By: catherine.fernandez.712
Ocean Zen Pacific Rim
FANTASTIC - This is by far the best resturant and i garentee you will be addidicted!! My husband and I got the ribeye when we went.....from presentation to service to taste it was all a 10!!!! The atmosphere is awesome the service is awesome the food is out of site...someone else reviewed it should be in NYC...and yeah thats right this is not a resturant experience u expect in springfield mo -- expect to pay about 30 per person.... absolutley worth every penny..and not mention they have signiture drinks that are awesome.....theyre signature margarita is like a mango mix of idk....fantasticness...I love it and everyone i know who has eaten at ocean zen feels the same...if you havent been u def should try it....there will be no dispointment i garentee that!!!!!
By: obbopp
Tubby's Diner
A few days ago I had a great breakfast at Tubby's. The Lumberjack breakfast filled me up and it sure was tasty!!! Fried eggs over medium cooked to perfection. There was no problem substituting biscuits and gravy for the ham slab. I like ham but I was in the mood for biscuits and gravy.The pancakes were BIG and tasty as was everything I ate. I have only had one meal at this place with its new ownership. I believe the new owners have done a fine job of renewing the old. I will be returning in the future. I will likely order a smaller breakfast offering since I was just too stuffed with that Lumberjack breakfast!!!! I must admit I am getting older and unable to eat as much as in the past.
By: janice.heistand
Texas Roadhouse
This is one of the places we visit quite often if we are in the mood for steak. You get to pick out whatever cut you want. Love the rolls and peanuts before you even order. You can get online and sign in before you arrive which is very helpful and saves you some wait time. You get a good meal (but skip the baked potato because it is never fully cooked), and a show. You can see the staff do a few line dances, you can join in if you'd like too!
By: karla.bonoff
Lucy's Chinese Food
Average food, small menu, bad service. My rice was under cooked, small and hard. Meat was good but not much sauce. Like most Chinese restaurants around town, the food is bland. Portions were small, I was looking for some decent Orange Chicken, but you can't find that here. I got the General Chicken instead. I should have just gone across the street to McDonalds. At least there I know I will be getting poor quality when I order. Sigh...
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By: Larry H.
Buckingham Smokehouse Bar B Q and Catering Company
Hadn't ate there in a couple years. Stopped eating because food was always cold. Decided to try today, knew that when they called our number before we could get our drinks it was going to be cold. I was right, food had a good flavor if it could have been hot would have been fantastic. If I could get hot food I would eat there more often.
By: melissa.kelleyjett
Farmers Gastropub
Very tasty, and love that it's was all local, and made in house. Being a small time farmer I respect what they are doing greatly! I ordered the baked brie and caramelized onions(I HATE onions) and mini cottage pie with side salad, and it was all AMAZING!!
By: virtualwolf
Texas Roadhouse
I have eaten here several times since it opened. I've never had a bad meal. The steaks are always cooked perfectly. Is it 5 star dining? Of course not. It's a family restaurant, but if I've never had a bad meal it gets 5 stars.
By: Amanda P.
Rice House
I love this place and when I found out they delivered I was on the fence didn't know if having it delivered it would be as fresh and hot, but to my surprise it was still great food and hot fresh food!! Love this place!!
By: rhonda.hamilton.355
Tubby's Diner
Was surprised by the quality if food and prices ... A must go to . Almond French toast the best ... Just ask server to add butter for more flavor !!
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By: Randal P.
St George Donut Shop
St. George lives by its donuts. Expect zero atmosphere. Don't look for cutesy service. DO expect GREAT donuts at a reasonable price!

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