By: randyasap
Strings Italian Cafe
My wife a friend and I were dining at Strings on Saturday night. The cafe is open until 10:00 p.m. but at 9:25 p.m. they dimmed the lights and started closing up. Chairs were being stacked at tables surrounding us and the server's acted like we were in the way.When we asked one of the servers if they were closing now they said not till 10:00 p.m. We said why did you dim the lights and turn others off? The response was "do you want to talk to the Manager?" We said "NO, we will contact the owner and rate your cafe online".You would think that in this economy or any economy, customer service and manners would prevail. I guess Strings does not need any more of our business. Thank goodness for The Olive Garden and Romano's.
By: bababoy
Straw Hat Pizza
I went to strawhat last weekend for my son's 5th birthday. I can't explain how good the food was and the atmosphere was phenomenol. All the kids had a lots of fun, they enjoyed the big selection of arcade games and the redemption center where they can get toys. I am telling you if you are looking for a place for your next party or any event. Go to Strawhat Pizza.
By: divagirl2002
Slicy Pizza
Heard this place had recently opened so decided to check them out. Tried their hawaiian pizza, was really good with the right amount of crispy and delicious bacon. They were reasonably priced and they told me they also deliver which is nice to know. Their specialty pizzas look good so I'm looking forward to trying them again.
By: Deena F.
Eddie's Pizza Cafe
My family and I had wonderful service by their really attentive staff. The Pizzas along with appetizers were very delicious and the atmosphere was very family friendly. The restaurant was also very clean. I would Definitely recommend Eddie's Pizza to everyone I know.
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By: Sandra F.
The Old Spaghetti Factory
The sauce was fresh and our raviolis were the bomb! Although the place was packed our waiter was on top of it and provided excellent service
By: Chris G.
Dante's California Style Pizza & Cafe
My mom likes their pizza more than I do but it's good. She gets the meatlovers one. It's a bit heavy for me. Medium was big for two people.
By: Chris G.
Pizza Guys Lincoln
The pizza guys in Lincoln center is a good place to get a pizza to go. We like an all veggie but they have many specialties for everyone.
By: Christina B.
Pepperonis pizza & hookah cafe
I appreciate the friendliness of the employees and the excellent customer service. A great way to celebrate the special occasion!
By: tigger227
Have eaten here several times now before an SCT Play...one of our favorite restaurants. Love the food and the atmosphere is great
By: Deanna L.
Dante's California Style Pizza & Cafe
Serious pizza right here... Loads and loads of toppings!! Staff are friendly and helpful and all of the good is just great!!

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