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By: Alton B.
This low rating is mostly directed at the service department. The salespeople I've encountered were great but oversold the service department. I've taken our Jetta in 3 times and have yet to walk away completely satisfied. I may be spoiled by Pohanka Acura, Pohanka Chevrolet and Audi of Chantilly, all of which I recommend. The first time I visited Lindsay VW service department, I had to prove to them that I purchased an extended warranty two weeks earlier to get them to remove charges from our bill. Our latest episode was over purchasing a new key. Seems easy enough, but even though I set the appointment for service online a few days before the appointment, they told me at the service appointment that they were GOING to order the key and would call me when it came in. I paid for the key in advance and waited for the call. Later I received a call telling me that my key was in and to stop by at my convenience. I went a couple days later with the family expecting to pick it up and go. The service advisor told me it would take an hour to program. (Would have been nice to know in advance.) We did not have an hour to wait, so I set an appointment for a few days later. All the times were inconvenient because the service department closes at 5pm, according to the service advisor. We returned for the appointment to program the key. We took a seat in the lounge for about 40 minutes when the service advisor said we were all set to go when the car came out of the wash. When we saw the car was finished, we left. Soon after we were on the highway, the service advisor called to say we needed to pay for the programming ($95). This was the first mention of this fee. Of course it was rush hour by this time, so we made our way back and paid the $95. What bothers me most about this is we have 3 kids who drive VW Jettas. The boys have moved away already. This is our oldest daughter's car, and we have two more girls about to start driving, and I really wanted to buy a VW Golf GTI for my own tool around car. Now I need a new plan for those three cars solely because of the Lindsay VW Service Department. Too bad it's the only VW dealership within 25 miles of our home. Very disappointing.
By: sayzero0
I walked into the Sterling Carmax and there were at least 5-6 sales people just hanging out, chatting with each other. Not ONE PERSON even approached me. I walked over to the computers to look up the inventory and then walked around looking for someone to help, because I thought the sales people standing there with their arms folded were actually helping customers. When I realized they were all just standing around talking to each other, I started to walk out until Hadi happened to walk up and ask if I had been helped. He was very polite and helpful, but I'm sure he was embarrassed when he opened the trunk of the car I was looking at and water poured into the trunk of the car and I said no to even driving it. The other cars of the same make/model, smelled like feet, which tells me that they were water-damaged. I have no complaint about Hadi at all. But the overall impression at that Carmax was that things must be pretty good to have so many sales people standing around, not acknowledging the customers.I don't think I'll be going to Carmax any time soon.
By: leesburg20176
MINI of Sterling
I just took delivery of another new BMW today. I've purchased/leased a LOT of BMWs over the years, most of them from the same salesperson: Bryan C. He's not the typical car salesman who's just out to make the next sale. He's been with BMW for many years, builds relationships with customers, knows the product inside and out, and is honest. He worked for a period of time as the sales manager, so he knows how to structure a deal to take maximum advantage of incentives and financing options. There have been times when I wanted to make an impulse purchase and instead of just taking my money, Bryan would tell me "I think you'd be better off waiting a few weeks until..." That's because he wants you to be completely happy with the purchase and he knows that unhappy customers tend not to come back to the same dealership. I know several salespeople at BMW of Sterling who will provide great service, but I recommend contacting Bryan first if you have that option. He really went above and beyond to make my most recent purchase and trade-in work.
By: ealice306
MINI of Sterling
BMW of Sterling is a very beautiful place. I love the ambience and the client service. I did not have to wait a long time to be service by the sales advisor of BMW Sterling. Mr. Bighem was my sales advisor. His customer service was most impeccable. The day I purchased my vechicle Mr. Bighem's wife was in a car accident. He called me to notify me of the accident and wanted to make sure I was taken care of while he attended to his wife. I commend Mr. Bighem for the care of his wife and his attentiveness to ensure I experience the excellent service of BMW of Sterling. He had another sales advisor to assist me with my car purchased. The replacement sales advisor, along with the Financial advisor was great
By: lauraa416
MINI of Sterling
I am a 1st time BMW owner. The attention and service I rec'd was 10 times more than I expected. From the initial meeting with my service advisor, courtesy ride, vehicle maintenance, the waiting area - EVERYONE was polite and attentive. I was blown away by your services. A bond of trust was established and I have committed myself to your facilities. Already, I have and will continue to share my experience with co-workers. I look forward to doing business with BMW of Sterling again. In short - you guys closed the deal...Thanks a million! ...
By: cynthiaa962
MINI of Sterling
The Sterling BMW staff I worked with are all professional, knowledgeable and treat customers with highest quality service and curtesy. I want to especially appraize Sal for his help during the whole purchase experience. He was patient, nice and extremely helpful. They did not make you feel they were pushing for a sale. But instead, they wanted to provide you the highest experience as a BMW onwer.
By: daisyy265
MINI of Sterling
I very much enjoyed my time at BMW of Sterling. Karl was immensely helpful, very knowledgeable, and followed up incredibly well. The experience made me feel that BMW of Sterling cared about me as an individual and will continue to be supportive throughout the life of my vehicle. I will most definitely return to BMW of Sterling and to Karl for my future vehicle purchases.
By: elieenn360
MINI of Sterling
I had a deep loyalty to another car brand before I came to BMW of Sterling with my family member. After one afternoon with David, I was sold on a BMW brand that Saturday--and on Monday I drove home my new car. David was fantastic and should be praised for his salesmanship. He was truthful, helpful, and very informative. All characteristics I trust.
By: jasminee316
MINI of Sterling
Felix Bighem went above and beyond to not only put a deal together for us but also finding us the right vehicle for our needs. He provided exceptional service and should serve as a role model for BMW Sales. This was our second time leasing a BMW and if not for his level of service and dedication, we would not have come back to BMW!
By: jessiepark
MINI of Sterling
They went above and beyond to not only put a deal together for us but also finding us the right vehicle for our needs. He provided exceptional service and should serve as a role model for BMW Sales. This was our second time leasing a BMW and if not for his level of service and dedication, we would not have come back to BMW!”

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