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By: maryalmonte
Big Bird Playhouse
My 2 1/2 year old son has been attending the daycare program since he was 7 months old, and my 10 1/2 year old daughter has been attending the summer camp and after school program since she was 8, so I've been with the school for three years.My experience has been very positive! My son started out in the infant room with Ms. Roe - who goes above and beyond for the babies in her care. She is very warm and gives all of the babies a lot of attention, care and love. At the end of each day I would get an itemized list of when he had a bottle and how many ounces he consumed, what he ate, when he was changed, etc. Prior to enrolling my son I struggled with the thought of sending an infant to daycare, however Ms. Roe and her constant communication made me feel very comfortable! After his first birthday, my son was moved to the toddler room with Ms. Laurie and Ms. Michelle. They were excellent! They had constant reinforcement of the building blocks of learning - they would go over the colors, shapes, and ABCs daily - and my son would always come home singing nursery songs. They were very festive and would have celebrations for holidays, birthdays, etc. In the few instances where he would fall ill under their care, I would find him in one of their arms as if he was their own child!Now my son is in the 2 year old room with Ms. Margret - and again, I couldn't be happier with the experience. The program is very well-structured - every morning they have circle time where one student gets to hold the flag and they all sing "God Bless America" (yes, my son can now sing "God Bless America" on his own without missing a beat) and they go over the alphabet, colors, shapes, etc. They also do daily projects which come home every day (many of which are inspired by professional paintings) and colorfully adorn my family room walls. During the summer they have outdoor play time - and one of the key factors in my decision to enroll my kids in Big Bird's was how well organized the indoor AND outdoor play areas are - each group has their own fenced play areas with age appropriate toys and rides. My son has learned so much in these past few years, and I'm very excited to continue to see his growth at Big Bird's.My daughter loves the summer camp and looks forward to attending every year. The school bus leaves at 9am and doesn't return to the camp until 4pm - they have well-planned trips (i.e. Museum of Natural History, Aquarium, Turtle Back Zoo, Medieval Times, etc.) as well as weekly outings to the bowling alley, movies, park, etc. After hours they come back to the premises where they have their own designated areas to partake in arts and crafts projects and other games. There is never a dull moment! The same goes for the after school program.Another important factor for me has been DIVERSITY. Our family is multi-racial and multi-ethnic, and the high level of diversity at Big Bird's has been a breath of fresh air for me as a mother. You will find all colors of the rainbow, followers of all faiths, and differing family dynamics here.To address some of the complaints - when I read that someone said that it was filthy, I couldn't believe it. Every evening there is a cleaning crew that comes in and disinfects the entire campus (I usually bump into them as I pick up my kids!).The campus is under intense surveillance, and it's even rumored that the Director has access to the security cameras from her house when she isn't on site. I've never needed to reach her and not been able to, and she is omni-present whenever I drop my kids off in the morning. Big Bird's has become a second home for my kid's and it's staff a second family to us. As a working mother, it's been a blessing.
By: cathylavella
Big Bird Playhouse
Where Shall I begin? I want to start by saying Thank You!!!!!!!!!! As a parent you think everything YOU do as Mommy and Daddy is what mainly molds our children to be the amazing beings that they become. I am guilty of thinking that at first. But as I watched my kid blossom into theses amazing mini adults stuck inside children's bodies (my daughter 3 and my son now 7) I realized how much of who they have became and are becoming is because of all the great staff at Big Birds Play House. Both my children started as infants (my husband and I both work full time) so we needed a place that was flexible to our crazy and ever changing schedule. As a parent you cry your eyes out leaving your child for the first time, you wonder if they will be ok. As infants they cant tell you what is wrong and if they are being treated bad. I was a mess. I called 100 times a day the first week. Linda the owner was always there to reassure me. It felt great having compassionate people who understood what I was going though. So at first it wasn't about getting my child acclimated to the change of environment it was about getting me mommy acclimated to the change. Dont forget I was new to the mothering thing. Its scary (still is). But I lost the worry. And over the years my son would come home and just amaze me. I swear he would get smarter by the day. Once kindergarten came and I watched him blow through every assignment (there is an awful lot of homework in kindergarten for all you mommys who's children didn't start yet) at pick up I would talk to other parents and they would complain how it's so much advanced work. I was baffled because my son had no problem with it. As I spoke to other mothers who's children attended Big Birds Playhouse I realized how advanced our children were to the other kids. It felt good, I almost wanted to pat my self on the back and take the credit but the only thing I can take credit for is the school and daycare I chose for him.When I had my daughter it was not even a though of where I was registering her. I actually called then before I gave birth to tell them to be prepared fore Lavella number 2. I am so happy with the school that words cannot express. My children are amazing and their foundation is very important. I cant stress enough how important it is for them to attend a great day care and preschool. Big Birds Playhouse Molded my children and opened their world of learning. I am so very grateful
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By: Ann B.
Livis Daycare
My daughter has been going to this new daycare for 2 months and she just loves spending time with Naomi, the owner of this wonderful homely daycare. Unlike other crowded and congested daycare, Naomi's house is just perfect for kids like mine. She is well organized, maintains a clean environment every time, keeps a track of every single detail that my kid has done throughout the day, sends me pic and videos often to ensure that she is safe and happy while I am at work, cooks fresh meals and feeds her until she became independent which she is now. The most important aspect of her daycare is that she allows only few children at her daycare so that she can give more attention to all of them. Her approach is so professional that you would trust her just like one of your family member. She is a caring and a loving mother who takes care of her own daughter at the same time as she watches over mine. As opposed to other daycare centers where you have a list of items to be sent, she only asked me to get her change of diapers and a set of dress every time I drop my kid which is so convenient. If you are looking for a home based daycare and wants to get all the attention your kid misses when you are away, Livi's daycare is your choice!!!
By: tinamaresca
Big Bird Playhouse
I owe my life to Linda and the school. when I went through my divorce I shut down. I had not support from my ex husband at first I couldn't even pay my cellphone bill no less school. Linda didn't charge me for Nicole to stay in the school and would always buy us things she knew we were in need of yet I was to ashamed to say I needed. The divorce was not only horrible on me but on Nicole as well. Linda and the staff gave Nicole extra attention to make sure she stayed on the right track to reach the learning goals necessary for kindergarden the following year. You can say all you want how bad the school is but all the parents who have had their children in this school knows how beneficial it was for their children, especially when their child is one of the smartest kindergardeners because of the foundation Big Birds Playhouse laid for them. I am heart broken that this has happened at Big Bird Play house because it is truly a great school and atmosphere. Don't worry Linda all your parents know how great of a school you have. We will keep blogging till everyone knows how great your school is. Its a shame people have nothing better to do then write bad reviews. Team Big Bird!
By: andywalsh
Big Bird Playhouse
All three of my children were sent to daycare and school here. Ms. Julie and Ms. Deborah they had for Pre-K and my wife and I were very happy with their education and the personalized attention. My son has peanut allergies and my daughter has asthma a close eye was placed on both of them at all times. It was reassuring to know that when we left our children we didn't have to worry about their health and safety. My oldest son received many awards at his kindergarden graduations. The teacher always wrote in his book how well and advanced he was. She even asked us if he attended Big Birds Play house and when we told her yes and asked why she would ask that she said that most of her students who attend Big Birds are well prepared Kindergarden. Every Parent we speak to is happy with their choice in day care and preschool. There is no other place to send you kids.
By: chrisbell
Big Bird Playhouse
My two daughters age 5 and age 3 both attend Big Bird. They have been there since they were 15 months old. I have to say the teachers at Big Bird truly care for the children. My two children love going there and every morning look forward to seeing their teachers and friends. My older daughter attended Pre-K with Miss Julie and now I feel she is prepared for kindergarten this year. Miss Julie has given my daughter the foundation to succeed in kindergarten this year. Both of my kids attended summer camp and they do many fun activities with the children and teach the children how to socialize with other children. I will continue to send my younger daughter here because I feel she will learn alot and be well prepared for kindergarten in two more years. I definitely recommend this school because there are teachers here who truly care for each and every child.
By: Joanne P.
Oakdale Academy
I have to be honest and tell you I have my 4th child in Oakdale Academy, and while I can tell you they might misplace a bib or use a lot of wipes, there isn't another daycare/school I would ever recommend but Oakdale Academy. You can't find a better place for your child if you want them loved and treated like the most important child in the world. When your baby is smiling and clean when you pick him up, or your preschooler runs into the building without looking back, or proudly displays his artwork on the fridge when he gets home, then and only then do you know you found the right place to care for your child when you have to go to work each day. And things just keep getting better, now Oakdale Academy opens at 6:30 so I'm never late for work anymore. Keep up the GREAT job Oakdale, we love you!
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By: Angelica P.
Playgroup Experience Inc
My sweet boy has been in the hands of the wonderful staff of this daycare since he was 3 months old. Leaving a baby at that age was tough but knowing that he was well looked after and cared for made the transition easy. The amazingly professional and nurturing staff members on Playgroup have accommodated my son's schedule, genuinely kept him engaged, and really made him feel loved and nurtured. These ladies are very responsive, the provided me with updates about my son and brainstormed ways we can accommodate his ever changing needs. I saw that they were responsible with their duties, always taking refresher courses in safety. If you're looking for someone to care for your child in a meaningless and genuine way, I highly recommend Playgroup Experience.
By: leeleet
Big Bird Playhouse
My Daughter and niece both attend school here. When my sister and I went for the tour before we enrolled them, we instantly fell in love. It was a feeling of knowing you're doing the right thing. All the rooms were immaculately kept. There were many centers for the children to play and learn it. We had gone to 4 schools prior and we didn't feel like we did here. When we spoke to Linda you could tell off the bat that you were dealing with a mother who put a lot of time into her children and she made it clear that her school would do the same with ours. 3 years later her care and the care and dedication of her staff is shown through my daughter and my nieces progress and growth while attending. Very Good School I highly recommend it!!!!!!!!
By: kcsiny
Big Bird Playhouse
My son has been at big bird playhouse since he was 3 months old. He is now 15 months old and this daycare is his second home. He has yet to ever be upset after being left there in the mornings. He loves his teachers! When he sees one of the teachers from his first class (from 3 months to 1 year), his face lights up. They have been very good at teaching him to drink from a bottle when we struggled at home, later teaching him to drink from a sippy cup and to eat by himself. Developmentally, he knows a number of songs and dances they taught him and he loves to have books read to him. They are not only a great day care but a great school Some places just pacify the children at such a young age but here they truly work hard in teaching them.

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