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By: Renee G.
Above and Beyond Auto
Today was an eye opener for me, after coming off the interstate ( 100 miles from home with my 70 year old mother and 2 children) with no brakes, realizing my whole family could have been killed, a tow truck driver (from Davis Towing who was very nice by the way) brings me, my mom and my 2 children to THIS SHOP. I already knew what was wrong, why I had no brakes due to the caliber coming completely off the rotor and that it was a simple fix, BUT still, I was from out of town and they could have charged me whatever they wanted and there was nothing I could do. Took about 2 hours to get it fixed, then this owner brings me my keys. I get up to "settle" my bill, and the young man shakes his head, and says "dont worry about the bill, just have a safe trip back home". This man could have so very easily taken advantage of me, but instead he gave me a blessing. The staff was INCREDIBLY FRIENDLY, shop was clean, they even had a reclining couch in the waiting room. THANK YOU,
By: O.w. C.
Gralin Hampton Auto Sales
It's sad that we usually don't write positive experiences, so today I made an effort to make sure that I did! Gralin Hampton is the best! Sadly, I've read people who have struggled to make payments and are blaming him for that? I can only speak from my own experience. My parents bought my first car from him and I've bought 2 from him as an adult! Never EVER HAVE WE HAD ANY PROBLEMS! He is kind and wouldn't let me buy a vehicle that he knew would over extend me, but made sure I was in a car I loved at a price I could afford at this juncture in my life. He does have some luxury vehicles that I pray one day I can buy and I will only buy from HIM! He is a man of God and it was evident to me in all of our many interactions. There is a lifelong customer in me!
By: Alejandra K.
American Federal Auto
I shopped all over the web, papers and different dealerships. American Federal Auto, no question has the best deals. Not only was there pricing lower than other places, there cars were nicer too! The people there were much more pleasant to deal with than other places, and took the time with me to get ME in the best car for ME! Bottom line is these guys WILL help you ( even when your credit is totaly in the drain ) and not make you feel like second class citizens just because you might not be in the best credit cituation with not very much down right now. OH! if Chris Howard is available, make sure you get his help! I love American Federal Auto for what they did for me!!
By: Gloria C.
Above and Beyond Auto
Great place - very trust worthy! My car was brought to Ricky after a previous mechanic could not figure out the problem. The mechanic had my car towed to Ricky as a last result. Above & Beyond received my car's engine completely torn apart, pieces and parts of the engine were literally in the trunk. Ricky and his team put my car back together piece by piece and had it running within 5 days after receiving it. They made sure there were no issues before they handed back over. I have now found a mechanic I can trust and have returned since then for them to service my other car. Finally, I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of.
By: clifford.wayne.taylor
I took my 1996 Ram 1500 which was in very bad shape to Car Pros Plaza. They sanded, repaired rust, put on a new bumper and made that truck shine. Linda and John told me to bring truck back in 30 and only wash it with car wash, cloth, and not to put any wax or brush to the paint. I did they instructed and took the Red Ram back to them. All blems were then completely repaired and they buffed it. Some touchup was done and the result was AWESOME. Felt like I'd been "Overhauled". Art takes a little time and patience. Let John's team of professionals go and you will be satisfied too. Yes I will use them again and recommend them highly.
By: ajobfairy
Above and Beyond Auto
Above and Beyond is the perfect name for this team of professionals! I drive an Infiniti G35 that needed some major repairs and it would have cost me thousands of $$ if I had taken it to the dealership. Let's just say they were a fraction of the price, and a thousand times the quality of work! They made my experience so effortless, they had it ready for me fast and it runs amazing AND it came with a free warranty on the work! They truly went out of their way to help me in my situation. It is so refreshing to find a hometown mechanic that is honest and trustworthy! You can rely on Above and Beyond, they won't disappoint!!
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By: Laura P.
Import Service Center Inc
Wonderful experience with Import Service Center!I dropped my Honda Civic off to replace a bad wheel bearing. I was standing outside to call a taxi, and Bill offered to take me home! (about 12 min drive) Not expected at all, but very much appreciated.When it was done the next afternoon, I paid over the phone and they left my car out front with the receipt inside because I didn't get off work until after closing.They also did a follow up phone call to make sure everything was ok.Ill be coming back here, and so will my fiancé when we ever need repairs again.THANK YOU ISC!
By: possumjr
Edwards Automotive
I want to thank Darryl over at Darryls Transmission. I had a problem with my vehicle and they diagnosed right over the phone, when i got there it was dead on accurate, and was very reasonable in the price. What I thought was a transmission problem, come to find out it was a engine miss fire. What I thought would of been a 2000.00 job it was only a 150.00 They are quick and very professional when it comes to quality service at a really great price. Thanks again Darryl!!!
By: Jesse R.
Gralin Hampton Auto Sales
I read the reviews and noticed that only people who have issues, from their perspective, have posted. I have been purchasing cars from the owner for about 30 years, even before he owned a dealership. I have always found him to be honest and approachable. The cars I have purchased have been in great condition and the price has been equitable or lower than other dealerships. I would highly recommend this business if you are serious about purchasing a vehicle.
By: Parke M.
Pit Stop Service Center
Fantastic experience from the time I walked in the door until the time I picked my F-150 up. Professional quote and terrific follow through. Had much much higher quotes elsewhere for the dreaded plug change on a 2006 F-150. Saved me at least $600 by going here. Recommend you speak to Corey, fantastic technician and extremely knowledgeable. The shop was also one of the most emaculate service centers I ever visited. Five stars from me across the board
Tips & Advices
By law, you need to be insured up to the minimum amount required in your state before getting behind the wheel of any car. Beyond that, your insurance needs will vary depending on your financial situation and the amount of risk you are willing to take on.
  • Full or comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive, but often the best deal for drivers who own an expensive car, those who commute frequently or anyone who lives in an area with extreme weather or high crime rates.
  • Drivers of less expensive or older cars usually save more by opting for the minimum required policy, along with some extra coverage if they can afford it. Since the cost of repairs might exceed the total value of an older vehicle, some owners forgo collision protection in favor of greater liability coverage or personal injury coverage.
If someone other than you causes an accident while driving your car, most insurance policies will still pay for damage, according to the rules that apply. However, it’s a good idea to check with the insurance provider to be sure this is the case. Regardless, either the at-fault driver or the actual policyholder will be responsible for paying for anything not covered by insurance. People who don’t own a car but frequently borrow or rent one might consider purchasing a non-owner policy to make up the difference.
Car insurance premiums might be tax deductible in certain situations, but only with the documentation to prove it. Insurance costs may be deducted as part of overall business expenses if you use that car for work-related travel. However, this does not generally apply to taxpayers who use the standard deduction when filing their income tax returns. If your car is used for business purposes often, save all insurance-related documentation, as well as receipts, invoices and other forms of proof that your vehicle expenses were for business purposes.
Car insurers set premium prices depending on every driver’s individual risk. A huge number of details are factored into every determination of insurance risk, so the cost of any two policies can vary widely depending on the driver’s personal attributes, accident history, location, vehicle type and much more. The type of coverage you choose also impacts what you pay - premiums for minimal liability coverage will almost always be lower than those of a universal coverage policy.
The cost of car insurance is highly variable, but according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, U.S. motorists pay around $900 per year on auto insurance.

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