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By: Susan C.
Savarino, Daniel S, MD
I had a 100% positive experience at Dr. Savarino's office. The facility is beautiful and modern, with great parking lot (plenty of spaces). Each exam room contains a computer, and the X-Ray equipment is state-of-the-art. The technicians and receptionists are extremely courteous, kind, and friendly. I called for an appointment after straining my knee, and was able to get one the next day! The receptionist encouraged me to call back, and tried very hard to fit me in that day!!! Dr. Savarino is just wonderful- gave me great information with several treatment options for my knee. His bedside manner is fabulous- he is kind, caring, knowledgeable, and friendly. I did not have to wait at all for my appointment! Oh, did I mention that there is a machine in the lobby which provides patients with free Starbucks coffee?! I will always go to Dr. Savarino from now on, if I have any further problems!! Wonderful experience!
By: Paul M.
Xiao-Li, Helen H
Between all my doctor, they saved my life. Staten Island Radiation Oncology provided my radiation treatment for my stage 3a cancer, a rather large cancerous growth. Have to admit it was a bit rough at the end of treatment ( actually really rough), as to the temporary side effects , but considering my life was at stake there was not much choice. I just had a surgeon, Dr Ky at Mt Sinai perform a biopsy and Laparoscopy 3 1/2 month after treatment. Dr Ky stated the biopsy was negative, and though she loves doing surgery, there was nothing to operate on, not even scar tissue. Highly recommend Staten Island Radiation Oncology. Dr lee runs the place, very smart, takes time to explain things, rest the staff is conscientious, really good people. Word to the wise, you need radiation treatment close by, the side effects negate having treatment more than an hour away.
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By: Mike S.
Get Cured Now
Quit your addictions now! Get Cured Now is Certified in Auriculotherapy that significantly assists with Quitting Smoking, Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Weight Loss! Get Cured Now uses a computerized nerve stimulator on the outer layer of the ear that calms and restores the aggravated nerves associated with the treatment that is being administered. Auriculotherapy instantly eliminates all the symptoms associated leaving you breathing better, no more cravings, urges, withdrawals or side effects. (There is no needles, no pain and no side effects!) It is completely safe for anyone including babies and seniors. Auriculotherapy is the utmost safest and effective treatment method available! Don't wait till it is too late, Get cured Now!
By: Regina R.
Karen Marino Nutrition
Karen is a very laid back person, but don't let that fool you. She has so much knowledge about the human body and how vitamins and minerals control so much of our bodies.. I was a pre diabetic and no matter what I did as per the doctors; diet, exercise, my A1C did not change. My issue was a lack of Zinc and Chromium and only through Karen's blood work did I find this. One year later I am no longer pre diabetic and have no issue with this problem anymore.She gives you the vitamins and minerals you need to fix your issues. Very smart, kind and knowledgeable, I have seen her fix many issues in many people..
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By: Shpola S.
Oleg, Katcher, MD
I just had a complex – flat large polyp removed by Oleg Katcher.This is an advanced technique and based on my research, not too many doctors perform it successfully and safely. Again, from my research, for complex polyp removal, doctor should have performed already more than 1000 colonoscopies and posses perfect control of endoscope. Oleg Katcher performs both EMR – polyp removal with snaring, and ESD – new resection technique developed in Japan.So, based on my research and personal experience, I would highly recommend Oleg Katcher and his excellent office staff.
By: Tanya B.
Stilwell Anne Marie MD
Dr.Anne-Marie Stillwell has a nice combination of wistom, professionalism, care and concern. This, in addition to her willingness to genuinely listen to her patiences has her office blanketed in the Best Care Staten Island has to offer. I know as I've been under her care for over 2 years and can honestly say that I'm getting better everyday. I thank you Dr. Stillwell for seeing me as a patient, not a paycheck
By: Carroll W.
Norton Janet E MD
I thought hormone replacement would take about 5minutes. Boy was I wrong. Dr. Norton checks your levels before prescribing a dose calculated for you. A compounding pharmacy that actually makes your prescription was a new experience and paid for by my insurance. I have a whole new appreciation of what bio identical hormones is all about, individualized care. I am encouraging my friends to see Dr. Norton.
By: Robb L.
Barry Gordon
I became a patient of Dr Gordon about 12 years ago and rate him as the #1 health care professional I have ever dealt with. over the years I have referred several of my friends when they had unresolved medical issues, and he resolved the issues of every one of them. The man has a gift. He is a treasure. I have relocated about 10 hours from his office and still make that trip from time to time.
By: Ginny I.
Norton Janet E MD
She greeted me in the waiting room and I felt comfortable right away. She is actually friendly. When it came to the medicine part I was blown away. She told me so much from the labs I brought I thought she was psychic until she explained that the information was there, but no one else had the time to explain it. I feel a lot more in charge of my own health. Looking forward to my next visit.
By: chris_m_ny
Huguenot Medical Services
Best doctor I've seen in years! I went to two other doctors before seeing Dr. Marchetta. They all recommended that I undergo a serious medical procedure. I went to Dr. Marchetta for a second opinion and it turns out I only had a bacterial infection. No surgery, no biopsy, or anything else like that. All I had to do was take an antibiotic for ten days and all was cured. Thanks Doc!!
Tips & Advices
This depends on the center. Some may allow brief visits by family members. Patients should ask about visiting rules before inviting people to stop by.
No. Patients should arrange for someone to drive them home and stay with them for 24 hours following the procedure.
This depends on the procedure. Most centers ask that patients arrive one to two  hours before the procedure begins. Following the procedure, the patient will stay at the center until fully recovered from being sedated. This may take between one and three  hours. After that, if the patient isn't experiencing abnormal pain, he or she may leave.
Different states have different rules regarding requirements for surgery centers. However, ASCs are required to be certified as a Medicare and/or Medicaid Ambulatory Surgery Center supplier before they enter into an agreement with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.
The most common types of procedures conducted at surgery centers are:
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Pain management
Some of the most common procedures include:
  • Cataract surgery
  • Colonoscopy
  • Pain injections

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