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By: Tara H.
Li'l Tykes Childcare & Learning Center
My child attended from March 2015-May 2016, this review is overdue. Prior to enrolling we visited a few times and considering this place was recommended by a trusted friend, we decided to enroll. While she was in the 1yr old class with Ms. Loni, Ms. Liz and Ms. Charlena we had a great experience. My child LOVED these teachers and they seemed very nurturing, I felt she was in good hands. They are the only reason this review gets 2 stars opposed to 1. Once she moved to the "potty trainers" class things went downhill. My child cried everyday at drop off and seemed very uncomfortable. I thought maybe it was just the transition. Then other small things happened that caused concern, like her constantly peeing herself when she never had accidents at home. Were they not taking her to potty when she asked to go? Overall she was unhappy in this particular class which was very unlike my energetic, loving child. Final straw: I came to pick her up and they told me that she had an incident in which she scratched the teacher. This was alarming and very unlike her. While they told me some story I still asked my child what happened. She's very verbal so I felt I would get something out of her. She relied "I went to time out" I ask "why did you have to go to time out" she says "because I pushed [kids name]" I say "that wasn't nice, were you upset when you went to timeout" she replied that the teacher "hit me back". I was alarmed. I asked her more than once, in diffferent ways and her story never changed. We went back into the school and she repeated this in FRONT OF THE DIRECTOR. She seemed very unconcerned. But, she said she would review the tape. Next day, she claimed the tape showed nothing concerning. I met with teacher who denied it and reassured us that she would never do such a thing. We wanted to believe her but it didn't sit well. I asked the director if wecould see the tape and she said NO. With that, we pulled her out immediately. The director again, showed no concern.
By: Kathleen B.
Li'l Tykes Childcare & Learning Center
Our daughter has been enrolled at L'il Tykes since she was three months old. The staff at L'il Tykes made the transition back to work as easy as possible for my husband and me. We knew that she was being properly cared for each day. From starting off with bottles and moving onto eating food, her teachers have helped us decide what works best for her. I believe that the teachers at L'il Tykes have helped us develop her into a sweet, out-going little girl. Now, she has moved up to the Young Toddler room and loves going to school each day. She gets excited each day when we pull into the parking lot. Each morning, she walks into the center and stops by her old Infant room to hug and say 'Hi' to her former teachers and then she moves onto her classroom for breakfast. My husband has to go through the same ritual of saying 'Bye' to all of the teachers in the evening. It is very comforting to know that your daughter enjoys her time at daycare. She loves participating in circle time, playing with the other kids and especially loves her weekly visits with Ms. Rose, the music teacher. We are very happy with the choice we made in enrolling our daughter at L'il Tykes and would recommend the center to other parents.
By: Kate J.
Li'l Tykes Childcare & Learning Center
I have had a wonderful experience at Li'l Tykes. It’s been such a pleasure to watch both of my boys thrive at school each day. I had originally chosen Li’l Tykes for its resources, such as the age specific classrooms and activities, the large outdoor play area and the indoor gym area. But I've been so impressed with the “little things” and the “extras”. From the music classes with Miss Rose, to the art projects, and the afternoon waterplay days in the summer, my boys have had so many opportunities that exceed my expectations. My son loves the field trips! I have so much fun listening to him tell our family and friends about visiting a restaurant to make his own pizza, getting a treat at the ice cream parlor, or going to a class at My Gym (his favorite). And most importantly I've seen how much the teachers care about my boys. From the infant and toddler rooms through to the pre-school room, both of my boys are learning so much, and I know they’re safe and they feel loved.
By: Donna P.
Li'l Tykes Childcare & Learning Center
My four-year old son has been at Li’l Tykes for three years. The care he has received there has been reliable and consistent, and I feel confident during my work day that he is in good hands. With a day filled with games in the gym, crafts, reading, and free play with friends, He is encouraged intellectually, creatively, socially, and physically. Most importantly, the staff at Li’l Tykes has always treated him with genuine care and concern. They have also always been responsive to my concerns and respectful of my wishes. It has truly been a blessing to know that, although I cannot be with my son every day, he is cared for by folks who have his happiness and well-being as their number one priority.
By: Adrienne P.
Li'l Tykes Childcare & Learning Center
Both of my sons have attended Lil Tykes for a little over a year now and it has been a positive experience for all of us. Both boys enjoy going to "school" and love their teachers. My husband and I are always greeted by the teachers with smiles and they are very attentive to our children. The Brightwheel app we LOVE we get sent pictures of them daily and are kept well informed about their day. Both boys have already learned so much by attending Lil Tykes. My older son they pretty much potty-trained and hopefully the same will happen with my youngest son :) So far we have loved everything that Lil Tykes has to offer and the boys are extremely happy there.

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