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By: normanlangevin
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
Have you ever met a business that is reluctant to say yes to common sense requests by the customer?? So instead I called Everdry. They are totally honest, very good at follow-up on the work they provided, kept their promise as to when the job would start and finish. The workers were in and out of my house for nearly four days. They arrived promply every day at their designated start time. They were very determined to keep my house as dust free as possible, laying workshop cloth blankets all over the areas affected. They worked their **ses off. They rarely took a break. I had both the inside and outside waterproofed. Yes, it cost money for this project but a lot less than if I left the problems go on, causing, a shift in the foundation of my house as an example. To fix that problem is a ton of money. I say,take care of it know. They were so polite that my wife even commented on them. I kept giving them ice cold water or soda's to keep them cool although they had their own drinks. They had to carry large pieces of cement up the basemont stairs to their waiting truck. Unfortunately for them I don't have a walkout basement. The forman had me talk to an executive at the firm so they could ask me if I was satisfied when they completed the job. Very professional through and through. I am so sure the way they fixed the basement floor and walls, inside and out, I cannot see how a drop of water will enter my basement again. I watched every bit of their work since I am retired and inquesitive. I am one happy customer. I am not a schill for Everdry. I have not received any discount for writing this review and don't expect any. I could tell even more good things about this company but I am geting tired. believe me or not. I would not spend a moment of my time about complaing of a bad company and have them waste my. Good luck with your basement. Go Tigers!, Lions!, Pistons ---- ---what , no hockey. Oh well.
By: Jim W.
FlatRock Concrete Construction, Inc
I paid Flatrock Concrete $7,650.00 to pour a concrete sidewalk, stairs, and a parking slab. The Good: The concrete looks good and was reasonably priced. The workers worked hard and were easy to get along with. The stairs look very nice. The Bad: The walkways and slab are so high that I need to re-grade the yard. And some of the concrete is high and close to a fence so it cannot be re-graded to match the concrete. I have glass block windows in my basement and one of them was cracked. Flatrock would not take responsibility for the crack. There was a low spot on part of the concrete where water collected but they came out and made a saw cut to divert the water off. I wasn’t happy when they saw cut almost completely through the 4 inches of concrete but hopefully this won’t cause issues with water getting underneath the concrete and freezing and cracking in the winter. The expansion pads against the house were so high I had to spend 2 hours cutting the tops off with a utility knife so I could then caulk it. I have 2 walkways and one was made with a nice curved transition but the other was a straight 90 degree so it doesn’t look right. Flatrock Concrete is an ok company they just aren’t really meticulous with their quality standards.
By: gregoryd
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
For approximately 5 years I had water seeping into my basement every spring when the snow melted. I tried to stop this by changing the slop of the ground so the water ran away from the house and sealing the basement floor. This improved things a little bit but the water did not stop. I checked with several different companies about what could be done and the two solutions that made the most sense involved putting a new drain around the house either on the outside or the inside. The cost of doing it on the inside was significantly cheaper. Everdry was not the cheapest however, they were a stable company with a good review with the Better Business Bureau and they had done another house in my neighborhood. Additionally, their lifetime warranty could not be beat.About 2 years after the work was done, I had a problem with the drains in my basement that the humidifier drains into. Everdry came out and corrected the problem at no charge at all. It turned out that the high rust content in the ground water had clogged things up. Now, at no additional cost to me they come to my home every 3 months and clean the system out to keep it working well.
By: Mary L.
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
When the project manager arrived to start the work in my basement, he was extremely polite. He went over all of the things they wereplanning to do, including the answering of my questions. Heexhibited great patience. After the informational period was over, Ihappily gave him my check to get the job started. I didn’t realizethat the project team was waiting outside to begin their work. Theyalso showed patience. My brother, who is extremely hard to please,referred Everdry to me. He was overjoyed with their work. Duringthe big flood of August 2014 in S.E. Michigan, he had no problems.They went about their work as a team. My review is on the beginningstages of who Everdry will be to you. My following poem will expresshow I feel about my five-star, highly recommended review:“If you want to give waterproofing a try,Don’t hesitate to call Everdry.They’ll come out and do what they say,And will surely, surely make your day.Their service will change your life,To see them working together without any strife.When they’re done, they’ll clean up the debris,It left me saying ‘Oh my gee!”Everdry ROCKS!!! Maybe it’s corny, but it’s heartfelt. Mary L.
By: Adam A.
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
After moving to Michigan and understanding the common problem of leaking basements my wife and I realized we must do something to keep our basement dry. We met with several companies to understand their products and capabilities, each company had their own unique solutions. Everdry offered a far superior solution compared to every other company we met with. All other companies could keep the basement dry only under certain conditions, which was not a great solution. Everdry had a solid understanding of the issue at hand and presented a great solution to keep our basement dry under any circumstances. The cost from Everdry was more than we wanted to pay, however it was the only solution that would leave us with a dry basement. We invested in the Everdry waterproofing system and have had no regrets. After a couple years of many heavy rains we have stayed dry. The company and crew proved to be honest and respectful, working quickly and cleaning up any mess during installation. Overall we’re happy with the investment in the everdry waterproofing system
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By: Mcs E.
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
We are a small family business that has worked out of a house in Utica. The first fourteen years of our operation in a sixty year old building was very pleasant and dry, the original clay tile and sump pump pit worked just fine. After four years of dreading the arrival of Spring and the wet flooring we called and got three quotes for waterproofing. With heavy machines up against the walls and tons of other equipment here there and everywhere that made the install for us and the crew doing the work a nightmare. Our job had some very unusual special needs and every worker on the job acted like a total professional. Every salesman that came to give us a price wanted to do the inside french drain, said it was the best fix. This is true but, the Everdry salesman told and sold me on the system that has a drain field around the outside walls dug down about two feet and sent to a large dry well. WELL let me tell you how dry the basement shop is now. We are glad the dual system was done by Everdry and the hard working crew.
By: Dustin J.
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
I had a multi-step system installed in early 2014. The employees were professional, friendly, and did a nice job. It took them less than 3 days to complete the work. Prior to having the system installed, water would seep into the basement during heavy rains.A few months after having the system installed, there was a lot of flooding in our neighborhood; several people on my street had flooding in their basement, and curbs were full of trash for weeks after the flood. Our basement, however, stayed dry. Not a drop of water has seeped into the basement since having the system installed.I also love having the guarantee, so that Everdry will fix the system if it ever fails, and I like how the guarantee is transferable to the next owner if we sell the house. I was never made aware that I would have to pay each year to renew the guarantee until I got a renewal bill in the mail, but to me it is a price worth paying for the peace of mind.
By: Frank A.
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
I'm from Livonia, Michigan, and one year ago, Everydry came out and waterproofed our basement. I didn't post this until now because I wanted to make sure their work held up for that time period, and it definitely did. Before they completed the work, my wife was getting migraines because of mold in our basement and we had water coming in in one area of our basement. Since the work has been done, there's no more musty smell and absolutely no water comes into our basement, even in very heavy rain. The workers were very professional, and their clean up went well beyond what I expected. They even put our brick landscaping, which was up against the house, completely back together after they had to dig behind it. They also finished the job sooner than expected. Overall, it was a great experience, and totally worth the money. If you have moisture in your basement, call Everdry for sure.
By: Faith E.
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
Everdry waterproofed our basement and installed a sump pump in 1993. All the other companies I consulted wanted to paint the basement walls, a stop gap measure at best. I chose them because the sales rep explained the problem and the process. They dug a trench around the outside of the house and sealed the exterior walls, installed a drainage system to pull the water away from the walls, then installed a drainage system inside. Twice a year, they snake it to ensure that it's clear of obstructions. When they were here, they were polite, professional, and cleaned up their mess. Since then, I've faithfully paid the annual warranty fee, and they've quickly come anytime the sump pump starts acting up to replace it. My basement has stayed dry since then. I would recommend this company to anyone, at any time.
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By: Eth C.
Everdry Waterproofing of S.E. Michigan
Our home sits in a designated wet land area with a very high water table. The crawl space always had standing water. The house had a constant wet feel and heavy musty odor. We call Everdry who came out and told us what they would do to fix the problem. Their workers were great. Years later we are still are totally satisfied with the results. Our crawl space stays completely dry and our house has a comfortable feel and pleasant scent. Not only would we rate Everdry as five star quality because of our complete satisfaction but, also because of their warranty. It costs only a small annual fee and provides free service, free labor and free material. This means their waterproofing is also free of worry. We highly recommend Everdry Waterproofing.JC and EC
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