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By: Bigcsmith@sbcglobal.net S.
Sterling Coney Island
Exceeds Expectations in both quality and quantity for not being priced as a Forbes five Star Rating !!I'm not a worker or related to Sterling Coney Island.After reading other negative or financial reviews, we were prepared for our good and we're not disappointed with the food, service, or prices. The meal was amazingly fresh, always over filling, and plenty to take home, - first time with so much healthier food and at a better price than at National’s and won't be our last. We now travel past National’s by about five miles to enjoy breakfast and dinner, at somewhat of slow service to get order in that is not an issue to us because the food makes it to the table not to long after the order. We enjoy the service because there are usually not very many people dinning to hesitate on any part of our service. Being a small restaurant hidden near the end of a low populated basically appears to be out of business strip mall, the atmosphere is not too much of an electric charm and probably they are struggling to make ends meet with rent. The primary automotive related fast food carry out business there is telephone related to the waitress’s services, but we make sure to give our waitress an extra tip for her attention even though we now read about the owner problems. We have not had any problem being locked out before closing and I am thankful to a friend who recommended eating there as I would. If you are in a rush you may want to phone in your order in advance.If there was a complaint at this time, I would say there is no desert, but we are there for the more healthy food that exceeds National’s by far and because they offer those dinners that the other does not.However slow to order, the waitress service is still fantastic during the meal - sometimes, the chef or owner actually hand delivers some dishes and with extras - nice touch.We love the Tuna Salad with spinach added. You probably know us by this description, but money is not an issue especially when you can use monthly 20% off coupons. Here's the math: If a grilled cheese sandwich cost $3.49 at 20% off (.698 cents). Than 3.49 - .698 off = $2.79 there is no change in the cost and is cheaper than buying the same at National's. Senior discount of 10% at $3.14 is for a hot sandwich and you get all the facility basically to your self. Someone has to pay the bills, but I for one do not know how this restaurant can survive without raising prices competitively. My tip 20-40 % is more than the item itself.There is a help wanted sign for dining services, but they may not be enough customers to earn much tips, so it is probably not easy to keep many workers.Started visit in November 2014. Have been back many times every week since. Good job Sterling Coney Island!!!‹(•¿•)› .•:* ̈ ̈*:•.*-:¦:-•:*A+**FANTASTIC FOUR STARS**A-*-:¦:-•*•:* ̈ ̈*:•..•:* ̈ ̈*:•.
By: rglide
Green Lantern
Green Lantern carryout! The same great taste as the original 1946 Green Lantern location at 12 mile in Madison Heights. Great PIZZA but, I live too far away to enjoy their pizza at the 12 mile store on a regular basis. But now with the new location at 18 and Hayes, I can have their great pizza and have it delivered Yea their are lots of Great Pizza places in Detroit but, to be one of the best, you have to have something special. Green Lantern has it, from the tasty thick cut pepperonis to the over the top loaded pizza toppings. This is not a $5 dollar PIZZA and it worth ever penny or dime. Good stuff
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By: Christopher O.
Ruby Tuesday
First when we sat at our table after waiting 20 minutes to be seated the table was sticky and dirty. Then I ordered a burger and asked for it to be cooked medium. I got it and it was medium well. My wife ordered chicken and salad bar and the salad and peas were frozen also the pasta tasted like it was sitting since yesterday. The only thing that was pleasant and the reason this was given 2 stars is because of our waitress.
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By: Eric N.
House of Reuben
Absolutely the best rueben sandwich you will find anywhere in MI. Maybe in the whole United States. It is the only place I will get a rueben sandwich at these days. It's life changing. You have to try it. I do the 8A w/pastrami and onion rings almost every time. Sometimes half and half, pastrami and corned beef. AMAZING, CONSISTENT, GREAT SERVICE.
By: tifanie.miller
Sterling's Bistro
amazing menu. Got all the bases covered from filets and seafood (try the seabass or scallops!!) to meatloaf ,mac n chz. and veggie stir fry. You could meet friends for drinks and appetizers...their app menu is to die for. They have some yummy signature cocktails and a huge selection of wine. Best place to eat on this side if town by far :)
By: jcubcn
Jet's Pizza
I have NEVER had a bad pizza from here. I personally LOVE the square pizzas, however, I've had their round pizzas and they are delicous. Greek salads are GREAT! They give you plenty of dressing! And their Jets cheese bread is fabulous!Also, they have ALWAYS delivered right on time!
By: John H.
Little Caesars Pizza
To the Marlene c. The employee who burnt themselves did it alone them selves and didn't say anything to management. She sat in the corner crying. Besides she chose to work on ovens and her burn wasn't even bad. I know because I work here and know who your talking about
By: jhleis
Village Kebab
This place is open, it has just been remodeled and open for the public. It has great lebanese food, and the owners are very giving and their portions are reasonable for the price. i would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves middle eastern cuisine.
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By: Moin B.
New Sahara Restaurant
I had a lot of fun, its anew place with very good ambiance. Also the food is tasty, be sure to try the rice and also the tandoori bread, we dint get to eat the bread.... but must try it next time... also the owner came to us and offerred a complimentary tea :)
By: Carolyna P.
Happy's Pizza
I have cater few times at this location. They have a variety of food, everything always came well done as I requested to be, also asking for a specific time frame they come right on time. Love to place a review for them. :)

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