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By: emanon23
Reggiano's Brick Oven Pizza & Cafe
I love pizza. Reggiano's pizza is good. But the staff they have there including the owner 'Mike' really need to be more cognizant of hygiene. These guys that run the show there are a rag tag team of fat hairy Italian guys. Which is fine if you have some respect for what you do. I have seen staff wipe there nose with their bare hand, stick their hand in their pants to scratch, and openly sneeze right in front of the pizza and where they prep food. I really want this place to stay because the pizza is good. But these guys need to clean themselves up. I'm not saying you have to wear tuxedos. I understand they are a group of men who own a business and make pizza all day. I don't expect there isn't some fraternity-like shannanigans and crude jokes behind close doors. But keep them there. Have respect for your guests. Have pride in what you do. If you're serving food don't look and act like a slob. Be a positive part of the community. Be a breathe of fresh air. These guys are more like a fart in the wind.
By: Fran P.
Reggiano's Brick Oven Pizza & Cafe
Went to Reggiano's 1/19/15 with my two grown sons. We sat our selves in the second room, the first room was crowded. We ordered Fried Calamari for our appetizer and it was a large portion but over cooked and very crispy. We also ordered Shrimp Parmigiana hero and a Margarita Regiano Pizza. The waiter brought the Calamari and the Shrimp Parm hero out together and was about to bring the pizza out too. I told him not to, that we wanted to eat the Appitizer first. We then ordered Chicken Wings which we didn't like. We wanted to try the wings in sauce, but should have ordered the buffalo wings. That was not their fault. My son was trying to eat the Apps. and the Shrimp Parm hero at the same time. Bad timing. We then got the pizza and was dissapointed because it is not made from fresh pizza dough. You can tell that it was ready made crust. It tasted like Boboli. I don't understand how they claim they have the best Brick Oven Pizza. They didn't fool us. We will not be going back.
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By: Jenna D.
Denino's Pizzeria Tavern
Went here for a little mini reunion with some old friends who haven't gotten together in awhile. We asked for a table for four, but later one more was coming. Therefore, we said five people all together. They sat us at a four person booth. We asked to pull a chair over when the fifth person came. They were so rude and said no, so we asked if we could possibly move to a larger table. Our waitress later came over to the new table soooo rude and said " Well I can see you moved tables without informing me". Just very unprofessional. It stinks because the food is great! However, the staff, not so great. All night, they constantly asked us if we were done, trying to rush us out. Literally we had a waitress every 5 mins coming up to us. Meanwhile, the restaurant was packed, we were not holding them up, especially because it was only 9pm and the website says 11:30 on Mondays. I just felt like the staff ruined the experience, because the food was so amazing! Sigh.
By: Dietrich L.
Via Ponte Pizzeria
I have not been here for a long ago and wanted to check the place I liked. Fortunately, it is on the same place with the same quality and customer-oriented service! I ordered pick up a buffalo pan pie, fried calamari and mozzarella sticks. A counter girl informed me that the stuff is gonna be ready in 35 minutes. I came in 30 min and was surprised that my food is already waiting me. I like the people and what they do.
By: Manuel M.
Brooklyn Finest
Pizza is good could be better. I feel that they should use imported tap water from Brooklyn. It would definitely make it taste more like original Brooklyn pizza. Real people from Brooklyn like me know the secret to good old fashion Brooklyn pizza is in the water. Brooklyn tap water is the most cleanest water out of tap in the US. True Story. And chicken broth in the pizza sauce.
By: rhfactor99
Villa Monte Restaurant & Pizzeria
Augie has been a family friend for a long time. His food in all 4 locations is always on the money. i feel he gives very generous portions and never leave hungry. As far as the pizza I have my little daughters birhday party every summer and she always asks for Villa Monte pizza and we are never dissapointed.
By: Jessica N.
Villamonte Restaurant & Pizzeria
had dinner here tonight as i always do on Fridays , I had no issues with a wait and that is surprising to me seeing as how it is Lent a very busy season for many Italian restaurants and pizzerias. The staff is always courteous and very gracious. P.s. the food is always amazing as well as the Pizza : )
By: Manuel M.
Bari's Pizza
Been going there since the 80's always was a pizza place the name has changed but always kept it's good name in pizza making. Very clean, Owners seem to keep connected to real pizza making values. Pretty much one of the best places for pizza when in the surrounding area.
By: pizzalovinmomma
Reggiano's Brick Oven Pizza & Cafe
That comment about someone getting ecoli there is an absolute lie! That's what happens when there are jealous cowards who know they can be anonymous. They just can't stand that it is the best pizza in staten island. Packed every weekend.........
By: Lisa C.
Poppy's Pizza
After speaking with the owner, I cant believe he was actually born in Italy. How rare to eat pizza in NY made by a true Italian! Very friendly atmosphere and the prices great! The food is not only delicious it is also consistent.

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