By: Sami A.
Nails Pro
I have faithfully gone to a different nail salon in the past. About a week after going to said nail shop, my gel polish peeled off on every single finger. I needed my acrylics painted for my sisters baby shower the next day and did not feel like driving all the way a crossed town. So my sister recommended this shop, Nails Pro, and I decided to give them a shot since they are near my house. I went in at about 6:30, I'm almost positive they were ready to close, and they welcomed me like I was a regular customer. I was serviced by Sandy who did a great job with the bright yellow polish (which can be tricky to make look even). Sandy also repaired one of my broken nails and matched it exactly like my existing set of acrylics. I was so happy with her work, I went back today (one week later) for a fill. I was happy to get to work with Sandy again. She did an amazing job with cherry blossom style flowers on every finger. I personally like to alternate the style of my nails from coffin tip to almond tip just depending on my moods. She does an excellent almond tip making sure that each nail matches and they are all the correct shape. I highly recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for excellent customer service & reasonable prices. Another plus to this nail salon is that it is on the smaller side.. meaning the nail technician is focused on you & your needs, not a bunch of activity that is happening around them. Thank you Nails Pro, for excellent service and beautiful nails!
By: Luisa C.
World Nails II
I always go in the morning they do get a lot of business but they do a good job as long as you're respectful and not rude the only thing I do not recommend is the guy I had him 2 times already and both times he messed up my nails they were uneven and fat ..... and he lacks the ability to listen to what you want........ he tends to think he knows it all and messes up your nails I've also had two friends they got their nails done by this man and he messed up their nails too so be aware all the ladies do a good job
By: Eva B.
Fresher Nails & Spa
This is the only nail salon I visit. The staff is friendly and nice. Mary does awesome nails she is expert with the glitter gel and Esme is great with the eyelashes! She even remembers that I like 2 lengths for my lashes and they look totally fabulous.They hooked up my look for my wedding and I got tons of complements. Keep up the good work girls����
By: lesette.jimenez.3
Wild Flowers Nail Salon
Sonya is the absolute BEST at doing hair..she does it exactly how you ask her too..she's super sweet & polite makes you feel very comfortable when your in her salon.. Also the salon is super clean and very nice..the nicest I've yet to see. I deffinentaly reccomend that everyone go to Sonya if you want your hair done trust me you won't regret it;)
By: Luisa C.
Le Nail & Spa
Don't let the guy do ur nails!!!!!!! My nails broke after second day he made thm too thin...he didn't listen to what I wanted either. .....he kept insisting I get something I didn't want ....that made me very upset.....then he started talking Chinese and jacked up my nails.....they where uneven and u can tell whn u look at thm......
By: Tammy W.
Allure Nails & Spa
So easy to book appointments here. Every single one of the nail techs are all really flawless in their work and fun to talk to. The one time I had nail done I was so impressed how close to the picture the result was. And last but not least, the owner is a such a sweet, lovely lady. Every business owner should be like her.
By: Susan T.
Allure Nail & Spa II
Very friendly and it is the cleanest nail salon around.They are punctual, I have been here several time and never once had to wait for my appointment. It is a great place to get your nails done. I would give them six stars because their chairs are super comfortable; I wish I lived nearby this place.
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By: Rebeca B.
My Nails
I've gone to this salon several times for mani's, pedi's, and gel nails they've always treated me well, and as a nurse I keep an eagle eye on cleanliness and hygiene and I have never have cause for complaint. Whenever I get my nails done (which is admittedly infrequent) I go to them.
By: tdog172
Perfect Nails
These people know how to treat you right. A good place for guys to go and have a manicure/pedicure for a good price that leaves you feeling like you got your money's worth and look good to in flip flops. I highly recommend this place, I go every 3 weeks, wish I could afford weekly.
By: margie.joyce1
USA Nails
I had a full set with gel put on about six weeks ago. Last night I got a compliment on how great my nails looked! Never had a set last this long and look so great! Prices are good, salon very clean and great variety of colors and products. Give them a try.

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