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By: Nero A.
International Truck School
Awesome school. I'm from the East Bay (Hayward) and I looked around everywhere for a good truck driving school. Like the posters here have mentioned everything here in the bay area is over priced, their schools are cramped ( 20+ students to a truck), and the instructors only care about their next paycheck. Sergio is the owner and the instructor for this school. He only takes a max of 4 students per class so everyone gets a shot to get their skill practice time in his yard and driving time around downtown Stockton. He's very patient. If you don't understand something either with the pre trip or the driving part he will find a way to phrase his instructions to something the student finds easy to understand. He works with your schedule. Classes are usually on the weekends but if you work weekends he might accommodate you to some days during the week. Most people have a lot of trouble with the pre trip exams but he has an excellent DVD and worksheet going over the pre trip on his truck step by step.His truck is a '95, 9speed freightliner. Sergio teaches you how to double clutching which is REQUIRED at DMV. No experience driving a manual car? No problem. Sergio will take you step by step from as something basic as just getting the truck moving to double clutching, upshifting, downshifting, cross shifting. In fact, it is easier to learn to drive this truck if you don't know how to drive manual cars. I only knew automatic and I passed my test. He offers many hour courses depending on your needs. If you have experience driving a big rig like this you might opt out for a 40hr course. I had NO experience so I decided to go for a 160hr course. Trust me, I needed all of my hours. I passed my test Jan 6th of this year. The other two guys that started around the same time as me also passed their tests. If I had to choose again I would definitely choose to come learn to become a professional driver with Sergio. He is the man for the job.
By: Mark M.
International Truck School
Id like to leave some feed back about this school,for people like me not knowing what to Look for when choosing the right school. Im going to keep this simple i just got my CDL threw I.T.S it only took me 60hours to pass all tests to get my CDL. Mr. Franco knows his stuff. Everyone that has attended the courses have passed, ive seen about five Not including myself. He has the right equipment to learn in, anyone can pass the test in a five speed, with a flat bed and a window in the back of the cab to make it way to easy to pass but, guess what your only cheating yourself because when actully doing a road Test for an employer their Going to look at you like why are you. Not able to drive our equipment? all trucking jobs dont have flat beds and a window in the back of the cab to see out of, WHAT YOU DRIVE HERE YOU WILL BE DRIVING AT A REAL JOB. last but not least the groups are smaller than other trucking schools which means more driving timefor you,other places are so full that all your going to be doing is watching others drive ive heard t a few times. Dont waist your time off and money with other schools go with I.T.S you and your fam will be glad you did, if not find out the hard way its your money. Im working now and can drive any truck with confidence ����
By: Richard C.
International Truck School
Before I made my decision on coming here I called around for quotes and the most affordable school was international truck school for me. My biggest problem was how I was gonna train while working 5 days a week but Sergio told me he would be able to work with my schedule he was able to do that. Man did I make the right decision to come here the man Sergio is smart, knows what he's doing, very patient and let's his students learn at there own pace and taught everything you need to know by the time I went down to dmv I went through my test and remebered everything he taught me and past the 1st time just like the other students I was with. He teaches pre-trip inside the cab and outside the truck,driving safely, all the skills dmv may ask you to do, log books & much much more. Give Sergio a call to start training with him you won't regret it i know I dont! Thanks alot Sergio
By: Tyrone B.
International Truck School
I shopped around for a trucking school that would cater to a workingman's financial ability's.I found it in international truck school.no commitment contracts,just cut and dry training.It offers By far the most thorough pretrip inspection,yet straight to the points of interest to the DMV.the driving and skills tests as well,you learn exactly what u need to know to get your license asap.the best spent investment I've ever made without a doubt in my mind It was money well spent.I have zero doubt I'm prepared to meet any challenges I may face on the road.the schools excellent.study.train.get your class a,within several weeks.learn the rest of the fancy tricks later...get them wheels moving and make that money.thanks Sergio for all your help,god bless.
By: Louis M.
International Truck School
I had searched online for several trucking schools and came across International Trucking. It was an awesome experience indeed. They made school fun and exciting. The trainer Sergio was very thorough and truly an experienced teacher. This was the first time in this field, but he made it easy to understand. After 160 hours with this school, I feel prepared and confident with what the future has to offer thanks to this great school! Whilst at DMV during my pre-trip, I noticed other students from other schools having problems with their pre-trip. I realized how thankful I was seeing as they made this process so simple and easy to remember. I would highly recommend without a shadow of doubt this great school. Worth every dollar spent here!!
By: Wayne B.
International Truck School
If you want to find a school that offers quality training at an affordable price, look no further. Sergio will teach you all the information needed to pass the pre-trip inspection. His approach for teaching the skills test is excellent. What he teaches to be a safe and defensive driver is great. I encountered two incidents regarding reckless drivers while taking my test with the DMV instructor. What I learned helped me deal with these situations and most likely made the difference in me passing or failing my test. In short, if you want to earn your class A CDL this is the school for you. Wayne B
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By: Domingo O.
International Truck School
My name is domingo ordaz moreno I will like to leave this review for international truck school Sergio is a really good instructor he help me teaching me how to do the proses to get my Comercial driver license I just get it today I start without knowing anything and I get ready to pass in only 40 hrs I recommend to you to call hem because I was like you without experience and look at me know with my dream come true I'm so happy and the only I can do is said thank you so much to Sergio international truking school.
By: Sharon D.
International Truck School
I had a great experience obtaining my CDL with the International Truck School . A top notch teacher transformed me from a overwhelmed student into a driver that was able to pass my CLD test the 1st time. I walked away with the ability to preform a pre trip , a complete understanding of how to operate a 9 speed transmission safely and efficiently on the open highway and driving through downtown Stockton. The learning atmosphere was amazing as all the students had cooperative attitudes that made it easy to learn .
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By: Francisco A.
International Truck School
ITS is a good Sergio was a very good teacher and help alot to receive my Class A License. I also wanna give alot of credit to Mr. Otellos, he was always on point always positive never put you down in any kind of way but always motivated me and the other students.I just recently got my license and only took dmv driver test once and passed the first time. Overall it's was a good experience and if I had to recommend a school for truck driving it would International Truck Driving School.
By: fmendoza
International Truck School
They were very friendly, honest and responsible. I had a lot of trouble learning how to back up (reverse) into the cones but never once did they get annoyed or impatient, instead they would always work with me and try to boost up my confidence by telling me i would get it not to worry. They not only focus on getting you your license but their main concern is making sure you learn how to drive in the correct and safe manner. I would definitely recommend this school to others.

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