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By: bpc111
Wu's Fine Violins
When Mr. Wu says, "Every bridge must be made specifically for each instrument", this could seem rather confusing, because you see him immediately holding the bridge in his hand that he says he'll put on violin. lol What he's holding is actually just the bridge blank. This must then have its feet shaved down to exactly match the specific curvature of your violin top. Then he has to cut the correct slope towards the E string. Followed by sanding the bridge to the correct thickness and may even paint on a hardener. Last, he must re-position the sound post (may even have to cut a new one)to compliment the new bridge. Bottomline. There's a lot more going on in that back room than most customers realize. And if any of these components are made incorrectly or not positioned just right, your violin is going to sound dead.

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