By: rglide
Green Lantern
Green Lantern carryout! The same great taste as the original 1946 Green Lantern location at 12 mile in Madison Heights. Great PIZZA but, I live too far away to enjoy their pizza at the 12 mile store on a regular basis. But now with the new location at 18 and Hayes, I can have their great pizza and have it delivered Yea their are lots of Great Pizza places in Detroit but, to be one of the best, you have to have something special. Green Lantern has it, from the tasty thick cut pepperonis to the over the top loaded pizza toppings. This is not a $5 dollar PIZZA and it worth ever penny or dime. Good stuff
By: moeromeo
Shish Kabob Restaurant
this place got the best Iraqi food I had I went there with my family I came from Washington DC and tried a lot of Iraqi restaurants here and this restaurant stands out as the best by far. their food is the best by far. the owner is very nice. the food is the best part. they give you soo much food for NOTHING and when I say nothing I mean it. comparing to the other Iraqi kabob places this restaurant is very cheap.enjoy it
By: jcubcn
Jet's Pizza
I have NEVER had a bad pizza from here. I personally LOVE the square pizzas, however, I've had their round pizzas and they are delicous. Greek salads are GREAT! They give you plenty of dressing! And their Jets cheese bread is fabulous!Also, they have ALWAYS delivered right on time!
By: iloveyou081411
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Rated 2 Stars! Long Wait for food! Every time we visit there, our order gets messed up! Even tho our breadsticks unlimited, They're either A, Over due with Garlic, or B, Cold! Been sittin out of the oven too long. Service is okay, Just not the wait and the food texture.
By: John H.
Little Caesars Pizza
To the Marlene c. The employee who burnt themselves did it alone them selves and didn't say anything to management. She sat in the corner crying. Besides she chose to work on ovens and her burn wasn't even bad. I know because I work here and know who your talking about
By: jhleis
Village Kebab
This place is open, it has just been remodeled and open for the public. It has great lebanese food, and the owners are very giving and their portions are reasonable for the price. i would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves middle eastern cuisine.
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By: Moin B.
New Sahara Restaurant
I had a lot of fun, its anew place with very good ambiance. Also the food is tasty, be sure to try the rice and also the tandoori bread, we dint get to eat the bread.... but must try it next time... also the owner came to us and offerred a complimentary tea :)
By: Carolyna P.
Happy's Pizza
I have cater few times at this location. They have a variety of food, everything always came well done as I requested to be, also asking for a specific time frame they come right on time. Love to place a review for them. :)
By: jay.noble.92
Woody’s Bar-B-Q
All I can say is WOW!!!! Best Ribs I have had in years and the staff was exceptionally nice and friendly. Definitely will be back soon for more great service and food. P.S: John is the best bar tender I have seen ever!
By: Sean L.
Green Lantern
Great food and customer service. Staff is always friendly on the phone and in-store. They also just added online ordering into the mix, so it's even easier to place an order. Amazing pizza and great place to eat!

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