By: evg1robinson
Refuge Of Love Ministry
I am so proud of this Ministry, here you will experience, The Upper Room Anointing. as we become disciples of Christ, you have to be taught how to die to or flesh, with love, you are taught. I can go on and on about this ministry they are loving ,graces with integrity and they strive to reach the last, the lost and the least . I have searched every where i have been and id did not fit in, then i found Apostle and Pastor Daniel. Let t me share this 1 last thing, an enemy of mine brought me to this Ministry, Ya Lord invited me,and I will always be apart of this FAMILY. So go and see for your self. Teaching is as no one has every spoke, taught and desires to make sure you get and i got it !!!!!! 4real they made sure, Now i am so grateful for them , I know I was a tough nut to crack . To this day I can call on them and there for me, Ive BEEN HEALED, DELIVERED, STRONGHOLDS BROKEN, I HAVE COME OFF OF 32 MEDICATIONS SINCE I BEEN WITH THIS MINISTRY, GLORY TO GOD now i take 4. If you are tired of yourself, and asking God dont leave me this way, i what a new way of living in YOU!! seek them, see for yourself Lov All Evg. Robinson
By: shari.hoffman.9619
Red Racks Thrift Store
They have a lot to choose from, but some of the locations must have a retailer pricing their items. I have seen USED (and you can tell they were used) prices be at more than 75% of retail prices. What? You can't look at eBay's ASKING prices, you need to see what the items actually SOLD for to get an idea of that stuff's value (I was told they look the prices of some things on eBay and price from there. Someone is not researching properly). Please. Get your prices out of the clouds and MOVE that stuff! (oh and on your quarter sales? Don't go back on your word and re-price everything you don't want to go for 25 cents, especially since some people sit out by the door an hour before you open just to get that one item. Bad bad policy)
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By: Melissa P.
Elite Pain Management
When I begin to look for help with my opioid addiction here in springfield ,mo it seemed no one could direct me to a place for the help I really wanted or that I knew could help treatment programs didn't seem to be able to give me the full program that I wanted until elite pain management opened and they were exactly what I needed great doctors and staff been there since their opening and my quality of life was back in control I had my health and life.
By: thriftmaster
Red Racks Thrift Store
stop everything drop everything get here get here fast then shop slow so you dont miss a morsel of these tasty bargains. to say this place rocks is an understatement. this place rocks harder than if metallica and pantara had a baby and he was taught to play guitar by eddie vanhalen.ok? you with me here? stop reading this drivel and get in the car and head to battlefield and kansas expy.
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By: Jennifer L.
Crockett Chiropractic
Very professional and friendly. They go the extra mile to make sure you are feeling better. Called and made sure after my first appointment that I was doing okay. Very informational and get you in fast so you can carry on with you everyday routines. Blessed to have found them! Affordable and will work out payments if needed!
By: shari.hoffman.9619
Missouri Council of The Blind Thrift Store
Great place. Have patience and visit often to find a great deal. Found a pair of expensive limited edition Danskos worth about $75 (and that's what they were worth USED) for $5. They were in great shape too! I have also found other just as great deals. Don't judge it off one trip. LOVE LOVE the new and gigantic location!!
By: obbopp
Missouri Council of The Blind Thrift Store
The new location on the west side of Kansas Expressway has been a HUGE leap forward for the thrift store I visit far more than any other. Prices are fair and good deals are to be found. Look for the sale days with half-off ALL items and other specials involved. I highly recommend this thrift store.
By: balancefitness
Balance Fitness Studio
This is the only fitness club i have found that mixes the extremes of options from high Cardio work outs to Spa services in a luxurious setting. It felt like a W Hotel in New York or LA. Be careful, it's adictive.
By: Marty W.
Ed Pace Furniture Refinishing
Probably the best furniture repair shop around. We would recommend to anyone needing a repair or restoration work done.
Tips & Advices
Several forms of pain management exist that are not approved typically treated by physicians or covered by health insurance plans. These include therapies like acupuncture, for example, or herbal preparations sold in stores. Before beginning any form of treatment or medication not approved by a doctor, it’s a good idea to still reach out to a physician or expert in alternative medicine for advice, or conduct some research online first.
Managing pain in children can be complicated, as kids may have more difficulty communicating their pain to doctors. Children also need to be more carefully monitored when taking most medications.
Health insurance might cover a selection of approved pain management therapies. Every insurance plan is different, so patients should check with their provider to make sure.
Patients might be instructed to continue therapy at home, either through regular exercise or specific treatment. Some people also find that getting frequent rest, taking warm baths or avoiding certain foods, for example, can help manage pain.
Side effects depend on the exact drugs and dosages used, as well as the disease being treated and many other factors. Some pain-relieving drugs, especially opioids, are known to cause drowsiness. Many antidepressants also cause a variety of adverse effects. Doctors must work closely with patients to minimize these side effects in the course of treatment.

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