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By: Gerry F.
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
After being ill for a few weeks - because I have cough variant asthma - I thought my symptoms were worse, because of allergies. I had completed antibiotics & was almost done with the Prednisone, but I kept getting worse. My cough was horrible. My husband took me to Methodist Sugar Land ER 4/22/17 at 10:00am - we only waited 10-minutes before going back into ER room. We were so impressed by the staff - from the ER Dr, Nurse, CT/X-Ray tech to all those aids who helped check me out. They found I had developed pneumonia - aggravated by a viral infection (similar to a 'cold'), but since my lungs were weak - the pneumonia took over. They had me in my room before 2:00pm - hooked up to antibiotics, fluids, and steroids, etc. immediately. I have been admitted into multiple hospitals through-out my life - for childbirth, surgeries, etc., but I have never been more pleased with my care. Absolutely, everyone was attentive, caring, open about my treatment, what they were doing whenever they came into my room and my progress. I loved all of the doctors on my case. After spending 5-days/4-nights there - I can truly say, in the future - I will never go anywhere else. The hospital - ER & my room - were immaculate. The only complaint - which is not their fault - was I was placed on a 'heart healthy' diet, but I understand...when in the hospital, you are not there for fine dining. I will continue going to my assigned Pulmonary Doctor for follow up - he helped get me well. Thank you, Methodist Hospital Sugar Land, for getting me home and on the road to recovery.
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By: myvelasq1
Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital
I love having this app in hand, anytime anywhere i can find what i need.
By: Kim R.
Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital
I have been to Sugar Land Methodist Hospital both as inpatient and as an admit. Because of an autoimmune disease I have been in several hospitals in the med center. Sugar Land Methodist by far is the best hospital. The nursing staff is top notch in caring for patients. The emergency room is fast and efficient. The doctors are fantastic. The patient rooms are beautiful and it feels like you are in a hotel room instead of a sterile room. It is simply the best.
Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital
I took a friend in for a scheduled surgery, I was very impressed of how helpful the nurses were and all the staff very nice. Can't say anything bad at all
By: Jay F.
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
My Emergency Room experience was terrible! I came in for 3pm and waited in the waiting room until 5:30pm when an assistant person FINALLY came out and said sorry for the wait but we don't have any rooms available. My emergency was urgent as well as the others waiting before me and we were all put on hold for a kid who had scraped her knee and just needed band aids. The screening process is terrible. When I finally got to a room I waited another hour to see someone while the nurses all laughed, joked, and played around at the nurses station, one nurse even walked around introducing her mom to the staff. After I finally got done and time to discharge (time now 7:45) the money collected guy comes in and forces/bullies me to not only pay the $100 co-pay but a 1,000 dollar bill as well that after paying explains that I could have just paid the 100. By this time I'm so angry and fed up with Methodist Sugar Land I left furious and thought "no wonder people show up to hospitals and go crazy on the staff" they don't care about the patients AT ALL. And in my many visits to different hospitals METHODIST HOSPITAL IN SUGAR LAND TEXAS IS THE WORST PLACE TO GO. I RECOMMEND IT NO ONE EVER.
By: goodfooood
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
I could not believe how bad the whole experience was. I made the appointment online. Then as instructed faxed the order and insurance information to the fax number given to me. I called to make sure the fax was received. I was told everything was received and in order. I called back 2 additional times last week to verify that there was nothing else needed. I got a call the day before the mri from the hospital to verify the appointment. At that time I was told again that everything was in order and they wanted me to pay in advance. It sounded strange to pay first, but I said I would. Looking at my Cigna site for mri cost the pricing was 375.00 to 460.00 at the highest place. I was told the cost to me after insurance was $885.00. Completely over the top, but since I needed the procedure I agreed and paid. This is when everything got really bad. I show up 45 minutes early as asked. There is no one there, just a sign saying they will be back. I wait 20 minutes to have someone come out and tell me I have to go up front and check in first. I go to the front of the hospital and there is no one at the main booth or any of the check in desks. After waiting over ten minutes with other people that are waiting to be helped I go back to the mri center and ask if she would please page someone to come help me. I finally find someone return to her desk. She tells me that they cannot perform my mri because the referring doctor is "not on her list".I asked why that when during the several phone calls and confirming that everything was in order that no one told me there was any problems. I can't believe I was even asked to pay in advance for something they were never planning to do anyway. I asked for a refund of the money I spent. I was told they could not give me my money back until I call the billing department Monday. With no other options I logged in to my Cinga site and called another place on the list and got right in within an hour. As a note they couldn't figure why you were so expensive, when they only charged me $400 for the MRI. I felt treated as number, not person. I was shocked how disorganized the hospital was and badly I was treated.
By: sunnysunset
Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
The medical staff is good, however the billing and adminstration people are dishonest, crooks and liars.I was in the sugar land hospital for a minor procedure, admitted at 7 am and released at 3 pm the same day, this is also shown on hospital discharge papers. They billed me for one night stay which was a fraud. I talked to so many people there including the billing, and everytime, I was told, they see that I did not stay there the night, they will correct the mistake, however they never did.I also talked to administrative manager at Sugarland, she looked at the papaerwork I showed and said it is definately their mistake and she will correct it and sorry for the mistake. After a few weeks when I followed up she changed her story completely and said the billing was right and no change will be done.What a bunch of liars and crooks... DO NOT go to this hospital as they are dishonest people without any ethics.
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