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By: chauncey1964
Lowcountry Pet Sitters
Low country petsitters (LCPs) provides very adequate petsitting service. While my wife and i did appreciate the fact that our pets were visited twice a day while we were on vacation in Atlanta, GA, miscommunciation was a primary concern with this company. For example, In our initial meeting with an employee representing the owner, there was no mention of payment options, no notes were taken especially when we were walking through the remote home alarm instructions, and the employee was eager to get back to her car which was running in our driveway with her boyfriend waiting. On their first pet visit, the panic button on the remote alarm was inadvertently pushed which dispatched the police. I received a call from central dispatch while we were in Atlanta to inform me of that. I had to call LCPs to actually find out what and why it happened. They should have been calling me first. It turns out that another employee, whom my wife and i had not met at all, did the pet visit and did not receive the proper training on how to operate the remote alarm. Between that visit and the next one, i was not 100% sure that my home was alarmed properly. The whole back and forth from this incident took up 5 - 6 hours of our time while on vacation. We were under the impression that the primary/alternate personnel to do the pet visits would be the owner and the employee that we actually met in person. I do not like people in my home that i do not know or have not met. That type of information should have been fully disclosed in our initial meeting by the owner or her designated representative. The company's business of "keeping keys and remote alarms" until payment is received is short sided as well. People will be contentious with them and change their home locks. To preclude that contentiousness, I would strongly recommend that the LCPs owner use a written contract which outlines total payment costs breakdown, payment due dates, specific services provided, etc. This would eliminate the need to "keep keys" and ensure that everyone is on the same page and create more administrative harmony. Bottomline: My wife and i were just not impressed with the overall service. The LCPs owner assumes that her website, instead of face to face or phone to phone conversation, conveys all information to her potential clients/clients. It does not! Emails should be used as follow ups to actual conversation to reaffirm or clarify. There will be no referrals from us.
By: scenethemountain
Lowcountry Pet Sitters
This service made my trip so much less stressful. Not only did I appreciate the fact that my pets received great care, but it makes me feel so much more comfortable knowing that someone is checking in on my home for me. Typically, when I leave my pets at the kennel, they seem so depressed and it kills me to leave them behind. But with LCPs, my last moments with my pets were spent as a usual day at home, and I was able to leave knowing that they would stay in their comfortable home environment, and would still receive the care and routine that they were used to.Will definitely recommend this service!
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By: Lizzie M.
My Three Dogs
I love my three dogs!! My dog Stella has been going for nearly a year! She always has a great time and comes home exhausted from all the playing and running she gets to do while I'm at work! The staff is so sweet to Stella and they all know her by name. They greet her lovingly and take great care of her! Thank you!
By: Sarah M.
Lowcountry Pet Sitters
Professional, reliable, and fabulous customer service. Our sitters truly care about giving our pets a happy experience during their visits. So nice to have this option, and to have a service that we can trust! Thank you!
Tips & Advices
Pets that do not get along with other animals may incur an additional fee. Some facilities have special solitary sleeping and play animals for these types of pets.
A checklist for what to bring to a pet kennel includes:
  • Vaccination records
  • A favorite toy or blanket
  • Food and feeding instructions (if the pet has dietary restrictions or is a picky eater)
  • Medication (if necessary, in its original bottle and with written instructions)
Some pet kennels have veterinarians as part of their daily staff, while others only have vets part time or on call.
Most kennels can provide basic care such as administering medications, but owners of pets with serious medical issues should choose a facility with a veterinarian on call.
Bordetella, commonly known as kennel cough, is highly contagious, and most dogs catch it at least once in their lifetimes. As such, all dogs should be vaccinated at least 7 days before boarding.

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