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By: Lindsay Z.
Laurel Tavern
I met up here with some friends a couple weeks ago for a girls night out birthday celebration. Very cute little bar. We got there around 7:30 and we sat at a little table inside. There is seating at the bar and also tables inside and a small outdoor area. We had to place out order at the bar and then there was a little confusion about whether they were going to bring the drinks to the table or if we had to go back to the bar. They did bring them to the table along with the appetizers we ordered. I had a Texas Mule which was okay, and then I switched to beer. Try the Scrimshaw pilsner. Very good and smooth. After about an hour a very friendly waitress started coming around to the tables so we didn't have to go order at the bar anymore. I also had a grilled cheese with tomatoes which was delicious. By about 10:00 the place was getting very crowded and we were all ready to go, as we are all parents and 10:00 is late for us. Lol!One more thing about the parking situation. It is valet parking for $5. I recommend using uber because it's starts to get a little crazy on Ventura and plus if you're drinking it's probably the best option.
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By: Bianca H.
The Six Restaurant
This restaurant was decent. We went on a busy friday night and did not have reservations. We only waited about half an hour and were seated by the very nice hostess. On fridays they have live music on the patio but we could not really hear it inside the small restaurant, which is nice if you want to talk while having dinner. They seemed busy so our hostess took our drink order. The server was hard to find and hardly paid attention to us. We had the mac and cheese appetizer (delicious but pricey), the turkey pot pie with bone marrow (very very bland for $25), and a truffle mushroom pizza (tasty but no sauce??). Overall it was a pleasant experience, but it's definitely overpriced and the food is very bland. They use quality ingredients but there's just something missing.
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By: michikotamura
The Six Restaurant
I read an article about this restaurant on a magazine and wanted to try for a long time and when I saw a Travelzoo deal, I thought I got to try this. Went here on Sunday early evening and the place was almost empty. We sat outside patio and the ambiance was nice. The service was excellent.For appetizers, we had turkey sliders and Mac & Cheese, and for entrees, we had steak and organic chicken. All of them were so good! And my favorite of the night was dessert, s'more with chocolate. It was so good! We also had a glass of red wine and it was also great.Overall, I really enjoy the food and with the Travelozoo certificate, it was a really good deal. But as much as I loved this place, I'm not too sure if I would come back to this place to pay the full price.
By: thecircleh
Delicous food and an awesome atmosphere. Not too trendy, yet hip and cool. mostly outdoor seating in a protected courtyard. Parking is valet only unless you want to blow a half hour finding a spot. Speaking of finding . . . very hard to see as its heavily ivy covered. to make matters worse, there another place a block away that is also ivy covered and looks similar. Call for a reservation and you will NOT be disappointed. Try the artichoke as an app and the pork chop (2 inches thick!!! ) for dinner.
By: lauren71
Artisan Cheese Gallery
Artisan Cheese Gallery is a casual restaurant that serves fresh salads, interesting sandwiches, cheese and meat plates, and wine by the bottle and by the glass.The food is exceptional. I've tried most of the items on the menu. There isn't one clunker.They have jazz music on some weekends, and there is patio seating available. You order at the counter. Great for lunch or for dinner.
By: deeyponline
Umami Burger
Wasnt a wait at 430 pm in sat. So that's good. Sat for a lil before someone came over but once she did she was good. Recommended the secret item, truffle cheese fries and went over the options on the menu as it was my first time. I had te manly burger that was really good with the umami ketchup added. Everything was delicious. Definitely will come back!
By: builtboyle
Artisan Cheese Gallery
One of the best places in Los Angeles for gourmet wines and cheeses. The owners are friendly and super knowledgeable. Looking for a cheese selection for your next gathering? Come to Artisan Cheese and work with them selecting the best cheeses for your needs. Leave those bland tasting pre-made cheese plates at the market alone! Go to Artisan instead.
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By: michikotamura
Umami Burger
I've known this place for a while but haven't visited this place until one of our friends suggested that we must to go. I did like the burger but it was way too over-priced. Just small burger (no sides) for more than $10 seems like a waste when you can get cheap but good fast food meal at Carl's Jr for half the price.
By: grozen1230
Umami Burger
I kept hearing how awesome this place was from trusted peeps, so I felt compelled to go. Definitely a tasty burger, jam packed with all sorts of gourmet goodies. Only thing: Had to wait about 30 minutes. On a Saturday. Afternoon. Wasn't thrilled, but hey, good things come to those who wait...
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By: jake-ypc
Laurel Tavern
Laurel Tavern is a small bar with great ambiance, service, and food. The beer selection isn't huge but what they do have is good. It can get crowded to the point of standing room only on Fridays and weekends, but the people are generally friendly and don't mind rubbing elbows.
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