Northside Community Church in Springfield, Missouri with Reviews -
By: Anya A.
Glenstone Baptist Church
Tuesday 10:15amDear Doug, I had a conversation with Walter yesterday evening that I was concerned about my partaken on Glenstone Baptist Church. I guess he must have spoken to you about this. I did receive the voice message that you left with Walter about the Praise team and I apologize to you for not asking about how the choir or praise team followed in there membership or by law dedications. I have helped before in the Praise team and have been in the choir, at this time, I feel that it is in my best interest to decline your offer to rehearse me on my dedication to your authority in meeting your expectations for Praise counsel, If I did anything to offend you or your leadership as a church choir director I apologize. I didn't know that was part of the requirements (You guys had already put me in the choir) so I thought I was already apart of the church team and not just a guest as I have been going to your church for 6 months regularly. At this time I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to step down from being a choir participant and do pray for the direction of the Praise team. Thank you guys for allowing Jacob to be in the RA he did greatly enjoy the races. May you and the church be blessed. As we continue to be about the Father's business. I appreciate the opportunity to be a guest, Thank You Sincerely, Anya Ash
By: davidsnuggs
Charity Baptist Church
Charity baptist church is such a wonderful place to listen to the word of Jesus.our pastor ken gains is the best pastor,because he explains what he is teaching us who are eager to know our lord Jesus Christ. The church is a verry friendly place with good people in it.come and see what I am talking will see,it,s great!

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