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By: alliance9
Alliance Motors -
(A response to Neverlost and Jake F both) I am the owner of Alliance Motors and this low class crook (with this negative lying review) test drove a car off my lot and when he returned he said that the car overheated on him and there was an SRS light on, I said that we would get that fixed, but instead he asked me what my low dollar on the car AS-IS (with the overheating problem still there and the SRS light) so I gave him a great deal (-$1,500 UNDER book) because I knew he was going to have to spend some money to fix it. One week later he came back and said that I needed to fix the car because I sold him a car that was overheating and he could not drive it. He said "This condition breaches the implied warranty of merchantibility. The car is undrivable without repairs." I said yes it is but that is the way you wanted me to sell it to you.He threated to turn me into the better business bureau if I did not comply.I did not comply to his blackmail attempts so he turned me in. PLEASE go to the bettter business bureau site ( and all paperwork from his side and my side is on their website.. Aftter they heard both of our sides they 100% dismissed the case and absolved me from having a bad business practice.I will never sell this guy or his family another car again. Horrible experience.I wish they had a better business bureau that warned businesses about bad customers.Steve-owner++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A reply to Jake F. – Jake F. purchased the Lexus IS300 from us and it stop running on the way home. So I paid to have it towed back to my shop, spent over $600 on new parts on it to fix it (Brand new fuel pump, new spark plugs, ECU, MAF sensor). The custom air intake that was on his Lexus was called a “Swift racing technologies – Cold Air Intake” and after doing research on the internet the company that makes the air intakes – we found TONS of complaints on their intakes by angry customers. The custom air intake ended up frying the ECU to the car and causing other problems. We bought another ECU and removed the “Swift Racing technologies – cold air intake” from his car and installed another factory intake.Before Jake picked up his car, the Lexus has had 3 different test drivers and 9+ hours worth of running time – with ZERO problems. We hooked up our $4,000 computer system and the car was running in closed loop - it was running perfect.When he picked up the car, we explained to him the problems his car was having was caused by the poorly-engineered air intake and faulty MAF sensor that came on it. We warned him NOT to reinstall any of the items back on the car for a short term Horsepower upgrade.The next day he text me and said it would not start so I sent a mechanic down to Branson to fix it for free again. When my mechanic came up to the car he saw Jake and his friends re-installing the air intake. So he just turned around, got in his car and headed back home. I can’t control the actions of people after they leave my car lot. CONCERED CUSTOMERS PLEASE COME BY MY LOT AND I HAVE PRINTED OFF THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION BETWEEN JAKE AND MYSELF. THIS INCLUDES THE TEXT MESSGE WHERE I OFFERED TO GET HIM A NEW INSPECTION SHEET OR STICKER AND I WOULD PAY FOR IT. I ALSO HAVE ALL THE RECEIPTS SHOWING ALL THE NEW PARTS I INSTALLED ON HIS CAR.
By: Credence H.
Alliance Motors -
Steve Marler, the owner of Alliance Motors in Springfield is the most upright and honest car salesman in this area. I bought an 05 Honda Civic from him, the car was, as you would expect a used car. Steve told me of a warranty they offered to help cover repairs should they arise after sales finalization. I, like the stubborn fella that I am, opted not to buy the warranty. I did however have his mechanics do some work to the vehicle after purchase, and they did exactly as we agreed upon. The car ran great, they even went above and beyond to do a few other things as a courtesy. Well about a month ago, the car started losing oil really bad. I called my regular shop (just because they are in/out status) and my friends wife owns them; but to the point, the leak was in the general area of the work his guys had done just a few months prior to this leak... So I called Steve, and explained what was going on. He swiftly researched it, and, at no fault of his guys, determined as had my mechanics that it was in fact just an oil leak. As a COURTESY he sent me a company check for 75.00 to help with my current repairs. That says a lot for a business owner to stretch out like that and stand 100% by the product he sells. Steve, I will be doing business with you again soon, baby on the way, we are still looking for a Jeep. Its because of his honesty and integrity, the sheer fact that he can look you in the eye, and you get that sense of true honesty that I refer everyone I know to him, and personally will buy from him again. Oh, and he gets the best rates in town. Anyone has any questions, call or text me... I cannot say enough good about this man, my number 417-986-8488
By: mikeandsueobrien
Don Wessel Honda
We actually came to the Honda Store hoping to be able to get some Nitrogen Air in one of our tires that seemed to be leaking.We stopped near the used car lot and Randy Thomas came out.He informed us that you all didn't do Nitrogen but directed us to a business who did.As we were getting back in our car,I said to my husband, let's just take a look at one of these CRV's.We ended up driving three of them and purchased the only one that we didn't drive. Randy graciously helped us through every step of the test drive through the actual purchase. There was absolutely no pressure of any kind placed on us to purchase one of your cars. It was actually the best car-purchase experience we have ever had during our many years of trading cars. It was a real joy to work with him and the entire sales staff that we ended up meeting during the process. Kudos to you and your entire staff for managing the business the way it should be managed. May God continue to bless you and honor you by sendung many more to your doors!
By: janjustice
Don Wessel Honda
Found the exact vehicle I was looking for, online thru Ebay. However, we live in Blue Springs, MO. and the car was in Springfield, MO.I called and spoke with Spencer Robertson at Don Wessel Honda. He gave me all the info I needed, on the minivan. He explained we didn't have to bid online and I could work directly with him by phone. Spencer gave me so much info, about the Odyssey I was interested in. This was undoubtedly the most pleasant experience I have ever had. Who would think buying a vehicle would be "FUN". Working with Spencer's~~NO Hassle, kind, respectful, personal attention to my needs~ sealed the sale of this minivan. Kudos to Spenser and Don Wessel Honda, made purchasing a vehicle a joy!! I just hope having my new Honda serviced at Lee's Summit Honda, will be as enjoyable?Thanks so so much to Spencer!
By: debmergen
Don Wessel Honda
It was late on a Saturday afternoon when I arrived - probably after 3:00 p.m. I had been to a few other car dealerships was tired and discouraged from a long day of dealing with sales reps that weren't intererested in listening to me. When I came into the show room, there were three sales people present. The two gentlemen kept their backs to me and did not acknowledge me. Loura immediately made eye contact, extended her hand, and welcomed me. She was professional, courteous, and knowledgable. She listened when I told her what I was looking for - "all the whistles and bells".... She even stayed after the dealership was closed to give me a personalized lesson in how to operate the whistles and bells!
By: Nicole C.
Thompson Buick GMC Cadillac
We had a great experience. Adam did a great job helping us find a vehicle that was everything we wanted and in our price range. Awesome service. We had been looking for a new vehicle for a while and Thompson Sales not only had what we wanted but had GREAT customer service. Easy to see the associates like working there. I also want to brag on the financial department. They did a great job helping us to get everything finalized! We went close to closing to test drive and didn't have all the paperwork we needed to buy so they suggested we emailed them the documents that evening and come in the next morning. We did and by the time we were there the next morning everything was settled! GREAT EXPERIENCE!!!
By: Nathan H.
Don Wessel Honda
Great buying experience. Salesperson was never pushy or rude and didn't feel any pressure to make a purchase. None of the usual questions like when do you plan on buying a vehicle or what do you want your monthly payment to be. He allowed us to test drive several different vehicles and take as much time as we needed. We traded in our old vehicle and were given a fair price. From there we went to speak with the finance office. Again this individual like the salesperson was very friendly and helpful. He took time to explain several different options available and never pushed us to purchase any extra options or warranties. Just presented the information and let us decide. Overall just a great experience!
By: Dan B.
Don Wessel Honda
Randy was very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with. This is my 4th Honda that I have purchased from Don Wessle Honda. I have not had a problem with any of them, just like to keep up to date with all the changes. This 2015 CVR Touring will probably do us for as long as we are able to drive. Love it-except for the Navigation which is not very user friendly compared to my Garmin Nuvi in my other vehicle. Great ride and handling and no road noise, Highly recommend one if you are looking for a fine SUV. The Business office was exceptional as well. I live 60 miles from Don Wessel and always have all my service needs done there. Again exceptional service.Dan
By: Elizabeth H.
Don Wessel Honda
I'm not sure if my first submission went through, so here is a second one. I came in to have my car diagnosed and knew that it was most likely the transmission. Chris came up to me and offered to show me some new cars in the short amount of time I had available. Later that evening when I called back, Chris remembered me and guaranteed me that he would be there to help me when I arrived just 2 hours prior to closing time on Dec 23. Chris greeted me personally when I came in for the second time that day and helped me drive away in my new car with a few discounts. It was a great experience and I'm still happy with it over a week later.
By: Mary ann G.
Don Wessel Honda
My experience went very well! I felt very comfortable with Mark and really appreciate how friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and patient he was! He remembered my name from when I had previously been in. He answered my questions and took the time to find the Honda CRV that was best for me. He was great at explaining and showing me features on the car. He followed up with a call to see how things were going and told me to call anytime if I had questions. I also had a good experience with Jason who helped with the financing. He was professional, friendly, and efficient. I was very satisfied and pleased with my experience.

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