By: jesuss652
Majestic Property Management
I was using a low cost property manager thinking I was saving money. Come to find out, it cost me much more to work with them than I thought. I did not realize how much I was loosing with a discount management fee company in terms of vacancy time (2 or 3 months of lost rent), turnover cost (replacing carpet, paint, blinds, etc) and eviction cost on my overall return. I switched to Majestic Property Management because of their superior management. I was told Majestic was the “most expensive” company in town. In reality, however, Majestic delivered the lowest cost overall, even with their higher management fees, over the long run taking into account evictions, turnaround cost and vacancy time. Majestic rents my homes in 2 weeks (not 2 months). I never had an eviction with Majestic and my turnaround cost is minimal. Majestic proved that I was far better off to pay more for high-quality management in order to save money overall on my investments. Y Lin, 4-22-13
By: Amanda C.
Mike's Towing Service
My car broke down last night so I had it towed back home. This morning I called AAA again to have it tow to the nearest auto shop. Mark was the driver and he was just a life saver. Within 5 mins of my call, I received a confirmation call from AAA stating driver will be here within 20-30 min. After about 10 min, Mark came. He asked what's wrong with my car and said if he can take a look before towing it. I said sure, might as well give it a last try. My car is old and alarm hasn't been working, when the alarm went off the whole day yesterday, it killed my engine. Mark was able to really quick diagnose the problem and disable the alarm. Then the car works! Not only did he fixed the car, but he also saved me a trip to the auto shop, which could have costed me hundreds. Great customer service and he really went out of his way to help me. Thank you Mark and Mikes & Daughters
By: amb645
Majestic Property Management
When one of my rental properties went vacant, I shopped around for a property manager and was shocked at what I found. Most companies did not answer the phone, did not call me back for 3 to 4 days and had an attitude that I was bothering them. If they treated me like this before they got my business, I can’t imagine how rudely I would be treated if I signed up with them. I am pleased to say that Majestic Property Management, however, was different. Majestic answered their phone, promptly returned my call the same day, and was friendly & very professional. They went in-depth explaining their services and sent me an information packet over the Internet. Majestic seems to be right sized; not too big to be unresponsive but big enough to get the job done. I’m glad to have Majestic manage my rentals because they really do “Treat Me Like Royalty”. A Sharma, 4-19-13
By: aiyanaa761
Majestic Property Management
I own 2 rental properties in Elk Grove, CA. I switched to Majestic Property Management because of the way they do business compared to all previous property managers I’ve used. What I particularly liked about Majestic is that I get my net rent check fast (by the 5th of the month) electronically deposited directly to my account. My previous property manager sent me a physical check between the 20th and the 30th of the month which is extremely slow. I am very impressed by the efficiency and performance of Majestic. Everything Majestic does is fast; they pay me faster, they rent my vacancies faster, they call me back faster and they handle my turnarounds faster. Time is money so if speed is important to you, I recommend you call Majestic today
By: Sheila C.
Anderson's Towing
Miguel was the name of the man dispatched to do my tow. Surprised me by being there within fifteen mins after sitting there waiting over a hour for another company i called first. Instead of just hooking my car up first he got me into the air conditioned tow truck made sure i was ok and comfortable assuring me everything was gonna be fine. Great people skills he has. I was practically crying when he got there and by the time he dropped me and my car off i was smiling and laughing. He turned a very bad situation for me into less of a ordeal thanks to his geunine concern for my well being. Thanks Miguel your a awesome tow truck driver and person. Sincerely Sheila Cooper
By: q2sbazaar
Majestic Property Management
We had two rental properties prior to working with Majestic Property Management. We are a busy family with three children, and wanted some help finding renters for the properties. I initially spoke with Richard, who made me feel at ease. He was very accommodating and he answered all my questions. The process was easy, which made it great doing business with him.
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By: Casey B.
G & J Buss Tax Services
I love coming to Joanna when it comes to tax season! She knows you by name and knows your situation. Not only does she have over a decade of experience she accommodates to all your needs. She treats you like family and she is the sweetest Lady you will meet. I'm definitely coming back next year and I would recommend her services to all my family and friends
By: Ted S.
Majestic Property Management
I called Majestic last week inquiring about renting a house. I spoke with Ms. Virginia Quan. She was professional and very knowlegeable about the rentals I was interested in. Overall my experience with Majestic and Ms. Quan was extremely helpful. I would recommend Ms. Quan and Majestic to my friends who are interested in renting a home.
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By: Lezli S.
G & J Buss Tax Services
JoAnna is amazing! I needed my back taxes done in a hurry! She was relentless in making sure I got everything I needed in a decent amount of time. She's very pleasant and quite professional. I will definitely use her in the future. I also recommend her to anyone who wants someone thorough and effective.
By: Anthony J.
Global Auto Transportation
global auto transportation has a knowledgeable customer service, friendly and communicative. i used them for shipping of my 2015 toyota camry from stockton to albuquerque. i got satisfied with their car transport services, my car got picked up and delivered quickly. i would recommend them highly .

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