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By: Gam B.
Catan Fashions
Amanda did a fantastic job. She found a dress for me that had everything I wanted an truly never thought I would pick out or would think would be flatering in me. The dress she picked out to show me ended up being the dress I got. She did a wonderful job showing me my options and making sure I felt comfortable in making my decision. Can't thank her enough. Not sure if her name was Amanda or not when she introduced herself I was so nervous I didn't know for sure but please look up who worked with me because she was great! There is an amazing selection for every body shape and size. That was one thing that worried me coming into the appointment that I wouldn't find my dream dress cause I wouldn't be able to find a dress that fit me right. The dress I found flaters every part of my figure and made me feel beautiful. Very inviting and comfortable feeling to enjoy the experience and not stress. My sister actually got her wedding dress there 4 years ago and the store did such an amazing job that when I got engaged I drove from Toledo there yesterday to be able to get my dress from there as well. The staff was helpful and the consultant listened to every aspect of what I wanted and found my dream dress for me!
By: Elle V.
Catan Fashions
Kim was my consultant and she was the absolute best! She knew exactly what I was looking for, she was very professional and very knowledgeable with everything! Danielle, another consultant was very nice she was also super quick to answer all of my questions it was great! Both of these ladies made me feel so comfortable and made me feel like I was the only bride in there. They really payed attention to all of my needs and I am so thankful for the both of them!"The store is gorgeous! everything was very easy to find. They offer you water bottles that I thought was so sweet! I am embarrassed that I went to other "want to be" bridal stores before I learned about Catan Fashions! It is absolutely amazing!"The professionalism from everyone in there from when you first walk in to when you leave is impeccable! I even showed up 2 hours early for my appointment and they took me right away! The owner was very sweet she came in introduced her self and actually ordered the dress of my dreams for me! My whole experience there was amazing I will definitely recommend Catan Fashions to everyone! Thanks again to everyone there for all your help!!
By: Chuck N.
Catan Fashions
I LOVE Bindu. Perfect consultant for me. Did not feel like I was pressured into anything, she let me take the appointment at my own pace, and I didn't feel like she was sucking up to me or being ingenuine at any time. Very knowledgeable and was able to give me guidance when needed.So impressive! It was busy but we never felt like we were inconviniencing anyone. There was a great match between the number of consultants on hand and people in the store. I like that we were able to walk around and look at dresses while we waited for Bindu to finish an appointment. In fact, just being in the store has convinced my older sister who has sworn she would never have a wedding that she wants to have a wedding. We had a perfect day at Catan's. Very personal and enjoyable experience. Catan's has completely exceeded my expectations of what to look for in a bridal store.
By: Yetta D.
Catan Fashions
My consultant katelyn was super nice. She had all her focus on me and gave her honest opinions, took interest in the syles I liked. She was not pushy at all, very friendly, and polite. This was my second experience with a consultant and this time around was far more better. The first time was at davids bridal, and I felt a little rushed. Katelyn did not rush me, she helped and was so nice!!! My time at catans was better than I thought it was going to be:). The store is beautiful, so big and there are so many options. It is very fancy, and clean, but I did not feel out of place, I loved it!
By: Kris M.
Catan Fashions
I bought my dress from them 16 years ago. They were amazaing. The bussling was expensive, but worth it!! You could see this elaborate design on the train perfectly when the dress was bussled and you couldn't see any of the hooks while it was down. I recommend that you do your research first. Be prepared!! Bring a couple of different bra options, especially if you are hard to fit. Bring your own shoes and bring some help. Dress shopping here is not for the faint of heart!! It can be extremely overwhelming. Bring pictures.
By: Isla V.
Catan Fashions
Kaitlin listened to what I had to say and pulled appropriate dresses. She also paid attention to my reactions and helped me verbalized what I was feeling. She made me feel so comfortable and get excited. It was such an enjoyable experience and I would easily recommend Catans to others. I loved the way the store was set up. Being in a room with my friends and family and no one else around really helped me not feel overwhelmed and self conscious. I was also impressed by the warmth and greeting we received when arriving
By: Fella F.
Catan Fashions
Belinda was wonderful! She gave me the time I needed to feel like a bride in the dress I liked most and didn't rush us or pressure us at all. I really liked that.You need more three-way viewing mirrors for the brides to see all angles and should make sure brides can use the mirror on the stage in the Prom room. that gives a great long distance view like what my groom will see!I may be back though to buy it!
By: Riri L.
Catan Fashions
I have a lovely friend who worked at Catan's, and she spent 4 hours with us finding the right dress! She helped me try on dress after dress until we narrowed it down to just a few. I wound up ordering my dress on my first visit! The dress arrived in almost perfect condition (had a few spots on the train), and I had it altered by a family friend. I enjoyed the experience!
By: Val R.
Catan Fashions
This was the second time Linda helped me try on wedding dresses! I showed her different pictures that I wanted to try on this time and she hit it right on the nose! Thanks Linda! I am planning on purchasing my dress within the next 2 months. My father is paying for the dress and I didn't have the money with me yesterday! But I love the dress that I found! It's perfect!
By: Linday P.
Catan Fashions
Amanda was an absolute delight! She was attentive and friendly and very well educated about both the products you carry AND the trends that are popular today. Even though I live in California, I fully intend to purchase a dress from her... even if I have to make another trip back to Ohio to do so! The best thing I encountered in your shop was our attendant Amanda.

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