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    This is the best studio ever! My little girl was shy and unsure at first but everyone was so supportive and helpful, now she can't wait to go to her class. She is learning so many things its hard to

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By: Jessica B.
Goddess Dance Studio
i am new to any kind of dance, and after many years of yoga, pilates wanted to explore the beautiful and extremely mysterious (to those of us who never wore a tutu as a kid) world of pole.My first few pole classes were a disaster. I had no idea what i was doing and beginner is NOT like beginner yoga. The classes I went to were high cardio (realized halfway thru class when out of breath), awkward and not easy but fun. I am not going to be a professional dancer, I am almost 30! i just wanted to explore a new form of movement, find some grace & agility. ANYWAY.. my 4th ever class was with Elizabeth Pike, and it made me so very happy. I was able to follow along since she was nice enough to make sure I was between a few people who knew what they were doing, and i actually learned alot from her general corrections. She also took the time (in a class of about 13) to give me a couple of quick personal pointers. Her energy and attitude were also fabulous, her love for dance is infectious!!!!!! love love love looooove Elizabeth's classes and her balls to the wall attitude and will be there every Tuesday that my schedule allows me to! Sadly tuesday's class is only one hour with no option to stay for two hours until you get more advanced, so hoping for more success at Goddess Dance I took Sunday's class.. and LOVED It!!! The other coach really helped me understand that pole is an art form, meant to empower a woman, not a demoralize her. Knowing that helped me gain an iota more grace and elegance in my dance movements and also made me aware that grimacing while dancing is probably taking away from own experience. She and Elizabeth's clear passion for this art form is really inspiring! Those girls gave great, clear instruction, they were also really awesome to me (clearly the most inexperienced person in a pretty tight knit class) and again placed me between ladies who knew what was up so i could follow along.The best part of the class was the music!! Where they find their music, IDK but it's wonderfully crazy!Really pleased to have found Goddess Dance, and keep on my movement journey with Elizabeth and her staff's fearless leadership!Thank you Goddess Dance Studio for helping this tall awkward person find grace (even if I can't quite see it yet, i know its in there now!)
By: Chip H.
Goddess Dance Studio
Horrible place. Don't bother. Just a week or so into the six week session, they moved twice the distance from our house. They had not disclosed this move before, and their excuse was "SC ordinances state if you aren't 50 miles away, no refund". I can find no such ordinance. The owner of this place is rude and obnoxious, and doesn't care a bit about customers, just about her dollar. Stay far away.
By: deb010178
Goddess Dance Studio
Usually the first thing people do when they walk into the Goddess Dance studio is remark upon what a fun space it is. With its high ceilings, beautiful wood colored floors, tall windows and teal accents you can't help but think you're lucky to dance somewhere so lovely. A converted dance studio in an old building, there are little cubbies for storing personal belongings safely out of the way. Big mirrors. The dance hall often smells of cleaning products and fresh which makes me feel pleased. The space is well-lit and features a staff that care enough to watch you to your car after dark. Goddess Dance offers many different kinds of specialty dance and fitness classes such as American Tribal Style (ATS) bellydance, hula, pole from beginner's to advanced, aerial hoop/lyra and much more. I have taken mainly pole dancing and extreme conditioning at Goddess Dance since September of 2012. I have lost 42 pounds. I have found all the instructors to be very knowledgeable, professional while at the same time extremely playful, sensational with their girl's next door charm and very welcoming. I discovered after taking classes at another pole dancing place that all the local pole dancing studio owners in the Charleston area started out at Goddess Dance studio first and nearly all of their staff were customers of Goddess Dance studio. I took three five week workshops at another place and after feeling angered once I heard from a friend I developed there that we were paying different rates I grew to open my eyes about other bits of trappings. Upon talking with the more advanced classes, they told me that they and the owner all started out at Goddess Dance first and that they loved it there. Upon changing over to Goddess Dance studio I learned that the experience and knowledge of pole maneuvers was unparalleled. The owners, managers and pole dancing instructors always try to make Goddess Dance a truly friendly and safe place to learn to dance. It is clear they love what they do and strive to build a community around the love of dance. They are graceful dancers and a perceptive teachers. I have truly enjoyed each instructors' different ways of teaching and how they all have a gentle style of teaching while at the same direct honesty. I have never felt self-conscious in classes, only encouraged & challenged. They are strict on work ethic, discipline and do not allow skipping steps or cheating with the use of grip aids unlike the last place I was at.Whether you are new to pole dance or are already an experienced dancer, you will find something that appeals to you. From weekly classes geared towards beginners to high-level advanced workshops, there is truly something for everyone.
By: mrsbl1969
Goddess Dance Studio
This is an incredible gym and was an amazing learning experience for me & my sister. I enrolled us in a cardio pole class and then later more advanced classes over the next couple years. The instructors are all upbeat and caring. They really know how to talk to you to keep you engaged and having fun. They have set the bar extremely high with their level of professionalism and quality. I periodically take classes at other pole studios in town and continue to be disappointed with other places because I always think: "This isn't as good as Goddess Dance Studio is. Why'd I waste my money here?" I would highly recommend this company to any woman looking to workout.
By: jess41987
Goddess Dance Studio
I danced for a year and found out later that I had a tumor so they had to give me a hysterectomy. The doctors said that if I hadn't been in such good shape I would have been in bad shape after the surgery. I give many many many thanks to this place. The teachers rotate between here and Hanahan and I'd follow them to end of the earth for what they have done for me and my health.
By: heresthetruth4
Goddess Dance Studio
stay far far away!!!!!!!!! they are out for your money! both summerville and hannahan located are in horrid conditions!! the coaches are always on the phone leaving you alone unsupervised while the chat away with each for almost the while hour! the profanity is over the top, the cilentel is just pesterred for more this, sign up for that! your better off getting your own pole and youtube. pole can be a great work out but id go somewhere else!
By: wpgrahamster
Classical Ballet Centre
Ms. Shields most definitely loves ballet and the girls. She has a professionalism that shines in all she does. She does not waste the girls' time with silly recitals. Instead the dancers have an opportunity to take part in a professional grade performance. Our friends who have worked with ballet companies in the past are amazed by the quality of the performances. The girls learn more than a few steps. They learn how to carry themselves and be professional ballerinas. Each girl gets out of the program what she is willing to invest. Ms. Shields invests herself fully into the school and dancers. I cannot speak highly enough in praise of her instruction. Her associate, Ms. Mel, has also been a wonderful influence and instructor for the girls.
By: seb29483
Goddess Dance Studio
I am so happy to have found this place. The owner and trainers have pushed me to accomplish feats that I never knew I was capable of doing whether it be in fitness, acropole or surfing. They always push me to drive harder, push harder and, thankfully all the while reminding me of tips to stay safe in the mean time. Whenever my days are filled with stress I know that when I get to my class at the end of my work day, I always find the studio neat and tidy, with staff that are always bubbly and happy to see me personally. They get to know everyone on a personal level and don't allow us to make excuses. They are forgiving and encouraging when we (or should I say: "I") need to be coddled and they don't let us (or "I") indulge in negativity. I have never seen a place that picks the women up emotionally & build confidence to new levels, kicks butts in the fitness aspect, and at the same remain as role models. I've been a member at Goddess Dance now for over 3 years and can't be happier. The pricing is fair and they have options for every budget. When my purse strings have to be tightened, I still feel like I have options. The owner is very understanding and compassionate towards long term clients and she is a master at teaching pole techniques and acrobatics skills. She can teach me a pole trick and as I practice it look at me when I'm doing it to pin point ways to improve my stuff instantly.
By: ellen29483
Goddess Dance Studio
I LOVE GODDESS DANCE! I've been apart of Goddess for over 3 yrs &the prices for pole workouts have never increased during that time. The schedule has been the same since I started & I've seen the studio get annual upgrades which is nice since it stays busy. They actually do have refund policies so I don't know what those other posts are talking about. It's listed on the website for goodness sake. I've always found my classes fun, challenging & I always get a laugh from the staff. No matter what kind of day I've had, I ALWAYS feel better after going here.The pricing is quite reasonable at $75 for a SIX WEEK LONG workshop. Other places places want to charge almost 2ce that which is crazy because anyone that knows pole in the area had to learn it from here 1st since Goddess was the 1st pole studio in the state.I feel the women that go here are caring & demonstrate that they are like the old Irish proverb: "if you share your life with them, they will be like a friend who has a mirrored eye." When I shared my goals they always kept me on track. The proof is in the pudding & I'm part of that proof! I think five stars isn't enough!
By: dma1977
Goddess Dance Studio
Goddess Dance Studio is awesome!!!! After doing the Ultimate Workout for the first 4 1/2 months, I dropped 4 dress sizes! In the next two years to follow, I lost 4 more dress sizes and I'm in the best shape of my life! Even better shape then when I was in my 20's! The atmosphere is colorful, comfortable, tidy and fun. The goddess staff are forthright; they care about you and keep you accountable, focused and don't take no nonsense. I am thankful for these ladies, they've really changed my life.

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