bad odor due to a dirty filter. The unpleasant smell may also be caused by mold or mildew growth within the AC's evaporator. These problems can eventually cause clogged lines or parts failure, and it's important to get them taken care of quickly to avoid increasing the cost of your repair bill.
Weak air flow is common sign indicating a problem with a car's AC. If a car's AC needs repair, you may also experience warm air blowing from the vents. There might also be a foul smell coming from the  AC vents, and the AC system might make unusual noises when it's running.
Replacing a condenser in a car's AC typically costs between $570-$830. Labor costs for this service usually average $280-$350, while parts can cost $290-$470. If a car's AC condenser needs repair or replacement, you may experience warm air blowing from the AC vents.
On average, it costs $200-$280 to recharge a car's AC. Labor costs for this service can run $120-$150, while parts can cost $80-$120. Before recharging the system, the technician will typically check a car's AC for leaky seals and perform replacements, if necessary.
For effective functioning, a car's AC needs ample refrigerant, and, if levels run low, a vehicle's refrigerant will need to be replenished. This process usually involves evacuating all the old refrigerant and replacing it with fresh fluid, and the replacement aspect of this process is known as recharging. Cars use only a small amount of refrigerant each year, so a vehicle's AC may never need to be recharged. However, if there's a leak in a car's AC system, a recharge will be necessary.

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