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By: Michael P.
Prime Stamford Inc
went to Prime restaurant last night for dinner (7/8/16).I paid 85.00 for a scotch,fries,and a ribeye steak .Tip not included.I ate half of the steak that needed a very sharp knife to cut threw.The fries were ok but not for 11.00.Don't see this place making it past summer.Prime restaurant in Stamford good luck (you'll need it)
By: ajboyd
Pellicci's Restaurant
This place reminds me a lot of family. People are good! Food is Really good! I doubt you will be disappointed. (keep in mind its a Italian style family restaurant not some high end over prices restaurant) Good food, good people good prices! I love it!
By: palmbeach
Pellicci's Restaurant
So glad this restaurant is still around after all these years. I have always thought the food and service were good.Looking forward to my next visit.
By: Giselle V.
Chef's Diner
the chef is always there but the other staff seems to change monthly. there aren't many costumers so you tend to get good service.
By: Freddy M.
The Cheesecake Factory
good food. alittle pricey. clean, fun place. Can bring the family and friends or go for work. well rounded menu
By: Giselle V.
Villa Italia
The staff always makes me feel welcome. The specials are creative. The prices are reasonable.

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