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By: Patricia J.
Startec Computers
I wrote the review earlier of May 27th, 2015 but would like to add to this.I would not go to Startec again. The used computer I bought had many issues. I paid nearly $400 for it, took it back to have the issues fixed, and they were not fixed after I paid an additional $69. I was told a virus was removed, which is probably true. But the issues I had were not fixed and I still had problems with the display driver constantly crashing and I had to keep restarting the computer. I'm now short on trust for them, and I'm having someone come to my home and look at the issues for free...a friend of a friend. He'll tell me whether this computer I bought is even worth fixing. I am very disappointed and I just don't feel comfortable taking it back to Startec because they are so rushed all the time and I feel they do not listen to me in the first place. Leo is a very nice guy and is probably the best one to deal with. The older fellow who seems to run the place is too high pressure for me. I'm sure this shop works for some folks but it did not work so well for me.
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By: dogentity53
Startec Computers
One day my computer died and would not reboot. It was quite old, and running Windows XP. I do some work at home so I was sort of up a creek. I called Startec and explained my poor dead computer's behavior to a young gentleman on the phone. He was able to tell me that it had likely been taken out by a virus. I told him I'd be in later that day with the box. He was reassuring and helpful and I ended up buying another computer there, a used one, all set up for me with data transfer and everything, in less than an hour. He gave me a free new keyboard and mouse, too. The shop owner is a Chinese fellow who is very knowledgeable and honest. I'd do business again with these folks in a hearbeat. They know what they're doing, and they're honest.
By: Jim T.
Startec Computers
Startec came highly recommended and I wasn't disappointed. Not only did they fix my computer within a short period of time, they were knowledgeable and friendly and were able to answer all of my questions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an alternative to service from the big box stores. I was very satisfied with the service I received and would use them again whenever necessary. Leo was a great help to me and I would recommend that you ask for him to help you out.
By: troyobserver
Comptech Services
These guys are CERTIFIED, LOCAL, and speak a language i understand. Honest work, and reasonably priced. Thanks Shane. Will listen to you every weekend on AM 760.
By: Joseph G.
Startec Computers
I've been a costumer of Startec for many years, no one also will ever touch my computers. Best service and best prices as a( bonus)never go anywhere also.
By: Donna K.
Boot Rite Computer Solutions
Awesome at taking your money but not returning your merchandise or your phone calls! You can't even get your merchandise back.

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