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By: Kyle young K.
Rusty's Auto Salvage New York
Here's a very honest review about my experience. I'm not just doing this for the $25 gift card. I'm doing this for the people like me who think this business is a scam.I called Rusty's to get a quote. They offered me $800 for my old car. I said I got a better offer elsewhere and I made the mistake of telling them what that offer was and so they matched it as close as they can and offered me $1200. I was NOT upset that they tried to low ball me because THEY ARE A BUSINESS and they are in it to make money. Everyone's got to eat.After I agree to the $1200, I get transferred to about 5 different people. The last one being a woman with a Middle Eastern Accent and I thought it was just all so strange. Not the accent, just the whole situation. Finally, we set up a date for the tow truck driver to come pick up my car.On the day of pickup, the tow truck driver calls me and says he's about 30 minutes away and he was on time. The first thing he did after greeting me was hand me the check for $1200. He was professional and just a cool guy. I was expecting him to be shady so I was well prepared for that. However, my preparations were unnecessary. I immediately deposited the check and it cleared the very next morning.I tried to be very detailed in this review for anyone else who is a skeptic, like I am. The process is a little sketchy in the beginning with these guys but they will hold up their end. You will get paid. Thank you Rusty's Auto Salvage and everyone else who was involved!
By: Angela G.
Rusty's Auto Salvage New York
Rusty's Auto Salvage was semi-easy to deal with. I called and was told there was a lien on my car. I didn't think there was, but they asked me to send over a picture of my title and that someone would get back to me. Two days go by and I hear nothing. I call back and I'm told the same thing. I explain my frustrations on not being called back the first time and she wasn't the most friendly, but she seemed to understand because I heard back from here within the hour setting up a time to have my car towed. Roy, the fella, who picked up my car (in Parker, CO) was great! He called to tell me he was an hour away and I told him that I didn't know if I could quite make it there by then. He said he had two other cars to pick up, so he could go do those first and be over in about two hours instead. I realize that that isn't always possible, but he was able to and I really appreciate it! He has great customer service and was very nice to work with. He's the reason I put five stars. Still upset about my car, but there's nothing I can do about that.
By: Doug A.
Rusty's Auto Salvage New York
Well was looking to junk my old car . So many options out there . Filled out many online forms online . No one and I mean no one got back to me . Well that is except RUSTY , they called me and said towing company would call me , ( wasn't holding my breath ) .and low and behold driver said havs a few other cars to get probably won't be til next day , yeah sure thing . Well went to work and wife calls me and says he is five minutes away , wait the plates still on the car ! Now I'm thinking geez maybe wife cN take them off , now don't get me wrong I love the wife and all but changing light bulb is a lofty task . Well she asks the driver if he could help her out and he was so friendly and helped the wife out with paperwork and all. Now I don't know if that's Rusty's driver and all but it's nice to see such helpful customer service that's representing Rusty's . Way to Rusty's ��������������������
By: Beth C.
Rusty's Auto Salvage New York
I had a great experience with Rustys. I just wanted to get rid of my car and do it without hassle. The representative I spoke to, Rich, was extremely friendly and very efficient. I'd gotten several other quotes for junking the car and when Rich heard what they were, he offered me significantly more than the other offers. I couldn't turn it down! The whole process was pretty easy and they took care of all of the paperwork and had the check ready as soon as they picked up the car. My only quibble is with the local contractor who actually did the towing. I was told they would contact me within a day to set up a time. When they didn't get in touch, I had to follow up with them myself, but once I did so, scheduling a pick up was very easy. Overall I am extremely satisfied with the price and customer service.
By: Sue L.
Rusty's Auto Salvage New York
Like everyone else, I was leery about dealing with a company that I was unfamiliar with and trusting them to pay me as promised. They gave me an immediate quote on the phone, and after a bit of negotiation, we agreed on a final price. I was transferred to another person to get all my details, then finally to the local towing company that would be picking up my vehicle. As promised, they called me before they arrived, and came within the specified window of time. The tow truck workers were friendly and courteous, and the transaction was taken care of within minutes. I signed for the check, and they left with the car. I immediately deposited the check, and it did clear my bank after a day, so it's all good! Quick and painless. Highly recommend!
By: Raymond O.
Rusty's Auto Salvage New York
I am overly ecstatic over the service I received. Everybody there went out of their way to help me from giving me a quote for my junk vehicle to the driver that picked up my truck. The service was outstanding they gave me top dollar compared to all other auto recyclers. I highly recommend this business from customer satisfaction to paying me top dollar for my truck and arriving within 3 mins of their pickup time. Again there the best in the business, honest, and very professional. I will never use any other company. Rusted auto salvage is the way to go!!!!!!
By: Rebeccca S.
Rusty's Auto Salvage New York
Rusty's Auto Salvage was quick, friendly and professional. They gave me 4 times the amount I would have received at a local salvage yard. Although I was skeptical that the check would be honored at the bank after my car had been towed off, it was fine. It cleared no problem, and Bank of America said they receive checks from their partner Copart frequently and there is never a problem. Thank you for such a good experience! I would definitely recommend this service to others.
By: gtbaskets
I love Dollar Tree! You never know what you'll find. Every time you go it's a treasure hunt, and you can't beat the price. I love their stationery supplies, and always look for small gifts to put together gift baskets and care packages. It's one store that fits my budget.
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By: Gianna A.
In Phase Fashions Inc
I bought my daughter's prom dress in this store and it was a wonderful experience. The selection of gowns was beautiful and the salesladies made my daughter feel very special. I will surely return to In Phase for my younger daughter's prom dress next year.
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By: Anna R.
In Phase Fashions Inc
I have been buying my formal wear from In Phase Fashions for years. I have had nothing but good experiences in this store. They have a wonderful selection of gowns and accessories. The salespersons are very helpful and friendly.

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