By: Elizabeth D.
Born Yesterday
I tell people every communion season about this crazed customer that followed me into an restricted area in my store with her finger in my face, yelling at me because we were behind in her alteration and demanding we do it that minute. My only regret is that I did not have her arrested! I can control many things. I can work seven days a week without a day off. If someone in my staff drops the ball. I will handle it at once. There was no need for her to become a maniac. Honey life is not perfect! People have much bigger problems than your precious 1 hr and a half you had to wait for an alteration to be done. We apologized for the employee that did not do one thing on your dress. I think you wanted to have a problem. mich23's review was a very elaborate story of the actual events. First of all does it seem logical that this story would be true. I was late on an alteration but i chose to deal with it by yelling at the customer? OR my story of the customer became insane and followed me into a restricted area. AND the confrontation was done by her daughter not the senior citizen grandma. I'm so sure i'm going to threaten to punch a senior citizen in the face because I made a mistake. I am not perfect. The communion season is a crazy time. We have a 99% approval rate. BUT if you are going to write a bad review at least make it believable. This review is laughable. I'll never get used to people that have nothing better to do than start problems for other people. I hope you made the rest of your grandchild's communion a better experience.
By: gtbaskets
I love Dollar Tree! You never know what you'll find. Every time you go it's a treasure hunt, and you can't beat the price. I love their stationery supplies, and always look for small gifts to put together gift baskets and care packages. It's one store that fits my budget.
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By: Gianna A.
In Phase Fashions Inc
I bought my daughter's prom dress in this store and it was a wonderful experience. The selection of gowns was beautiful and the salesladies made my daughter feel very special. I will surely return to In Phase for my younger daughter's prom dress next year.
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By: Anna R.
In Phase Fashions Inc
I have been buying my formal wear from In Phase Fashions for years. I have had nothing but good experiences in this store. They have a wonderful selection of gowns and accessories. The salespersons are very helpful and friendly.
By: darnellj
Both of my young children were seen at Staten Island Mall and had wonderful experiences. The staff explained what was happening every step of the way and the kids can’t wait to go back!
By: patrickjohan
I can't say enough about this dental office, as a person and a dentist. I was terrified of going but once there, this office was very pleasant and comforting. Thank you
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By: Connie R.
Country Mouse
I have no experience with it .saw it on big angs tv show n I heard good things about child re nd clothing different .
By: dariuswhite
Great staff with a smile and genuine concern. The best dentist I have ever seen, Thank you

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