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By: cindka
Dr. Edward L Cahill, MD
I would not recommend this orthopedic physician to anyone. Although he was nice during the initial visit, I am not exactly sure what happened that changed his bedside manner for the worse during the last two office visits. As soon as he became flustered or agitated with something the patient was telling him, he began to come off rude and was disrespectful in his tone of voice and actions during both visits-he has very little patience. Also, it is quite evident that the focus for him is to make money versus comprehensively treat or help his patients. In order to fill out a two-page functional capacity questionnaire for a disability claim, which had simple check-off multiple-choice items and was 10 questions long, he required payment of $200 dollars up-front in order to fill out the document at the end of the day or when he had time. Absolutely ridiculous because this same form was filled out by a primary care physician who knew his patient just as well in about 5-10 minutes at no charge! If you are searching for an orthopedic physician to treat your condition instead of look for tests, paperwork, and physical problems to profit from, I highly suggest a different physician, with better customer service skills. We will not be going back to Dr. Cahill or Alpine Orthopedic Group, as the office staff is very unfriendly as well. FYI: I understand physicians are fed up with people applying for disability due to fake complaints and health problems, but it is not fair to put all patients applying for disability into this category. There are some people out there who really need the assistance of such programs, with my family member being one of those people in need. In addition, as someone in the healthcare field myself; I have learned first and foremost that all patients should be treated with respect and without bias or judgment. Ultimately the problem may come down to health care reform, but that does not excuse this physician’s bedside manner.
By: Judy W.
Dr. Edward L Cahill, MD
I have only seen him at St. Joseph's Medical Center where he did my surgery. He was very knowledgeable. I liked the way he explained my options in detail and let me decide which way I wanted to have my broken leg fixed. He didn't rush me and continued to answer my questions fully while I was trying to make up my mind. At the hospital one day, he saw my leg wasn't elevated or being iced and he made the nurses correct that right away.He did show his impatient side a couple of times when I asked about my test results before they were ready. He is not able to control it.I think it's very poor form when a doctor wants to charge to fill out forms like cindka mentioned in the first post. You know they will have an assistant fill it out. The doctor will just sign the damn thing anyway. The 4 Star rating for Facility was for St. Josephs Hospital in Stockton, CA where I saw Dr. Cahill. After my appointment with him at his office on Aprill 22, I'll post more..
By: Darlene C.
Josebelo D. Chong M.D.
Do you want and need a doctor that is knowledgeable, compassionate and patient? Going to see the doctor is seldom what we refer to as a delight but in this case it was exactly that. If you have pulmonary problems and wish to understand your diagnosis and find the best solution available, you will not be disappointed with Dr. Josebelo Chong.
By: Linda P.
Michael Smith MD
Dr. Smith is great. He is caring and really knowledgable re: mental health issues. His office is comforting as it looks out over the water.I travel quite aways to see him yet it is alright as he is a true professional.
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By: Gary D.
Coates Patrick J MD
Dr. Coates is truly an exceptional Doctor. I highly recommend him GARY DEBAKER. Marin county. Previously 41st Ave., San Francisco
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By: Diane M.
Stockton Pediatrics
The Dr told my grandchild she was obese! That is how girls get a terrible body image and get eating disorders. So unprofessional.
By: Melinda S.
St Joseph's Med Group-Stockton
This hospital has been in Stockton for many years. It's fine. It not very modern. They took care of mother when she was ill.
By: pbrice
Stockton Pediatrics
Dr paubistun is a great doctor he is very fast and efficient in what he does. He knows his stuff.
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By: Streetwise S.
Birlew, Nicholas R, MD
I'm been a patient of Dr. B since 1994.. He is the best!!
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By: whrsyean
Birlew, Nicholas R, MD
Excellent Service and outstanding patient care.
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