Casa Del Sol in Stockton, CA with Reviews -
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By: Deborah M.
Grocery Outlet
I love the location of the store I shop there all the time. The employees are great they are so friendly and willing to help you...There is a gentleman name Rodney was so very nice to me he helped me get something from shelf I couldn't reach. The store very clean and very organize very well the management was very nice couple.. When I checked out which I always go to her line because is very nice and friendly most important she very fast and knows her store. I don't think she ever has day off because she always there when I shop her name is Deborah.. I love this store
By: keenefam101
Arroyo's Mexican Cafe
busy place, nice, a little loud, and the music they were playing didn't go to well. very sugestive lirics on the radio station. our kids and us were a little imbaraced to have to lissen to very suggestive songs during dinner with kids. we were glad when the mariochies got there and they turned off the radio. food was good. home made tortillas, food good but not real authintic. more of a sports bar environment than a family resaurant.
By: daladylc
Bottley's BBQ
My husband & I went here for dinner last night after seeing it once from across the street awhile back when we went to the Graduate. The service was great and very friendly. My husband had the rib dinner and I had the chitterling dinner. We enjoyed every single bite to the last!!! We are difinitely going back and it might just be sooner then later!
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By: tnyblu
Casa Flores
Absolutely fantastic . You name it's all wonderful . I love their tortilla chips they make with no salt .nice and crispy..the other location started buying them salty..and I cannot eat the salty between the fantastic food and chips .and I'm all into the chili Colorado crispy tacos right now..I love their chili rel.too..everything wonderful..
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By: Mehdi N.
Las Palmas Mexican Restaurant
Just cant believe this beautifull restaurant dose not run properly . Most likely inexperienced management. I only had a take out service . They were slow . This place has no phone number there are two listed on the net one is not active and the other number goes to fax . They loosing plenty Monty since there is no phone number .
By: shortty19
Mi Ranchito Cafe
A co-worker told me to try Mi Ranchito Café, it is very good. Yes they do take alittle long to serve you if you go on Sundays between breakfast and lunch. Other then that its good. You should try Chile Verde, which is not really verde but its soo good, with the flour tortillas are hand made.
By: Kelli R.
El Senor Frog's
The food is really good and the service was pleasant. I usually don't believe in tipping unless service is wonderful and I tipped. He differently wanted to give great service to make us want to come back and I will, but an order to go cause the look of the restaurant makes me uncomfortable.
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By: donthaveone
Mudvilles Crosstown Market
Very informative. They're stoctonians so they know where everything is at. This market n DELI is better then the chambers of commerce. Stop by n say hi. There always playing good old fashioned music, with alot to look at. The only place with exotic beer n more.
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By: Yessica B.
Mariscos El Charro
Great service, seafood is good and tastes fresh. I love the empanadas de camaron and ceviche. I observed the waitresses being friendly and having a lot of patience with children, its a nice restaurant to treat your whole family.
By: Nancy B.
Food Source
I am disabled. They bring an electric cart out to my car, bag my groceries and put them in my car in a manner that allows me to unload easily at home. They are very friendly and helpful. Great store, great staff, great savings!

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