By: ronteenjr
Rollin' Tobacco
This review isn't an inside job...this is a consumer that has done his research and was able to locate a dealer that not only assisted me in my search for the best selection on Vapor and Vaporizing products, but has delivered excellent service, products, and affordable prices. There is several strong points just in that last sentence alone, but I atleast want to point out that the other vapor competitions have lost out on...and that is service...honesty...and fairness. Knowledge is key and the vap-world has evolved to a whole new level, and not to slander other competitors, because there is some great shops out there in Springfield first of all, and my opinion isn't to hurt any businesses reputation...I won't slander, but I come to mention the greatest quality Roll'n Tobacco has, and that is the personnel. Larry, the grandson, these guys are people persons, and they actually care about you..the consumer getting the right product, honestly...and that I really appreciate. I promise you that I got the best vapor tank, battery, and juice on the block from Roll'n Tobacco! Let me know after you go how right on point I am...k? RKT
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By: Colt H.
Palm Beach Vapors Sprinfield Mo
Great place overall the vape juice is the best I've ever had. The people who work there are amazing and give great recommendations for juice and for mods, tanks, etc. Best vape shop I've been to and this is and will continue to be where I go for all of my vaping need.
By: Summer G.
Rollin' Tobacco
The best place in Springfield by far. Unlike many other shops, the customer service is about the customers. They will hook you up right and take the time to do so without having to wait in long lines or being rushed.
By: Robert S.
Palm Beach Vapors Sprinfield Mo
Awesome store, they make all their juices in the store, over 200 flavors. The staff is so friendly as well, got me to quit smoking. Clearly the best store in town
By: mj.bormann
Rollin' Tobacco
Awesome product, friendly people, great store!!! I'd recommend it to anyone!

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