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By: James C.
Westbury Veterinary Clinic
Wish I could give it NEGATIVE STARS!We have been taking our dogs there for over 5 years. And Westbury's is not close to our home nor easy on our pocket book. One of my poor dogs is allergic to grass and chews her feet until they bleed, all day, every day. She has been on the same medication for it for 4 years now. We called in a refill, which keeps going up in price... but i digress, last week and they say it will be ready for pick-up the next day as usual. My wife goes out of her way to get the medicine the next day and they only give her a 4 day supply (we have always gotten a 21 day supply). She asked why only 4. They said that's all we can get until we pay to have a yearly exam!!! Why didn't anyone tell us that on the phone the day before? What if we did't have the money for all that within 4 days? Did I mention they are grossly expensive... way more than other vets! They are doing nothing but holding my dog's medicine hostage until I pay up!They could care less if my chihuahua chews her paws off!!! All they care about is $$$MONEY$$$! I clearly see now that they have absolutely NO compassion for animals. They would rather hold my dog's prescription hostage for hopes I fork over $ to them within 4 days, than to just ask me when would be convenient for me to schedule for my dogs annual check-up. Both my dogs are healthy, up to date on all their shots, we paid to have them microchipped, had teeth cleaned, etc.What's the moral of this story? Well I have an appointment for BOTH of my dogs to have an annual exam TOMORROW! Guess where... NOT AT WESTBURY'S!!! I promise that Westbury's will never get another penny from us, and I will gladly pass my 100% honest, first hand experience to anyone with a pet to deter them from that place. I've put up with the rude girls that answer the phones there for way too long anyway, and did I mention the high prices? So Westbury's did me a favor. Good day sir.
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By: Kellie S.
Westbury Veterinary Clinic
Wonderful staff and medical team. Dr. Austin and Dr. Jan have been wonderful with our pets. The doctors have always been knowledgeable of new proceedures and treatments and have helped my husband and I to make informed decisions. Price quotes are always discussed BEFORE any treatment is given. An itemized estimate is explained and discussed beforehand with an expected cost and any potential price increases. (Tooth extraction, pathology, extended anesthesia, etc.) These doctors are loving and caring as well as dedicated practitioners. I am so glad we found Westbury Animal Clinic.
By: Gayle B.
Westbury Veterinary Clinic
New owners have destroyed this clinic. Their price gouging isn't due to an increase in their costs. Our new vet's prices are half of Westbury prices. One month an abscess on one of our cats was $230. The following month this exact same procedure cost $550. Staff changes monthly. New technicians are poorly trained. One couldn't even apply flea treatment on one cat. After speaking with former employees they've told us how extremely unhappy they had been with their employment. Everytime we called we were put on hold. There is no longer a personal touch like Drs Miller and Greathouse provided. Everything is business-like and geared towards their profits. They insist on providing unnecessary procedures. We spend an average of 7 to 10 thousand dollars yearly on our pets' care. We have now transfered all 30 of our cats' records to Northwoods veterinary clinic where prices are reasonable and care is provided with a personal touch. When checking reviews please notice the marked difference between last year's reviews and this year's. Notice the drastic change to a decisive downward trend.
By: Toni A.
Westbury Veterinary Clinic
I could not possibly be more pleased with my recent experience at the Westbury Veterinary Clinic! We have an older rescue dog who had severe dental issues, and we took her to Dr. Pam at Westbury. When we saw the state of her teeth on the X-rays, it was heartbreaking. It's a wonder the poor little gal could eat at all with all the pain she must have been in! Dr. Pam, assisted by Malissa and Kim, removed all but her canine teeth as they could not be saved, and polished up those four remaining teeth until they sparkled. She is now a happy little dog and no longer in pain. The care and compassion shown by the Westbury staff was top notch, as was the service we received. Thanks to EVERYONE at Westbury!!
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By: Eflanda ..
Carolina Boarding Kennels Carolina Boarding & Training Kennel
My dogs have stayed here numerous times & I can't be happier. I used this kennel years ago, when it was run by the current owner/manager's father. It's just as good, it not better. About 4/5 years ago, someone else took over the kennel, & from what I understand, Andy, the current owner/manager, has worked long & hard to build it back up to what it was under his father. He has succeeded beyond expectations! Kennels are cleaned 3 times a day, dogs are given ample play time, dogs are fed at a scheduled time & always have clean water. No smells, fleas, or any other problems like I have found when dealing with other kennels. The price is more than fair. If meds need to be administered, no problem...if you need to pick them up later than expected, no problem...JUST PERFECT!!!
By: William andy R.
Carolina Boarding Kennels Carolina Boarding & Training Kennel
hey,if you don't stop by,you and your dog will miss out . they are good. dogs have lots of free room and they can see out side all the tine. they live on site!! it is not a strip mall where your dog is locked up for ten fifteen hour, befor some one comes in. old stile kenneling but first class care hey yea they go back to the 50"s wilh dogs.!!
By: Gregg K.
Icehouse Restaurant
Super awesome. Service, food, atmosphere. Original recipes. Don't cut yourself short by not eating here.
By: 143buddy
Carolina Boarding Kennels Carolina Boarding & Training Kennel
I have a 1 year old pitbull named Buddy who I thought I was not going to to be able to keep him because he was really rough with the kids, always chewing everything up, and ever since he was 8 weeks old we could not get him to walk properly on a leash. He was the one dragging us. I've tried to personal trainers that Came to my house. One of them used the clicker method and charge $75 for 30 minutes and the other used the positive reinforcement training and she charged $90 for 60 minutes. All they did was come over and tell me to continue with what I was already doing. Since none of that worked I decided that to call around to check different boot camps and training kennels but they all were asking around $2500 which was definitely out of the question. So I really felt like there was no hope. Then one day I was at work and I saw the ad for Carolina Kennel, so I called and spoke with Andy. A couple days later I was on my way to drop my Buddy off. When I first got there I tried very hard to find a clue or a reason as to why I didn't want to leave my dog there, but I couldn't find anything. The place was very well kept considering how many dogs he had and there was no smell, all of the dogs he had were in great shape. So I had to come to my senses and accept the fact that my dog needs to be here. Well it's been 3 months since Buddy has been home and he is a brand new dog. I can walk him on and/or off a leash, we don't have to tie him up to the fence when our kids are having a birthday party, when you tell home to sit, stay, lay down and everything else he does it and you don't have to ask him twice. I am very thankful to have found Carolina Boarding Kennel because if it weren't for them I probably would not have been able to keep my dog. I will tell you this... Turning around and walking away from my dog the day that I dropped him off was like having my heart broken, it was by far one of the hardest things I had to do. But it was really worth it and if I had to do it all over again I would do it in a heart beat. Because after all what good is having a friend that you can't even enjoy. Last but not least when you meet Andy (the trainer) and you see the way he interacts with these dogs and she the dedication and the time that spends training, and up keeping his facility you will know he is passionate about what he does and how much he cares not just for his companions but yours as well.
By: jeanwhetzel09
Westbury Petcare Center
Very clean, and doesn't smell like animals. Very nice people as well!
By: silentobserver
Breck's Place At The Ice House
Such a relaxed environment, great drinks, awesome bartenders and even better prices! Love playing foosball and virtual bowling, just an all around cool spot
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Pet owners usually sign a waiver stating that any injury or illness a dog suffers while at daycare is the responsibility of the owner. However, most facilities carry liability insurance and pet business insurance in the event of a serious incident. To prevent illness, facilities are strict about requiring proof of vaccination and general health from a veterinarian prior to accepting a dog. However, in an off-leash setting, scuffles or fights might occur. Reputable facilities will often hire vet assistants who can treat minor injuries and under-the-weather dogs.  For anything more serious, a good daycare should make it a priority to get the dog to a vet, and get in immediate contact with the owner.

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