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By: Mike S.
Get Cured Now
Quit your addictions now! Get Cured Now is Certified in Auriculotherapy that significantly assists with Quitting Smoking, Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Weight Loss! Get Cured Now uses a computerized nerve stimulator on the outer layer of the ear that calms and restores the aggravated nerves associated with the treatment that is being administered. Auriculotherapy instantly eliminates all the symptoms associated leaving you breathing better, no more cravings, urges, withdrawals or side effects. (There is no needles, no pain and no side effects!) It is completely safe for anyone including babies and seniors. Auriculotherapy is the utmost safest and effective treatment method available! Don't wait till it is too late, Get cured Now!
By: Regina R.
Karen Marino Nutrition
Karen is a very laid back person, but don't let that fool you. She has so much knowledge about the human body and how vitamins and minerals control so much of our bodies.. I was a pre diabetic and no matter what I did as per the doctors; diet, exercise, my A1C did not change. My issue was a lack of Zinc and Chromium and only through Karen's blood work did I find this. One year later I am no longer pre diabetic and have no issue with this problem anymore.She gives you the vitamins and minerals you need to fix your issues. Very smart, kind and knowledgeable, I have seen her fix many issues in many people..
By: marlena16
Ivy Urgent Care
Great place!! I felt AWFUL and could not get into my doctor (he was on vacation). I had been to the urgent care on Clove Rd but was not happy with the VERY long wait. I am so glad I had heard about this place opening. Yes they are new so with less patients its easier to be faster. BUT I will go back because the staff was really helpful and friendly and the Doctor was great. I really felt like he took the time to listen to me, not just write a script and send me on my way. I will go back and highly recommend. I also was told he is great with children as well...yay!! Great addition to the island.
By: V C.
Karen Marino Nutrition
I knew Karen myself personally that she's been helping lots of people behind that no one really tells the story about that. She's so kind and interesting person that people just love to meet her for really as a friend and family. I believe even visiting a doctor that I trust the one that always with the smile and feel the heart touching! It's her and I strongly recommend everyone.
By: Lucia D.
Karen Marino Nutrition
My name is Lucy. Karen helped me lose 83 lbs over 20 years ago. I am happy. She is always available to me whenever I need her. Karen is always helping my children as well. I appreciate how she is always available to help me as well as my children. I highly recommend Karen Marino as a nutritionist.
By: Bk S.
Karen Marino Nutrition
Karen Marino is very kind and caring. She spends a lot of time with clients figuring out what is really going on with them and helping them get better. She has had amazing results with weight loss, even with people like me who have yo-yo dieted their whole life.

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