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    I was a tattoo virgin until today... I had researched best tattoo artist in Summerville and viewed Tim's portfolio and reviews and KNEW he was the artist I wanted for the one signature tattoo I envisi

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By: Angela P.
Artistic Ink
Prior to writing this review, I thought Artistic Ink was a decent shop. The employees' unprofessionalism is what deserves a two star rating.I worked with artist, Nick Bishop, to sketch and place the first tattoo in a half-sleeve. He did clean and meticulous work, but over-promised and under-delivered the progress he could make in a six hour sitting. At first this wasn't a concern, because overall the work was good.I called several times as a follow-up once my tattoo healed. I asked the receptionist (MaryAnn) to tell Nick to give me a call to discuss how long it would take to wrap up the piece. I received zero call backs from Nick and no updates from MaryAnn. Still, this wasn't a huge deal. Finally, I had a second appointment scheduled... or at least I thought I did. I arrived 20 minutes early and Nick wasn't there. No one in the shop knew what was going on, so I left. While in the car I received a call from...dun dun dunnnn...MaryAnn. She had the nerve to inform me I misunderstood the appointment she organized. What? Excuse me. No. You're just an idiot. I guess they didn't care about the $600+ cash (no credit/debit accepted) I was planning to spend during my second appointment to finish up one tattoo. They also didn't seem to remember I was planning a half sleeve.Unless you're planning to get work done in one sitting, don't risk the annoyance due to unprofessionalism. Find a shop who doesn't hire idiots, is consistent in their service and cares about your overall experience. I'm taking my business elsewhere.
By: nolieshere
Ivory Tiger Tattoo
Dennis does an excellent job, if you go to this business request him. However, the owner did my last tat and it is a disaster. The lines are shakey, the whole thing is crooked, the color doesn't come all the way to the edges, he is VERY heavy handed and drilled way too deep in most areas, and in other areas he barely left a mark. Within an hour when I took the paper towel bandage off, my skin was bright red and burning. I left the place with an infection- there is no way I did that to myself. I went to another artist to see about getting it fixed and he just laughed at me. What REALLY burns me is Ray had to have known this wasn't his best work and should have made it right. There is no way I could put a tat like that on someone and still charge them for it. I would feel terrible that they are stuck with a tat that looks like this one does. And it seems a bit shady that as soon as he was finished he covered it up without even letting me look at it. He knew he did a terrible job. I will NEVER recommend this place.
By: Kimberly P.
Roses & Ruins Tattoo
I love Roses & Ruins! Every time someone asks me where I get my tattoos done, or if I can recommend a tattoo shop, I always say Roses & Ruins. Each and every artist is beyond amazing. They are by far the most helpful and friendly artists, in my opinion. I've never been more pleased with the outcome of any tattoo, than I am when I come out of there. They are also really affordable with their prices and try to work with you so you can get the exact tattoo you want, without breaking the bank. I've had the pleasure of having both Brandon and Betsy tattoo me and they are both phenomenal artists! I've never been unhappy with any detail in any of my seven tattoos that they have both done. I will continue to recommend this shop to any needing new ink. :)
By: emily.richards.9822
Roses & Ruins Tattoo
Best tattoo shop I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. Not pretensious or rude to new or potential clients. The most friendly staff and team of artists. It's always a fun time getting work done here, no matter who you're artist is. Bc this crew is a family and they like to have fun. For those getting intensive work done, R&R has a ton of art & intriguing stuff to look at to keep your mind occupied and focused. Kevin Vanwaye has carefully chosen his team and it shows! You will not be disappointed in this group. It's also great to see an awesome lineup of talented ladies throwing down some ink in Charleston. (Love to Miss Betsy!) Can't wait for the new shop. Now go show them some love.
By: a1c.daniel
Artistic Ink
I got my tattoo done by Tim Brown back in December while I was home for Christmas. After returning to my base a bunch of my friends asked me where I got my tattoo done at, for they wanted to same guy to do theirs. Tim's nice clean lines and attention to detail in his work speaks for themselves. I actually got a touch up done today and Tim still remembers me (even after only meeting me once months ago). He's very enthusiastic about his work which makes me want to keep coming back for more. He's very well mannered and has a good taste in humor that puts some of my military friends to shame.
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By: Its me, E.
Premier Body Piercing
I just got my belly button pierced by Kara and she was awesome! I definitely recommend her and Premier Piercing. I was really scared and nervous and she made me feel really relaxed and comfortable and made my piercing close to painless! They also had a huge sale going on so pretty much knocked half off of the price of the piercing I was expecting to have to pay much more than I did. She also asked what kind of music I listened to and played it in the shop while I was getting pierced. It was a great experience doing business with them. :)
By: susan.wimbley
Artistic Ink
I was a tattoo virgin until today... I had researched best tattoo artist in Summerville and viewed Tim's portfolio and reviews and KNEW he was the artist I wanted for the one signature tattoo I envisioned. I wanted a blue morpho butterfly to symbolize metamorphosis, of my life after the death of my husband... And the rekindling of my faith. The beauty of the artwork was way beyond my wildest hopes..... This very mature lady will treasure the experience and making a new friend. God Bless.
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By: Stacie G.
Exotic Impressions
We are from north carolina and visit my brother multiple times a year in cCharleston.This trip we brought our niece with us. She decides she wants her nose pierced so we decided to check out exotic impressions in summerville. Immediately when we walked in, the staff were super nice and answered any questions we had. And of course being a protective aunt, I was looking around for the cleanliness and how they done the piercing. I give this place 10 stars. Great service and super clean.
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By: Stephanie S.
Ivory Tiger Tattoo
I'm from Cali and when I moved to Charleston I kept looking for an artist that was good enough to do the same quality of work that I had gotten done back home in San Fran and heard about Joshua from a friend. The quality of the tattoos he has done on me are actually better than the work I have from 4 different artists and I love them! I'm amazed by the man! He is now the only person who will ever tattoo me and I would recommend him to everyone.
By: henryschein
Exotic Impressions
I've been pierced in shops all along the East Coast, and Exotic Impressions is the most impressive I have encountered. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have a huge selection of jewelry and they always have someone available to answer questions about sizes and material. They will even change it out for free! I wont get pierced any place else now. I trust them, and they've never let me down.

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