By: camellia.rains
Allied Pet Crematory
Late spring I lost my fur baby Voodoo. He was my beloved black cat that I've had since he was a kitten. We shared 18 years of our lives together. For months his health was declining. Soon, I knew the end was coming. I spent all my free time with him for and was his nurse maid and companion for the last three days he lived. I never left his side for more than five minutes because he had given so much love to me I was afraid of him dying alone. I sang to him and petted and comforted him until his very last breath. Needless to say I fell to pieces afterwards. I knew that my family and I want to have him with us always so the week leading up to his death I researched where I could take him to be cremated. Time and time again, Allied Pet Crematory's name came up. The reviews were wonderful and consistent. I would take him there. I called the morning after he died and the lady who answered was very comforting and patient. I went that very morning to take Voodoo on his last ride to the crematory. The office is small but comforting. The people were kind and sympathetic. I chose the type of box I wanted and paid the bill, which was very reasonably priced. After a few minutes a gentleman came and escorted me to where the cremation would take place. We chatted a bit and he answered any and all questions I had. He gave me a few minutes to say good bye to my boy. I placed him on the conveyer belt myself and watched him go in. They have a nice waiting room with a fridge and cold drinks, a TV, magazines and a wall unit fireplace. We talked some more and I asked why he started this business and he said because he was unhappy with the cold and impersonal service that he received when he had to cremate his own pets. He wanted something better. He did just that. He created an environment where you are free to mourn the loss of your pet without the cold detachment you get at vet offices. You know for a fact that the ashes you get back are indeed your pets and not a mixture. You get to take your pet home with you that very same day. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you choose. I have never experienced customer service like this with any pet cremation I've had to do before. This is a wonderful business that treats you like family and is there for you when you need it the most. I cannot recommend them enough. The service I received here helped me during an incredibly difficult and sad time for my family. When the time comes for you to say good bye to your beloved pets, I recommend coming here and nowhere else. Thank you Allied Pet Crematory for everything: for your help, your patience and your understanding. Bless you.
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By: Simplemente P.
Allied Pet Crematory
I rarely write a review, unless is a very bad one, or a extremely good one... and this one is extremely well deserved.Our beloved baby bunny passed away during the night, after agonizing for about 10 min in my hands. We were so heartbroken and tired. Search for a pet crematory, is not an easy task.. we live in San Jose, and amazingly, we couldn't find anything around here that would fit our needs, we were looking for a private same day (right away) services. All places I called had a 2 weeks waiting list, I would have to drop in my baby bunny and the aches would be sent to my door step within another 2 weeks, or a very high price of $350 to have it done within a couple days (not even for the same day). So I decide to call Allied crematory in Fairfield, despite we're 1.5 hours away. And no regrets. My call was answer right after the first ring, I got all the information I needed and after a minute my appointment was booked at noon.. when we got there, Bernnet, the receptionist was very kind and friendly. She had the paper work for me, ready to be signed. 5 min later, Dave, greeting us very warmly and respectful, while receiving our baby bunny.He was so compassionate towards us and delicate towards our "baby" .He tried to comfort my girls, he made them smile. That I feel so thankful to have found them, that the drive all the way to Fairfield, was well worthy.We got there at noon and driving back home by 12:45 with our baby, in a little cedar box on our lap, with a bittersweet feeling, sadness for our loss, and happy for the way we were treated.Highly recommended!!!!-Esperanza G.
By: kathrineub
Allied Pet Crematory
Yesterday I had to use Allied Pet Crematory for the second time in a few months. I am so grateful that I found out about them from my pet store. Both times I took my beloved cats, Fia and Simon, to the vet to be put down because of severe illness. I walked out of the vets office with my babies in my arms and drove right over to Allied Pet Crematory and put them right in to the crematory myself. I had to wait about 45 minutes and Ralph and I got their remains out and put in a pretty little wooden box each time. It has been beyond comforting to be able to bring them back home again the same day. I have had to put some pets down before and I had to leave them at the vets office in the freezer for "pick-up day" by Bubbling Wells in Napa( who by the way do all their cremations on Peabody Road here in Fairfield). About 2 weeks later I would get a little box with the cremains of my pet and I always, and still wonder, if it really was my cat in those boxes. I am truly grateful for the service and the way I have been treated by Ralph and his staff. And, it cost me less than the other cremations. Thank you for caring so deeply and for the service.
By: achechile
Allied Pet Crematory
These people get it!!! As a die hard dog lover and pet owner, when I had to say goodbye to my bullmastiff, Wilson, aka Piggy after 11 years, it was traumatic enough but to worry about where I would bring him to be cremated in the dignified way he lived, we'll, that was the last thing on my mind,,,, However, I had enough notice as to research where I would take his earthly body for final resting.... They are dog lovers and great people that made a more than difficult time a bit more bearable...The loving way they treating my best friend and us was way more than I expected... I had choices on where to go for this final phase of Wilson's life, but I am so glad I took him there... I will bring my furry friends there always..... I know the animal will be treated with love and respect and I will always feel a loving touch at the end of a really bad day.....
By: cyril.hinds
Allied Pet Crematory
I called at 8 in the morning and was able to have my cat friend cremated by 1 that afternoon. I was able to place her body in the crematory myself and to see clearly that I would be receiving only her ashes. They have a very nice waiting area. It took less than an hour. It is unfortunate that the business is located in a small industrial park and that the noise from the businesses next door are clearly heard in the waiting area. But the customer service was very sensitive and thoughtful. I was in no way was pressured or encouraged to spend more money for added services or products, although those are available. I'd heard that other places it took up to 2 weeks! to have a pet cremated and that customers are even told straight up that your pet would be cremated with other pets and the returned ashes would be a mixture!
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By: Heather J.
Allied Pet Crematory
Tammy Ables & Allied Pet Crematory was EXACTLY what I needed when I lost my beloved, tuxedo-wearing, 16 year old kitty, Booger, a few years ago. Sadly, I needed their services about a year & a half later when Booger's brother & my buddy, Friday, joined her after sharing 19 wonderful years with me. I could not recommend Allied Pet Crematory more! When I hear of people losing their babies, it brings back memories (& tears), but I immediately think of my positive experience with this family-run business. Thank you so much for your labor of love!
By: thunderbolt128
Allied Pet Crematory
After 12 short years we lost our family dog Brutus to cancer. My wife and I were beyond consolement after our loss. We called a pet creamatory in Napa and wasn't satisfied with the services. We almost felt that we were being pressured into services we didn't need. Upon called Allied Pet Creamatory, they gave us complete peace of mind. Their services offered were exactly what my wife and I had in mind. The staff was comforting and professional and they took care of all of our needs. Thanks again to Allied Pet Creamatory!
By: lulah.bit
Allied Pet Crematory
We lost our Beloved Little Dog early Saturday morning. Even with a heavy heart I had to make arrangements. I found Allied Pet Cremation on the internet and even at 12am they answered the phone and was able to set up an appointment to have our baby boy cremated that very morning and was able to take him home right away. Ralph was compassionate. Understood what we were going thru. This place is highly recommended. Thank you so much.
By: bill.cain.710
Allied Pet Crematory
Allied Pet Crematory is the "go to" place for that uneasy separation with the passing away of a beloved pet. Ralph and his family-owned business were caring and compassionate. They are also prompt and professional! I not only recommend their pet crematory services, but will consider their other business services in the future.Thank you Ables family for your willingness and ability to make a sad decision a good one.
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By: Rodney K.
Allied Pet Crematory
We lost 13 year old Bella last night. Which lead to a lot of lost sleep. We had an appt. to take her 14 lb plus self for cremation services (the first time we had done this for a pet.) Within 2 hrs. We picked up a beautiful cedar box with her ashes. The people there were very warm and empathetic. Thank you Allied Pet. Margie & Rod Keck
Tips & Advices
A scatter garden is a dedicated plot of land that is used for scattering remains after cremation has taken place. Many pet scatter gardens allow you to memorialize your pet by adding your pet's name to a marker.
Many pet cemeteries offer memorial services, and some offer in-house chapels that can be used as a venue for these events. Pet cemeteries sometimes offer pet funeral directors on staff to help you coordinate memorial services. You many also plan memorial services for your pet by working with a pet funeral home.
Most pet cemeteries require that pets be buried in a casket, and these facilities often offer a wide variety of caskets for sale. A pet casket  can cost anywhere from $50 for a basic model to more than $3,000 for one that is top of the line.
If a pet dies while at the veterinarian, you have the option of letting your vet handle the disposition of your pet's remains. If you'd prefer to have your pet buried or cremated at the facility of your choice, let your veterinarian know.. You can then contact the facility to have them pick up your pet's body. Your vet may be able to suggest a pet cemetery or crematory if you need a recommendation.
If a pet dies at home, it's important to make swift arrangements to handle the remains, since your pet's body will immediately begin to decompose. You don't have to handle the body yourself. Many pet cemeteries and crematories offer 24/7 removal services for tackling this task.

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