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By: my2cents4u2c
Bella-Deur Bridal
After reading reviews on wedding wire, I was so excited to visit this shop. However, I left without that excitement and am still quite embarrassed. I hate to write this, but our salesperson removed any joy of going into the shop, and even if I got excited about a dress, did little to her stoic demeanor. That said, she did pull the dresses we chose. Yet, it was so unprofessional.She LEFT THE DOOR OPEN the ENTIRE time I tried on dresses in a thong and bra. Anyone walking into the shop could see me. I like my friends, but they, nor I, wanted them to see me struggling to get in and out of dresses with views of my rear and stomach. It was quite embarassing. And, AFTER she put on the first dress in front of them, she asked if I minded if the door was open...and she asked IN FRONT OF THEM!?!?!? So, I'm supposed to say no with them 2 feet away? So, um, sure. Plus, my guests never got the "wow" moment of me walking out since they'd seen her take it off hanger, put it on, clamp it, etc while I was hanging out of it and what little I had on. Looking back, I wish I would have been rude to my friends and said no, but she was rude to even suggest leaving it open and to ask me in front of them. I have looked at several places and have NEVER experienced this anywhere else. Plus, anyone walking in the store would have seen way more of me than they needed to! Another thing that bothered me, her only comments were if dresses were "flattering." Lady, I know what I have and don't have. When trying on a dress I'm spending thousands for, I don't want to hear the word "flattering." That is something that may not bother you, but it bothered me so I'm including it in this review.I also heard another consultant giving a hard sell to some poor girl. I almost felt bad for the girl who clearly, had not looked around to realize she did not have to make a decision right then and there.The positives? The shop is very pretty, with a botique feel and they let you walk through and look at the dresses. Some shops will not let you look through them personally. They had several designers, a nice variety, decent prices.
By: plm1983
David's Bridal
I meet with Sonia in the alteration department, she worked me in to a tight schedule. She is by far amazing. Very attentive. It's was busy but she make sure to check up on me while I waited. My dress is coming out amazing. She is the only person handling me dress which is great. So grateful to have meet Sonia and wait to pick up my dress.
By: Ems E.
Bella-Deur Bridal
Great Customer Service, love the dress. Unfortunately, the lady measure my daughter totally wrong (over street clothes), the dress was therefor two sizes too large, resulting in an additional alternation fee of $1200.00, making the cost of the wedding dress over $3K. Not too good and disappointing to say the least.
By: 4ever1
Bella-Deur Bridal
Great place, great selection and most helpful staff. I found my Dress here after shopping around several shops in Houston. I felt like the Belladeur staff actually listened to what I wanted and my Consultant pulled the perfect dress that got me in tears. Great place in general!

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