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By: dominic7
Dave's Appliance
My Maytag Neptune front load dryer was not working properly, I live in Galt, so I called a local company, that company, in my opinion, charges too much ($65) for the service call. Thinking I could find a better rate, I reluctantly looked on Craigslist. I say reluctant because it's hit or miss with that site. In any event, I called Dave's Appliance repair, Dave, the owner answered the phone, I told him our issue, he gave me his service charge price, which was very reasonable, and the best part? He arrived at my home within an hour! Wow! Dave was very professional, knowledgable, and thorough. Many repairmen I've had over the years, leave some sign they were there, not Dave, he cleaned his work area and gave me a receipt. Dave made the entire process very painless, to me and to my wallet. And no, I'm not a family member of Dave, I'm a single Dad of two that is very appreciative of quality and affordable service.
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By: Julia R.
VIP Salon
I've been getting my hair done at VIP for many years and I absolutely adore Cha the owner... not only does she do a great cut and color, she is an awesome lady! Cha's the kind of person that when the economy was bad she cut people's hair at a fraction of the cost to help people during a difficult time. She cares about her clients and makes them feel special! I moved out of the area a few years ago and still go back to Stockton on a regular basis to get my hair done by Cha... Not only because she does an excellent job but it's also because of the relationships that I've built with her and the other ladies at VIP... Check out VIP.. You won't be disappointed! Everyone makes you feel loved and take excellent care of you! Thank you Cha for always giving me excellent service when I come in!����
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By: robertnelson
Neilsen's Mobile Detailing
I just want to comment as the owner of the business on Doug's review of our company, this man's vehicle was disgusting and was told in the beginning if some of the stains in his carpet did not come out he could bring the vehicle to us in the Stockton area for no charge, but if we had to come out to Reclean it, there would be an additional charge for coming back out. We have been in business now for 27 years, you don't stay in business that long without doing what you say. I believe this man was having a bad day and had nothing else better to do than write a bad review.
By: Gene P.
Lucky Hair Salon
Lucky Hair Salon was a great find for hair cuts. I've had them cut my hair a couple of different ways. The basic haircut using numbered guards on the clippers for the sides and back is $8 and looked pretty good. Also tried the men's trim for $8, where they use clippers and comb and looked even better.Layered cuts are $10.They have 3 chairs; usually two ladies working every day. Friendly staff. And they offer to trim your eyebrows (a nice feature that a lot of places don't do).They offer women's cuts and coloring.
By: R H.
Dave's Appliance
My washing machine took a dive on Friday afternoon. I called multiple repair services and got no answer from most, and a few who "couldn't schedule me until next week." I did not search in yellow pages at first but when i did, i found Daves Appliance. I called him. He answered and within 20 minutes was at my door. Within an hour my machine was up and running! Great service. Courteous, prompt and very good at what he does. I am recommending him to anyone in the Stockton area who needs assistance.
By: yaseminkidd
Dave's Appliance
I have been looking for someone to come out and take a look at my oven, after calling around for about a week and only able to leave messages I found Dave.He answered the phone right away and was able to come by within 1 hour.I am very pleased with his service and price!Thank you Dave, you are the who will get called from now on when there is any problems!!!
By: kristant
Mitchell's Appliance Service
AWESOME! Service was provided the day after we called. He was very prompt, very kind, and very honest!!!!! I thought it was going to be a $300 part (the control board for our washing machine), but he saw it was just the agitator nut and fixed it for a minimal fee! AMAZING! Thanks Mike!!!! :) I will be calling him every time!!!!
By: tina.grijalva.56
Dave's Appliance
I called Daves Appliance for repairs on my dishwasher. I received prompt, courteous and professional services and will gladly recommend his service to friends and family. In the future should I need any other appliance repairs I wouldn't hesitate to call again. Many thanks for a job well done...keep up the good work!!!
By: Nala R.
Salon Avanti
Thank you very much Irene Martinez. I can't remember the last time that my wife looked this good after getting her hair done. And props to the owner, Dino for doing my hair and fitting me in on your busy day. That's the day before Thanksgiving. My wife and daughter will definitely be back. You have two new clients.
By: Sarah H.
Pomp Salon
I am so glad I found Maegen at Pomp Salon. She is great. She listens to what you want and doesn't try to push extra services on you. My hair was really grown out but she had no problem making my hair look prefect. I receive so many compliments. I will definitely see her again.
Tips & Advices
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