By: Jennifer L.
Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center
I know the Director personally and my child goes there...they are great people. They have great staff. Their summer program is wonderful. The staff, like other companies, have employees who are taking vacations and are taking personal time off for the summer so the staff is moved around the center to accommodate this time of year. All their staff is run thru licensing and background checks. All the staff has experience and/or education in the childcare field. So to say that they hire people off the streets....I have to disagree. Some people who have problem children just won't face the facts that their children have issues, they would rather blame the center and the three below have stiffed the center for childcare payments. This center works hard with children with behavior issues, I know mine has them. Everyone should check out the center and make their own decisions. You will not be unhappy and will see that the disguntled people are the ones who are horrible.
By: Brad D.
Monarch Children Academy
My kids are really excelling in Kindergarten thanks to the amazing teachers at Monarch. We were treated like family from the time our oldest started as an infant until or youngest graduated last year. The family that owns the place had told us time after time how they see it as a ministry and not just a business, and it's obvious on a daily basis that they mean it. Also, they have a full time cook that makes almost everything from scratch instead of the cheap frozen processed meals that most places serve. I cannot stress enough how lucky we feel to have found this place.
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By: painterforlife
Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center
I have toured serval day cares in town and even tried a few, but nothing compares to Grandma Nanna's! My child comes home happy and is always saying phrases in Spanish and does sign language. My child is in the Pre-K class there and I am very satisfied with the completed work they send home (it seems advanced for their age). Also, the staff is soooo friendly and they absolutely adore all of the kids. If you ever need anything (ex. notifications, help) they are always there. I love Grandma Nanna's!
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By: Elizabeth S.
Little Bugs Daycare & Prschl
I have been with Little Bugs since 2012 and went to three other daycares prior including the Goddard School, Little Sunshines and Summer Start. I highly recommend Little Bugs, they love their children and my children have excelled through the education they provide. My oldest are in school and still ask to go each day they are out of school. I am a current parent, and if you tour you will see my son attending. Proud supporter of this business!!!!!
By: sunnydays82
Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center
The girls are great here! Always make sure the kids are taken care of and keep us notified of anything that happens throughout the day! They keep great communication at all times and it's really great that you can call or text them throughout the day with questions or just to check up! Definitely a plus over other daycares I've taken my child to!
By: Springfield G.
Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center
This place is great. It is a new center and it is really growing. The owners are doing amazing things to the center. The food is great and they will accommodate a child's food needs. I have seen the kids act out and the staff is great at getting them redirected and calmed down. Good going Grandma Nanna's, keep up the good work.
By: samantha.butler.146
Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center
If the center was really that bad wouldn't they be shut down? Since they are still open I wonder if you are just causing problems and being hateful. I love the day care and love her teachers. The education they provide is amazing and my kid will be ready for school. Go look for yourself and you will see what I am talking about
By: crafter88
Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center
As a mom entering my child into the daycare environment I was really skeptical, but that quickly changed. The girls are awesome! They send pictures and give me updates during the day to ease my overprotective mind. I'm so blessed to have them and cannot tell them how thankful I am. Absolutely great! Highly recommend!
By: Maryann I.
Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center
I have visited several child care centers in the area in the last few days and Grandma Nanna's Academy & Nurturing Center ranks at the top of my list. Very welcoming and answered all of my questions!! I am very happy in my choice!
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By: Nicole M.
Jody's Daycare
My son Joshua had gone to Jody's daycare a few years back and he loved her. He's 10 now and still to this day says he misses Jody

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