By: Lin T.
Performance Physical Therapy
My husband and I saw Leigh for our P.T. and she was great. My husband suffered pain for over a year and didn't receive help from Dr's. Leigh treated him twice and his pain is completely gone. He and I are amazed and relieved. The pain I was experiencing would sometimes be so severe that I couldn't move for a minute or so and she worked her magic and I felt better than I had in many years.I just had surgery for a torn rotator cuff and I will be seeing her again. I have no doubt that by the time my P.T. is over, she will help me get back full range of motion. I wish we both had seen her years ago because we could have saved ourselves a lot of pain,money and time going to Dr's appointments.
By: Louis W.
Performance Physical Therapy
I’m 82 years old and have suffered from peripheral neuropathy; scoliosis; spinal stenosis; and other physical conditions for several years. Because of this, I have seen several local physical therapists – but none as helpful as Dr. Robert (Barney) Poole at Performance Physical Therapy. Most providers of this nature simply get you in and out as quickly as possible without actually addressing your problem. This is not the case at Performance Physical Therapy. Dr. Poole has an in-depth knowledge of the human body and can treat any condition or physical ailment. He is kind and caring; has a priceless sense of humor; and an even bigger heart. He has made a huge contribution to my recovery.Don W.
By: jmstaff
Hands On Physiotherapy
Although not perfect, we go above and beyond for each and every one of our patients and out of respect for ALL of our patients we book our treatments by appointment.Please understand that "by appointment" means that if you arrive late to your session we WILL NOT inconvenience others and their schedule to accommodate you!!I apologize if our standard was unacceptable to you, we do wish you and your mother well and hope that you were able to find care that was more accommodating to you.
Tips & Advices
Several forms of pain management exist that are not approved typically treated by physicians or covered by health insurance plans. These include therapies like acupuncture, for example, or herbal preparations sold in stores. Before beginning any form of treatment or medication not approved by a doctor, it’s a good idea to still reach out to a physician or expert in alternative medicine for advice, or conduct some research online first.
Managing pain in children can be complicated, as kids may have more difficulty communicating their pain to doctors. Children also need to be more carefully monitored when taking most medications.
Health insurance might cover a selection of approved pain management therapies. Every insurance plan is different, so patients should check with their provider to make sure.
Patients might be instructed to continue therapy at home, either through regular exercise or specific treatment. Some people also find that getting frequent rest, taking warm baths or avoiding certain foods, for example, can help manage pain.
Side effects depend on the exact drugs and dosages used, as well as the disease being treated and many other factors. Some pain-relieving drugs, especially opioids, are known to cause drowsiness. Many antidepressants also cause a variety of adverse effects. Doctors must work closely with patients to minimize these side effects in the course of treatment.

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