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By: marine10
Bright Horizons Properties Inc
I am Rodney Cook, the owner of Bright Horizons Properties. I was told about these two reviews by a contractor that turns properties around for me after leases end. The two reviews above are actually written by the same family, and they have distorted my reputation, that of my business, and that of the truth. This family actually viewed a property twice, did a walk through with me, signed a lease, and decided after two days that they wanted their money back. They breached the lease, fabricated these stories after receipt of a letter from our attorney indicating that they breached the lease. The pictures they posted are not of any property I manage. As a matter of fact, the property they walked away from, was leased the following week, and that tenant is still there (with a child, I might add) and happy to be there. I manage 50+ properties, and have been in business for the past 7 years. Two complaints in 7 yrs? I'll take that. God bless those folks who choose to impugn my character. You do reap what you sow.
By: Nkrumah L.
Bright Horizons Properties Inc
I was a tenant of a home in Atlanta where Mr. Cook was the manager from 5/13 - 5/14. I was relocating from NC and the home I thought I had a contract on fell through at the last minute. I contacted Mr. Cook based on an ad I found. He expedited my move-in by working with the owner. When my refrigerator went down, it was repaired within 24 hours. My water pipes burst out in the yard to the tune of over $1200. Mr. Cook paid it on his own credit card until the owner could reimburse him. I was never terribly inconvenienced during my stay. When the opportunity presented itself for me to return to my home state, Mr. Cook was able to work with the home owner so that neither of us was hurt financially. I would highly recommend Bright Horizons Property Management if you're looking for a quality home quickly.
By: janbee03
Bright Horizons Properties Inc
Bright Horizons is a top notch agency. I had income property in the Atlanta area that I entrusted Rodney Cook with. I live on the west coast and had to choose a reputable company to manage my property. I received regular updates with tenant issues and needed repairs that made me feel at ease. i would recommend Bright Horizons to ANYONE needing property management services.
By: bookerw
Bright Horizons Properties Inc
I have used Bright Horizons since 2009 and I live out of state. Rodney has been nothing but professional the entire time and very flexible. He has been attentive to my tenants and represented my interests thoroughly. I would recommend Bright Horizons to any property owner.
By: Lynda J.
Bright Horizons Properties Inc
I've enjoyed my business dealings and the home that I'm in with Rodney C. Cook, Pastor for the past year of 8/1/16 to the renewed lease of 8/1/17.To the liars and breach accusers; Touch Not Gods Anointed, neither do His Prophets any harm. #shameonyou
By: umabdulhakim
Antioch Manor Estates
top shelf i toured many openhouse multi unit liveing communities and none compare in high quality apartments at affordable prices amazing grounds and the amennities again Top Shelf

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