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By: Barbara P.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
We were having a horrible catastrophe with our plumbing right before the first predicted blizzard of 2015. We were getting a backup of sewage into our sinks in the basement and our bathtub. We have 5 people living in the home-two be elderly, including my mother who has dementia. Believe it or not, we had the flu at that time and could not use the toilet. It was very stressful with everyone being sick and this plumbing issue happening at the same time. I contacted Roto Rooter the night before the blizzard, by computer to request an appt for the next day. They came by early afternoon. The first worker came with an 85 ft snake, but could not completely clear the tree roots and clog. He saw my anxiety and tried to contact the team that could send out a jet stream power machine, which could reach 135 ft to flush the pipes. He stayed for an extra 1/2 just to make sure the jet stream machine team would come before the storm got worse. It had already started to snow heavily, so this was a sacrifice on their part. I did not get charged for the first attempt to clear the pipes, because that is the policy of Roto Rooter to not charge if they can not fix the problem. With the pipes being old, the jet stream team reduced the pressure of the machine to protect the pipes from breaking. We were given a 6 month guarantee that if the problem was not properly fixed, they would come back free of charge. All in all, my experience with all the workers has been very amazing in this day and age, when good service is hard to find. They tried to work with us in every way, including coming back free of charge to check a separate issue having to do with a fill valve problem with our toilet. I would recommened Roto Rooter for their professionalism, team effort, quality of machinery, warranty on the work done, and levels of service to make the job more efficient. Whether it is a simple or serious problem, Roto Rooter can help!My location is Bridgeport,CT
By: Leonard P.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
I have a three family house, and the second floor apartment's kitchen sink backed up and water was backing up into it. Roto-Rooter came out on a Sunday and gave me a free estimate. There were some other drains in the building that had smaller problems. The service person gave me an estimate for snaking the one clogged drain, which I thought was really high. However, the problem needed to be fixed, so I said ok. He then started working on the drain, and he was here for 2-2 1/2 hours. He told me how to deal with the other drain issues, and discounted the service in order to add in a bottle of maintenance liquid for the cost of the original estimate.Needless to say, I was very happy, as was my tenant.
By: George D.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
A two inch line was blocked. Mike showed up quickly and actually did a good job. Mike was very sales oriented. He show me a price list for different size lines -- Two sink lines where snaked -- $465 ( less $40 discount ) and half price for the second drain. Total - $657.50.This was our first experience with a drain clog. Mike did a good job, and did attempt to sell me a drain preventative cleaner for $100 a bottle - ( 2 bottles were recommended). Check with a local plumber before proceeding with Roto-Rooter - to get comfort with the pricing before they begin. Although he did a good job, next time i will shop it with someone else.
By: Erin M.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Needed a sink pipe fixed and had toilet problems, which needed to be fixed asap as we were having 9 family members coming to stay with us. The woman on the phone was extremely patient as I had screaming boys in the back (also one of them wanted to say hi to her and she obliged). Our technician, Thomas was extremely friendly, personable and professional. He explained everything thoroughly and was able to fix the problems within a reasonable amount of time.
By: Sreenivas G.
Atomic Rooter Inc
Atomic Rooter did an excellent work. I needed their help on emergency basis to fix the bathroom. Another contractor had suddenly disappeared - rendering both my bathrooms dysfunctional. Also, the vanity was more contemporary needing delicate care. I am happy with Atomic Rooter and their plumbers (KP) who worked to address my needs on urgent basis on 6/24/2014 completing to my satisfaction.
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By: Ada M.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
My experience with Roto Rooters was excellent . The technician Franklin #2801, was great .. he arrived on site on time , was very knowledgeable and suggested the best way to get the issue fixed . The flushing system in the toilet didn't work , and he came up with tbt best way to get it fixed . I highly recommend Roto-rooters and Franklin
By: Steven B.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
We had a problem with our kitchen sink and garbage disposal that backed up in the sink in our basement. The sink was full of nasty water that spilled out onto our basement floor. We called Roto-Rooter and within 1 hour the technician was there and had the problem resolved in a short time. They were really great. My location is East Haven
By: Lisa N.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
I keep on keepin' on, returning to Roto-Rooter for services. Absolutely helpful, know what they're doing, and speedy. I had a toilet that would not flush, improper venting, and clogged lines. They fixed it all and home life is better than before.
By: Melinda E.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Today's service by Jon was very professionally done and he provided quality work. He went the extra to be sure our issue was resolved. Great customer service is hard to come by but it was provided to us today. Thank you Roto-Rooter and Jon!!
By: Jenny A.
Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Services
Best customer service and quality work! Also super speedy service. Their team is hard working and provides honest and reliable service. 100% recommend !!!
Tips & Advices
  • Are you licensed and registered?
  • Are you insured and bonded?
  • How many years have you been in business?
  • What, if any, professional associations do you belong to?
  • May I have a list of references?
  • Do you offer a written warranty for your work?
  • Will I need a permit for this work?
It is important to have a written warranty for any work or repairs done to the plumbing in your house, especially if it is a major repair. Look for a professional  who is willing to  stand by his or her work.
Before you hire a plumber, contact their past customers if you're able to. These people can be a wealth of information if you ask them the right questions. Pose the following queries to these former patrons when you get the chance:
  • Were you pleased with the work done?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Did the plumber give you a written warranty and guarantee his or her work?
  • Were there any unexpected costs that arose?
  • Would you hire this plumber again? If not, why?
A permit provides added assurance that the work is done correctly. Having this in place means an inspector will check the work your contractor or plumber does to ensure he or she did the job correctly. If you plan on putting your house or commercial building on the market, a real estate agent and prospective buyers will want to check any large work you did to make sure it was done properly.
A trustworthy plumber will have both commercial liability insurance as well as be bonded. The insurance and the bond protects the plumber from paying for any damages made to your house out of pocket. Having professionals that carry both of these policies can protect all of you from any mishaps that could occur while they work on your building.

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