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By: tantce
ATP Gun Shop & Range
The salesmen clearly don't care enough to pay attention to gun safety. One time I went there was an incident, and that same night a salesman I was talking to harped on gun safety to me and my boyfriend but then proceeded to dry fire pistols at his hand and sweep my boyfriend and I with the pistol.Ladies night is horrible. I had experience shooting before going to ladies night, and I know my way around a firearm. If this was anyone's first time shooting a gun I feel sorry for them. The way they taught us to grip the guns wasn't entirely wrong, but they didn't even mention making sure that the palm of your non-dominate hand was seated against the grip. Safety rules were mentioned, but not very well followed as the instructor swept me (and the girl beside me) with her pistol a few times. Instead of teaching you to eject your magazine with your dominate hand (and subsequently adjusting your grip), they taught you to use your other hand to eject the magazine. The same thing goes with the safety. Basically, they dumbed the class down for ladies which I almost find offensive. (Did I forget to mention that you're, apparently, suppose to rack the slide of your semi-automatic pistol with two fingers? Try that with your 9mm and see how it works for you.) A woman can learn to shoot any caliber and any hand gun, rifle, or shotgun that a man can, and she can learn to shoot it that same way a man does. Ladies night needs a serious over haul. Okay, yes, range time was super fun. You got 50 .22 LR rounds and got to shoot an SR-22 and a Ruger SP-101, but the class room time itself needs an overhaul. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from ATP right now. They are price gouging their guns and ammunition badly due to the shortage. Maybe once all of this mess is over they will have reasonable prices, but until then I will maybe use my 5 free range passes and go there to have a chance to handle different fire arms since they do have so many in stock constantly, but as far as buying anything from them I'm a definite no.
By: chasfreerider
ATP Gun Shop & Range
I purchased a new cz75bd Police on 1/7/2013. The female staff member that helped me was very helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable, I live in Moncks Corner and pass right by another gun shop because I was treated badly in the past by the owner. I have been dealing with ATP since the late 90's and never had any problems. Where else in Charleston can you walk in and there is a good chance they have what you want without having to order it. Also the price was just a little more than what I would have paid online, but I can hold it before I buy it online....
By: docd2012
ATP Gun Shop & Range
Wonderful place of bussiness. I live around an hour away and go as often as I can. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. The prices on the handguns are reasonable, may find slightly cheaper online but I would rather be able to handle the gun and not hassle with transfers.. One thing I love about ATP is the abilitly to try out many different handguns in their indoor ranges. This helps alot when stuck between 2 or 3 different guns. I have always had great experiences at ATP and will continue to go.
By: Paul M.
ATP Gun Shop & Range
poor customer service. how does atp stay open ? hire a bunch of high school drop outs and watch them stand behind the counter and avoid customers . they walk the other way when a customer comes to the counter or they stand in their little groups and ignore customers. i have even seen one old guy sleeping standing up behind the counter. is this place for real.
By: onearmbiker
ATP Gun Shop & Range
$100 nonrefundable deposit , pay in full 90 days after firearm arrives at the shop. Limited lifetime guarantee on all new and use firearms. Kollin is the most helpful salesman. My favorite place to shoot. Their ammo prices are kept low. Blood drives , toy drives , and all the empty brass casings are sold for charity. Twilight Onearmbiker
By: centralcj3
ATP Gun Shop & Range
I have received nothing but wonderful service every time I have gone to ATP. I took the CWP class there and felt completely comfortable & confident once I was finished with the class. Every one at ATP is very competent, extremely helpful, and always there to greet you with a smile when you walk in the doors.
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By: eagle29483
ATP Gun Shop & Range
Great customer service and knowledge for someone who is starting out. Will teach you step by step on operating and the shooting range requirements.

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